When you talk about breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, and other cosmetic surgery procedures in the San Diego area, you are talking about using the best physician in the industry which is Dr. Mark Mofid. Not only is he a renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mofid also has a passion to help people be a better image of themselves.

He treats patients after they have had a skin cancer spot removed, he repairs post-trauma facial injuries, he performs microsurgery, and post-mastectomy breast reconstructions. His current goal is to educate people on the safety and the required technique of buttock augmentation.

Mark Mofid, M.D., FACS, attended Harvard University and was a magna cum laude while also attaining an undergraduate degree. Dr. Mofid completed his medical training in general and plastic surgery at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He also excelled as a fellow in advanced craniofacial research. Currently, Mark Mofid, M.D. is a staff surgeon at Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Memorial Hospital, and Chula Vista Medical Center.

Dr. Mofid and his professional staff are recognized for their compassion and tailored care for each patient. Dr. Mofid consults with each patient that comes through his doors to find out what their surgical goals are, so that he can design the right treatment plan for them. He and his staff members remain with patients from beginning to end and provides succinct follow-up care. Mark Mofid, M.D. carries the reputation in the reconstructive and cosmetic industry as an artist which gives his patients natural looking results.

Dr. Mofid has authored many papers on breast and facial surgical procedures that are published worldwide. Mark Mofid, M.D. is a highly requested orator at many medical conferences within the U.S. and around the globe. He is a faculty member of the University of California’s Plastic Surgery Division in San Diego. Dr. Mofid’s highly-achieved vocation includes his rank as diplomate and fellow on the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons, respectively.

Mark Mofid, M.D., FACS is an honorary member of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society in Canada and a plastic surgeon consultant in the Emirate of Dubai. He is a member of America’s Society of Plastic Surgeons, Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Rhinoplasty Society, and the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Mike Baur Is Changing The Game For Young Entrepreneurs Today

Mike Baur is the CEO for the Swiss Startup Factory, which he co-founded along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. The company opened its door’s for business first back in 2014, and they have since been growing and expanding their operations to regions all over the world. The company’s mission has always been to help entrepreneurs, young and old, experienced and new, create successful startups and brings their ideas out into the world. The Swiss Startup Factory’s large network allows their clients to find opportunities all over the globe to meet their specific needs. Also, the Swiss Startup Factory’s special accelerator program is aimed at one on one coaching for clients for several months to drill in proper management techniques for starting and maintaining a company.


Mike Baur has spent decades of his career working in the banking industry around Switzerland, where he employed his strong work ethic and passion for innovation. Mike held an executive position at the Swiss Private Bank, one of the leading banks in the country, for more than a decade before decided he wanted to get on to doing his own thing. Since the Swiss Startup Factory has become quite successful, Mike is sure of his capabilities to run and grow a company, which is why he travels to different regions to speak on his experiences and advises other business minded individuals in proper methods for success. Mike regularly volunteers his services to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach their goals and bring their plans to fruition. Even though Mike has been highly successful in banking and holds degrees from multiple universities, he finds more happiness in creating opportunities for others.


Under the accelerator program at the Swiss Startup Factory, clients are able to take part in the company’s expansive network and even take up some of their own office space to get started on their journey for success. The Swiss Startup Factory also helps established businesses find new growth or create a new strategy for success in a changing market as well. Mike believes anyone with determination and a marketable idea should be able to make their mark on the industry and world, and he intends to keep working on this mission.


Peace is a Delicate Balance: Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was the Isreali ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years. His time in the position has had its ups and downs but he is a man who was motivated to do the best job he could under the circumstances.

When he accepted the position of ambassador to the United Kingdom from Isreal he had to give up his citizenship in the United Kingdom. This was an easy decision for him to make since his ancestors come from Isreal and he believes in the Isreali cause. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub is a man of principle when it comes down to it. He has had successes and failures during his four-year term but the one thing he has kept striving for is peace between Isreal and Palestine. In an article in The Guardian, Daniel Taub explains the delicate balance of peace between Palestine and Isreal and why they want peace as much as the Palestinians do.

