Personalized Merchandising Has Become Necessary For The Success Of Online Retail Businesses

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Artificial intelligence or AI, has been around much longer than online retail. When the two are combined, personalized merchandising enables online retail businesses to grow by improving their conversion rates. The personalization must help eliminate many of the products not of interest to the individual consumer. The recommendation must be relevant, and targeted to the specific needs of the individual.

AI is being consistently used by more and more online retail businesses. Personalized merchandising enables a business to target each customer with an experience that is dynamic, creative and unique. The personalization is seamless, so it remains invisible to the consumer, and simply become a part of their experience. The goal is to help the consumer locate what they are looking for, and make recommendations targeted to their purchase. View Sentient’s profile at

AI technology uses both external and internal data points to personalize the experience. Personalized merchandising includes the viewing and purchasing history of the consumer, their behavior on social media, and their location. AI analyzes hundreds of buying signals to increase the size of the purchase by adding value for the consumer. AI considers the pages that have been visited, how much time the consumer spends on the website, and the movement of their mouse to understand the intent and interests of the consumer.

AI develops the personalized experience necessary to gain the purchase of the consumer. Personalized merchandising encompasses the placement, price, size, color, products displayed, call-to-action buttons and images seen by the consumer. AI can discern which consumer will have a better response to a blue or a red button. Ai enables faster processing, consistent improvement, and machine learning. These tactics lead to higher sales, and less losses.

The potential for AI is nearly limitless, but a little caution is necessary. For the experience of the consumer to be personalized, flexibility is a requirement. The platform must enable the proper use of customization. This includes layouts that are flexible, and can be personalized according to the individual consumer and the color scheme. This may cause the brand of the retailer to fade a little, but personalization is not about using a uniform color. This is about an experience that is so tailored to the individual there is no longer anything as important as the feel and the look.

The additional variables provided by AI increase the demands for product descriptions, images, categories, and copy types. The result is a personalized experience focused on increasing both the sales, and growth of the online retail business.