The Incredible Implications of Boraie Development

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Boraie development which is a real estate firm offering services in the urban housing market, in collaboration with the provident bank is offering free movies according to a report by New Jersey stage. The company is offering the young people the chance to enjoy the movies free of charge. The movies will be screened at intervals from July 12 to August 2, an event that Borie Development is honored to be part of according to the vice president Hiam Boraie. Those going to the movie will enjoy unique state of the art theater with HD digital Projection system with a 46′ screen. The viewers can enjoy from the downstairs of the theater or the balcony.


Boraie offers some services including real estate development, property management, and marketing. The company location is in Albany street in New Brunswick, works with financial institutions, architects, and contractors to ensure state of the art developments. The company has staff whose are dedication is to construct to breath-taking buildings. Check out his website to know more.


Under the leadership of Sam Boraie, the company is developing a high-rise residential property in Brunswick known as aspire. Omar who says that he has had the vision to build the such a building in Brunswick for over a decade and is elated that he has finally achieved. The aspire is a 17 story,370 square meters and has 238 residential units, retail space, and a parking bay. Omar, the founder of Boraie development, says that this building will place Brunswick a notch high as this will attract more professionals like doctors, teachers and more professionals into the town. The building’s location next to the train station connected to New York making Brunswick more sosphicated. Omar is receiving support from his sons Hiram and Waseem who acts as the vice president of the company. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Boraie development didn’t manage to construct the building aspire on its own, but received funding from EDA urban transit hub program, new jersey housing and mortgage finance agency. Omar Boraie under Boraie development has transformed Brunswick one building after another. Omar started buying dilapidated buildings one by one turning Brunswick and raising its status. Omar says his vision to grow the town is finally coming to realization. Boraie together with like-minded individuals like John Lynch, John Hedrick, mayor James and others have shared in Boraie vision to make the town more industrious. Visit for more info.


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