Daniel Taub has come back to Isreal after four years of being the ambassador and feels good about the prospect for peace between Isreal and Palestine. He has seen quite the shift in cooperation between the two countries during his tenure. He says that unnecessary pressure has been put on Isreal to try to settle the dispute. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He was reminded of a tale about a traveler, the wind, and the sun. He says the sun and wind always had a competition and as a traveler passed the wind could get the traveler to remove his coat. The sun took his turn and was able to get the traveler to remove his coat. The sun heated the area around the traveler and the wind cannot do that.

The essence of the story is that undue pressure keeps negotiations at a standstill and doesn’t move either country in a positive direction. If Isreal has the capability of signing one peace treaty with one of its neighbors then Isreal and Palestine can come together for the good of both countries. He hopes that this can happen for both sides sooner rather than later.

Daniel Taub believes that peace is hard to come by when the pressure is on one side of the equation. This is not the proper way to achieve a peaceful and long-lasting resolution. In his four year tenure, he has seen agreements come and go but he hopes for peace with Palestine for a bright future.

Daniel Taub

At some stage in his time spent as an ambassador, Daniel Taub toured the embassies of London and posed the question: “how do you place aside your own perspectives from the ones of the authorities you constitute?” He acquired varied answers.

Daniel Taub has usually felt that it’s a completely smooth venture to split your self and your perspectives from the government you constitute. He strongly believes that his job is to make people in the world apprehend where people of Israel are coming from – in which positions they stand on essential values, ideals, and troubles.

When speaking to others concerning the leadership in Israel he tries to lead them to apprehend a totally considerate viewpoint that everybody has very different opinions and ideas regarding the nuances of various subjects. The vital topics are the ones which unify international locations and create beneficial alliances, those are the topics he focuses his time and energy on.

Amidst the thoughtful discussions on subjects of management and nationalism he unearths the truth with ease in coming near hard ideas or controversial topics. It’s part of what has made him the first rate leader he is these days.

The cooperation between Britain and Israel is a leading topic that Daniel Taub focuses his efforts on. Cooperation among the nations of the Middle East has proven itself to be very useful to his purpose as well. Daniel Taub has crafted some of the essential cooperatives in the Middle East because essential crises were looming. The crises being the attacks in Gaza and the frequent ISIS assaults.

The middle east is in turmoil and he would love to fix the problems they are going through; however, there has been an advantageous lining to the troubles listed. They are worried about the complicated situation, however it has brought out the best traits in the humans. He is taking gain of the state of affairs via treating the region with a level of humility.

Daniel Taub, in his sensitive dealings with those conditions, has focused his efforts on the elements which he can control. The subjects with the ability to have an effect on Israel the most are on the top of his schedule.

Whilst he served as ambassador, Daniel Taub dealt with those matters with extraordinary care and but also with a sense of urgency. His concerted efforts to make the Middle East a safer place have payed off and he is grateful for the support from each nation.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Sahm Adranji As an Expert Investor

Sahm Adrangi started an investment firm that has become extremely popular. His company has clients from all over the world, and the company provides services to businesses. Many owners of corporations use their services to manage corporate investments.

What Company Does He Own?

Sahm Adrangi owns Kerrisdale Capital. He started Kerrisdale Capital with a relatively small pool of capital compared to many other investment companies. The starting capital was one million dollars. The company’s current level of capital is 150 million dollars. Kerrisdale Capital is based out of New York City, and Sahm Adrangi lives in the area.

What Types Of Investments Do His Clients Make?

His clients invest in many different types of companies. Some of his clients invest in small companies that aren’t known to most investors. Sahm Adrangi is exceptionally skilled at researching small businesses to determine whether or not they are likely to succeed. These are some other popular investment plans that Kerrisdale Capital offers:

  • Short selling
  • Hedge funds
  • Large corporations that show a slow and steady pattern of growth (e.g. blue chip stocks)

Where Did Sahm Adrangi Work Prior To Founding Kerrisdale Capital:

He worked for other investment companies. The companies that he worked for are Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. He was an analyst at Longacre Fund Management. These companies both benefited from his expertise.

