Venezuelan Oil Tycoon Investing in Miami

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Miami’s Mayor Tomás Regalado says the city cannot block the construction of Venezuelan oil man Gerardo Pantin Shortt’s Boulevard 57 project. The mayor says that while the planned construction project meets all the current zoning guidelines and does not need the city’s permission to proceed, it does present a moral problem, according to reports published via the Miami Herald. The crux of the problem is that the Shortt family was awarded more than $1 billion in contracts by the Venezuelan government. Shortt has attempted to not have his name publicized in connection with the Boulevard 57 project saying that if the Venezuelan government and expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez finds out they may consider it illegal flight capital seizing control of his family’s business in Venezuela and refusing to make its payments to that company.

He says that he has attempted to keep his name out of the news because he fears that his family may be further harmed. President Nicolás Maduro often uses the state-run media to spread his personal ideas that Miami is a breeding ground for coup and assassination plots by anti-government terrorists out to remove him from office.
If Boulevard 57 continues to be constructed it will consist of an eight story building of luxury condominiums with units going for between $600,000 and $2.65 million.  He already owns a Miami Beach mansion that is estimated to be worth $12.9 million along with condos in Aventura.

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  1. Three of his relatives were captured by the administration before Shortt moved to America in 2012. This is not the principal venture made by Shortt in the region as per Manuel Gonzalez. I mean to also ask where to buy essay and that alone would make it simple for me to understand the real deal behind all of this.

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