Peace is a Delicate Balance: Daniel Taub

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Daniel Taub was the Isreali ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years. His time in the position has had its ups and downs but he is a man who was motivated to do the best job he could under the circumstances.

When he accepted the position of ambassador to the United Kingdom from Isreal he had to give up his citizenship in the United Kingdom. This was an easy decision for him to make since his ancestors come from Isreal and he believes in the Isreali cause. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub is a man of principle when it comes down to it. He has had successes and failures during his four-year term but the one thing he has kept striving for is peace between Isreal and Palestine. In an article in The Guardian, Daniel Taub explains the delicate balance of peace between Palestine and Isreal and why they want peace as much as the Palestinians do.

Daniel Taub has come back to Isreal after four years of being the ambassador and feels good about the prospect for peace between Isreal and Palestine. He has seen quite the shift in cooperation between the two countries during his tenure. He says that unnecessary pressure has been put on Isreal to try to settle the dispute. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He was reminded of a tale about a traveler, the wind, and the sun. He says the sun and wind always had a competition and as a traveler passed the wind could get the traveler to remove his coat. The sun took his turn and was able to get the traveler to remove his coat. The sun heated the area around the traveler and the wind cannot do that.

The essence of the story is that undue pressure keeps negotiations at a standstill and doesn’t move either country in a positive direction. If Isreal has the capability of signing one peace treaty with one of its neighbors then Isreal and Palestine can come together for the good of both countries. He hopes that this can happen for both sides sooner rather than later.

Daniel Taub believes that peace is hard to come by when the pressure is on one side of the equation. This is not the proper way to achieve a peaceful and long-lasting resolution. In his four year tenure, he has seen agreements come and go but he hopes for peace with Palestine for a bright future.