Sahm Adrangi Has Helped To Keep The Public Safe:

He discovered two companies that used illegal and deceptive business strategies. These companies were China Biotics and China Education Alliance. As a result of his warnings, members of the public were able to avoid their deceptive business practices. In addition, the SEC became aware of the practices of these companies and enforced the law right away.

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Jason Hope is a number of things, such as an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. Although he is classified as these many things, his biggest passion is for technology. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he has made it a personal goal to give back to his community. Jason Hope has been faithfully living in Arizona nearly all his life. This wonderful state is also where he received all of his schoolings. Attending Arizona State University, Hope received his undergraduate degree. He decided to major in finance and acquired a bachelor’s degree in finance from ASU. Furthering his education, even more, he also decided to go to school to get his MBA, which is a master’s degree in business. Staying true to his roots, he acquired this degree from Arizona State University‘s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Recently, Hope has been extremely fascinated with anti-aging research. He has published many articles on many different aspects relating to the aging process, which can be found at the given link. Your text to link… Within his articles, some of the various topics he discusses are:

These are just a few of the topics he discusses. They are extremely advanced ways of thinking about biological aspects of humans. A lot of what he discusses are instrumental to future developments of and for human beings.

  • The prevention of mitochondrial mutation damage
  • Death Resistant Cells
  • Changes in structures controlling the genetic code

On top of his recent findings on anti-aging research, Hope has also been a huge contributor to the SENS Foundation. As a great supporter of the advancements in medicine, Hope believes that this foundation is doing and finding and will continue to find further advancements in medicine. He has recently donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. On top of being a supporter of the company, he is also very fond of Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work. She is a leading doctor at the foundation and has contributed greatly to the recent advanced findings of medicine. The main reason for Hope’s interest in the SENS Foundation is due to their passion to find a way to slow human aging and the prevention of diseases dependent upon age, such as Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes, just to name a few. All in all, Hope is proudly supporting the foundation and is confident in their future developments.

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How George Soros is Changing the Country via Philanthropy.

George Soros stands tall as a shining beacon in the era of the Trump administration. The ascension of Donald J. Trump to the office of the Presidency in 2016 marks one of the most divisive moments in recent memory for American politics, as well as the rest of the climate of the country. George Soros is a billionaire investor, progressive and philanthropist who has spent his entire career pushing for what he has believed in. Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and his recent work through the charity has made him one of the most giving philanthropists of all time. Recently, Soros hit every major news network in the world when it was revealed that he donated nearly $18 billion of his own money to charity, thus shifting the vast majority of his wealth to philanthropic efforts. What does this mean for the future and how was this received by the world at large?

Well, to fully understand why George Soros has donated the vast majority of wealth to charity, you must first know a little bit about the man himself. George Soros was born in Hungary and he was raised there until he was a teenager. Soros was in his country when the evil Nazi regime made their move and occupied Soros’ home for a full year, killing countless Hungarian-born Jews along the way. Soros and his family were lucky to escape, but before they did the Soros’ family made sure to help many others forge documents in order to flee the country. Soros and his family would emigrate to London but they would never forget where they came from. Soros had gotten an up-close look at madness and he knew deeply that it would inform the rest of his life’s decision making.

Soros would go to school in London and he would work two jobs in order to make it happen. Soros would become familiar with the works of Karl Popper and he would become a believer in the concept of an Open Society — the inspiration for the foundation he would start in the ’70s. Soros saw the madness that Hitler’s populist and nationalist regime brought on and he wanted to go as far into the opposite direction as possible.

When Donald Trump was first nominated by the GOP to become President of the United States, the world laughed — but Soros never cracked a smile. Having spent his entire life fighting for progressive values, Soros saw what having an immature populist with no political background could do to the country. He immediately began working to put together the Open Society Foundation in order to make it as effective as possible. Soros signed a $10 million donation to his foundation after Trump was elected and has since followed up by shifting almost all of his fortune to the company.

The Open Society Foundation has been in operation since the ’70s and since then it has been one of the busiest and most effective foundations in the world. With this new donation, George Soros has established the OSF as a force for progressive positivism for the foreseeable future.

About George Soros:

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Help Minorities With Activist Opportunities

As activists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have done what they can to help people with the different situations they have. They work with minorities to make sure they are offering them the best opportunities possible and that’s what has allowed the men to continue helping other people.

