The Importance of Good Online Reputation Management

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In this day and age when even the largest companies in the world have a massive social media presence, it’s more important than ever to maintain a good reputation. Information is passed around freely and almost anything you could want to know about a person or subject matter, is never more than a few clicks away. More and more, companies are seeing the value in not just relying on what a person has to say about themselves, but what the world has to say about that person and what that individual does when they think no one is watching or will remember. Image is everything and in a time when our private and public lives are thoroughly plastered across the internet, catastrophe can be just a google search away. Just as important as maintaining a good reputation is knowing how to repair it, if it gets tarnished.

The process of repairing and monitoring your online reputation is made simple and clear in the “Three Step Online Reputation Management Primer” blog post by David Leonhardt. In it, he chronicles the struggles of someone who has had their reputation tarnished, and details the seemingly simple yet somewhat challenging task of repairing a damaged online reputation. In this blog you will also find information on how to easily monitor your name and what is being said about you online. Depending on your need for image control, you can even find out how to stay on top of what’s going on in your field and among your competitors. This way way you can stay one step ahead and possibly prevent yourself from needing image repair in the first place.

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