David McDonald Leads OSI Group to Great International Levels Production

David McDonald, fondly referred to as Dave, is better described as a perfect leader in business. David works for OSI Group as the chief operating officer. Initially, he was the lead project manager for OSI Industries. He has been persistent at offering excellent services for this company. Being privately held, it is clear that the company requires a lot of attention from its management. Like any other business, OSI Group depends on excellent leadership for production and eventual performance. That is why when Dave was appointed, performance picked up. Dave has vast experience in different fields of management.


Before David McDonald joining OSI Group, he was an employee at North American Institute of Meat. He was also a dedicated worker at Marfrig Frigorificos e Comercio. That was before OSI Group was acquired. Presently, his experience is reflected in his ability to exercise emotional intelligence in key marketing issues. Dave is an excellent marketer and business manager. This is shown in his ability to guide teams at OSI Group.


Dave has a strong academic background. He attended Iowa University and majored in Animal Science. With that said, he can be described as an individual who defied the odds of education challenges in order to be successful. David has been passionate about using the resources of his native land to develop economy. He, therefore, joined OSI Industries and Group to actualize the dream. Dave has progressively built OSI Group from the pioneering years. He has witnessed its growth and chipped in numerously. Under his leadership, OSI Group has successfully landed international market niche. That is why often, the company has been trusted with the responsibility of supplying meat based products.

Contribution to growth

McDonald supports his people in every way. He understands that business and career can be challenging. He, therefore, has intern programs to empower millennials. For about four decades, OSI Group has grown its operating scope massively. Accessing international markets was the best strategy this company has ever implemented for its growth. With Dave working for OSI Group, many contractors have secured projects with the aim of receiving meat-based supplies. OSI Group has always supplied fresh food. This is an additional selling point for the firm. Dave is of the idea that OSI Group has sufficient resources to expand its scope of supplying products across different borders. Well, he is right because this has been possible. Baho Foods is one of the plants the company acquired.

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