In fact, they have done their best to show others the things that will help them in their own situations. Despite not being legal advisors, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey feel they have a lot of experience and are confident in helping people realize what they need to do to have a better life.

Both Lacey and Larking worked as journalists. While they were in that position, they were learning as much as they could about the world around them. While some of the things they learned were positive and helped them do their job more effectively, many of the things caused problems and made it harder for them to realize what was actually going on in the world.

They didn’t like to see the issues minorities were facing and they knew they wouldn’t be able to continue facing these issues if they didn’t have the help they needed.

In the course of their reporting, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey published information about corruption in the local sheriff’s office. They didn’t think it was fair and they wanted to expose the truth. Even though they didn’t do anything that was wrong or illegal, they were arrested.

The men had to go through different trials and had to fight against the case because of the way it was working for them and for people who were in different situations. The men won the case and that’s what allowed them to continue on as they were working toward helping people with the issues they faced.

After they had won the case, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided it was time to start working on being better activists. They did what they could to help people and set up the Frontera Fund. The three million dollars they won from the case was beneficial in setting up the foundation and the men knew it would be something they could use to make things better.

It was also something people would benefit from if they were struggling through issues as minorities and in different situations where they were an important part of the industry and the focus in the industry.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Imran Haque Encourages Doctors To Humanize The Way They Practice Medicine

Imran Haque is the kind of medical doctor that most patients dream of having. He cares, holds himself to the highest of ethical standards, and treats all of his patients just like he would his own family members. He specializes in internal medicine and is fully licensed as a medical expert. He received a medical degree in Santo Domingo while studying at the Universidad Iberoamericana and also earned an M.D while attending the University of Virginia. He has more than 15 years of experience with treating different illnesses and performing medical examinations and is the kind of doctor who is humble enough to recommend any patient to a specialist if he thinks they can give them what they need more than he can. This last quality, alone, would make any doctor a popular choice for patients seeking the best care.

Imran Haque says that he is impressed and has been inspired by, former president, Barack Obama and his ability to remain calm in the face of pressure. When asked about one book he might recommend that people should read, he pointed to a title named “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey.” He believes that the best strategy he has applied to be successful in business is that he has simply followed the Golden Rule, which states that you should treat others as you want them to treat you.

Imran Haque feels that his ability to multi-task has been a habit that has made him a much more productive entrepreneur. He is also excited about the way that healthcare and technology are blending together, more and more, to create something truly remarkable. By being able to access and organize data in such an easy way, he is freed up to focus on his patients and their needs more. Imran Haque brings ideas into existence through hard work, deep research, and dedication, and he believes that being organized is crucial to all of these steps. He hopes that more doctors will begin to adapt a more human approach to treating and dealing with their patients, because he knows that this is exactly what the world needs.

Personalized Merchandising Has Become Necessary For The Success Of Online Retail Businesses

Artificial intelligence or AI, has been around much longer than online retail. When the two are combined, personalized merchandising enables online retail businesses to grow by improving their conversion rates. The personalization must help eliminate many of the products not of interest to the individual consumer. The recommendation must be relevant, and targeted to the specific needs of the individual.

AI is being consistently used by more and more online retail businesses. Personalized merchandising enables a business to target each customer with an experience that is dynamic, creative and unique. The personalization is seamless, so it remains invisible to the consumer, and simply become a part of their experience. The goal is to help the consumer locate what they are looking for, and make recommendations targeted to their purchase. View Sentient’s profile at

AI technology uses both external and internal data points to personalize the experience. Personalized merchandising includes the viewing and purchasing history of the consumer, their behavior on social media, and their location. AI analyzes hundreds of buying signals to increase the size of the purchase by adding value for the consumer. AI considers the pages that have been visited, how much time the consumer spends on the website, and the movement of their mouse to understand the intent and interests of the consumer.

AI develops the personalized experience necessary to gain the purchase of the consumer. Personalized merchandising encompasses the placement, price, size, color, products displayed, call-to-action buttons and images seen by the consumer. AI can discern which consumer will have a better response to a blue or a red button. Ai enables faster processing, consistent improvement, and machine learning. These tactics lead to higher sales, and less losses.

