Using Securus Technologies to Arrest Repeat Offenders

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When a violent criminal has a history of committing the same crimes over and over, it is important that we get them off the streets as quickly as possible. When there was a clerical error in our local jail, a very dangerous criminal was back on the streets with an axe to grind. Our fears were that as long as he was free, he was going to make the most of his time and continue his crimes.


Me and my team immediately targeted this suspects family and friends in an effort to see any strange behaviors that could lead us to our suspect. All we needed was a lead to put him back where he belonged, but he proved to be very elusive. One thing we new, he had a deep network here in the city, so we knew he would stay here until he was able to set up plans to flee the country. The clock was certainly ticking and we knew if we didn’t act fast, we could lose him for good.


We returned to the jail in hopes of possibly getting a solid lead from cellmates who could have heard anything about where this suspect might be hiding. Instead, we got introduced to the team at Securus Technologies, who were putting the finishing touches on an inmate phone and monitoring system in the jail. We listened to how the LBS software could be used in cases like ours, so we all stayed for a quick training session.


The LBS software got a hit that afternoon and alerted us to conversations between inmates who knew the suspect and referred to a common relative who was getting kickbacks from local gangs to harbor anyone who does business with the gang. This lead proved to be instrumental in finding the fugitive and getting him back to prison.