The potential for AI is nearly limitless, but a little caution is necessary. For the experience of the consumer to be personalized, flexibility is a requirement. The platform must enable the proper use of customization. This includes layouts that are flexible, and can be personalized according to the individual consumer and the color scheme. This may cause the brand of the retailer to fade a little, but personalization is not about using a uniform color. This is about an experience that is so tailored to the individual there is no longer anything as important as the feel and the look.

The additional variables provided by AI increase the demands for product descriptions, images, categories, and copy types. The result is a personalized experience focused on increasing both the sales, and growth of the online retail business.


George Soros is Dedicated to Promoting Change

Billionaire philanthropist and investor George Soros recently transferred $18 billion dollars of his own fortune to his nonprofit, Open Society Foundations. He established the organization in 1979 and has managed to turn it into one of the largest philanthropies in the world. The organization focuses its funds and attention on global issues such as governance, discrimination, and injustice. George Soros feels a deep sense of obligation in helping individuals all over the world who are unable to take a stand for themselves.

Many around the world have vilianized George Soros solely for his immense wealth and resources. They have painted him as an elitist and have attempted to create a negative image of this Jewish philanthropist. Soros made an unheard of $1 billion by shorting the British pound in 1992, and ever since, has become a looming figure in the imaginations of the right wing. He has, in fact, spent millions of dollars and time organizing anti-right movements as well as funding Democratic agendas. He donated $27 million to the Democratic campaign to prevent George W. Bush from being re-elected. Most recently he has donated money to help the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements. This funding has unnerved the right wing and sparked further talk of ulterior motives and unscrupulous plots to undermine the right.

Over the course of history, many philanthropists, especially the individuals who have done the best, tend to be vilianized by others with different agenda. George Soros doesn’t allow this talk to distract him from his goals. He pursues his causes with vigor and is determined to make a mark for the better by funding those who need it most. He realizes that he will continue to be a target for criticism because his Open Society Foundation is only second in size to the Gates Foundation. Some right-wing conservatives have labeled this organization as “The Death Star”. George Soros knows that he will face heave opposition, but he will continue to assist the needy all over the country, as well as champion a variety of Democratic cause that he feels need his support and attention. As an immigrant and having insight into the needs of countries in turmoil due to his experiences with the Nazi invasion of his homeland during WWII, he has committed to donating his vast resources to promote peace and harmony for other across the world. With the donation of the bulk of his fortune, he has shown the world the depths of his commitment.


“Big Money 20” Targeted By End Citizens United

The development of the End Citizens United PAC has seen the group become one of the best-known in U.S. politics as it fights to overcome the problems of big money flooding into the political system of the nation. Despite many believing the PAC would be a one issue political action committee the growth of End Citizens United has seen it come to play a major part in the 2016 election and the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. As a key part of the political campaign embarked upon by the Democrats in the U.S., End Citizens United has fired the first shots at Republicans by naming its “Big Money 20”.

The “Big Money 20” is a list of the top targets End Citizens United has identified from Republican candidates for reelection during the 2018 midterms including a range of politicians many feels are placing the concerns of their wealthy donors above those of the nation. Among those named by End Citizens United as their top targets for 2018 are former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz and House Speaker Paul Ryan despite many experts feeling the two top targets will not lose their seats in Congress but may have some uncomfortable moments on the campaign trail at the hands of End Citizens United.

Read more: End Citizens United Endorses Randy Bryce in Run Against Paul Ryan

One would probably feel the majority of those End Citizens United hopes to reach during the 2018 midterms would be registered Democrat voters who are unsure of voting; however, the 2016 election cycle showed End Citizens United it could have an impact on the way independent voters cast their ballot. The issue of campaign financing has obviously struck a chord with many voters and donors who are providing grassroots support for the End Citizens United PAC with all financial donations capped at just $5,000 as the group is registered as a traditional PAC.

End Citizens United has pledged to continue its fight against the campaign financing rules which were changed in a major way in 2010 with the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. By removing caps on the donations of wealthy donors the Citizens United decision has shifted the balance of power away from the general public and into the hands of the billionaire class who hope to influence the political future of the U.S. to further their own ends. The three million members of End Citizens United are on course to build an election fund topping $35 million by the time of the 2018 midterms which will be used to back Democrats who have shown support for changing election financing rules and returning to the earlier regulations used prior to 2010.


Communication and Technology Advances with Securus Company

Securus Technologies is a communication company located in the famous Dallas United States. It is responsible for the provision of communication products and services to the prisons. The company has workers who are not only highly trained but also professionals in technological advancements in matters to do with communication. Many correctional services in Texas and many other parts of U.S have consented Securus Technologies to be the best there is. Inmates have enjoyed these products and services. Smith the head of this firm saw it be wise for inmates to have a sweet moment of communicating with family members and all their loved ones.


Users of these advancements pay for the services offered without any complains since they have all seen the importance of Securus. Calling charges have significantly dropped since the company has lived to aim to provide affordable services and goods favorable for all individuals in diverse economic classes. The non-failing offers of this group have aided in extinguishing criminal acts in every dimension. Securus has already installed video surveillance in the prisons to make it easy for the wardens supervising inmates work. It only requires one or two individuals at the control panel where they oversee all the activities in the whole agency and alert others.


Securus Technologies have successfully innovated and put into use programs which track down phone calls. This has discouraged all criminal acts since the software has made the law enforcement agencies to be ahead of the criminals. Other successful inventions include software which detects fraud money and fake money. All business cartels in these illegal businesses have failed. Securus has climbed the ladder much higher to ensure that they create hardware and programs as per the demands of their clients. This is a clear indication that the company not only deals with national companies but also other organizations.


Boraie Development is the Best Real Estate Company

The real estate industry has undergone great changes in the recent times. The economic climate in the world keeps changing, and this has forced investors from all over the world to look for safe investments so that they do not lose their money. In the year 2008, the financial crisis that affected the whole world left billions of people with huge losses. Some of the countries in the world have not been able to recover completely, almost ten years after the crisis. People have no trust in most of the financial institutions in the market, and they have chosen to invest their hard earned money in other channels. The people who are living in the United States are not spared during these investment crises. The mortgage crisis affected the nation too, reveals


For the people who had invested their money in real estate before the crisis took place, the amount of loses experienced were less when compared to people who had invested in other departments. People have now realized that investing in real estate in great places such as New York City and New Jersey can have great benefits, even when the markets are experiencing challenges. In New Jersey, the situation is only getting better with time. The city has been experiencing higher and better rates, especially in residential mortgages. Real estate experts like Omar Boraie say that the state is one of the fastest growing in the country, and it will have great benefits for the nation as well.


There are numerous real estate companies in the American market at the moment. These companies have emerged so that they can take advantage of the huge profits in the market. Some of these firms are already established and doing well in the market, and they have a great reputation in the complicated financial climate. Some of these companies, however, have not won the hearts of consumers because they do not offer high-quality services.


Boraie is one of the New Jersey real estate companies that are doing quite well. The institution was founded several decades ago by one of the most successful real estate experts in the world, and he has been serving as the chief executive officer since it was founded. Boraie Development has grown so much since it was brought into the market, and it has changed the state as well. People from the world seek the services of the firm because of their quality and affordability. Visit the website at


Daniel Taub – A diplomat and a peace negotiator in the Middle East

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom. He was appointed to serve in the United Kingdom in 2014 by Israeli after he had demonstrated great leadership qualities in the peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestine. He represented the ideals of Israeli in such a manner that he was given a better platform to highlight the stand of Israeli on a global platform.

London is one of the global centers in the world for business and news, as such, he had the opportunity to address the whole world about the issues that were affecting Israelis and the Middle East. Being a world media center, Daniel Taub would use his position as a diplomat to advocate for a better international approach to the Middle East crisis. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Daniel Taub thinks that many people misunderstand the Middle East crisis. Many countries opt to look on the negative side of the crisis, but Daniel believes that there are many positive things to take home about the region. There are long-standing peace agreements between Israeli and some of her neighbors such as Egypt and Jordan.

He says that these are peace agreements that have existed because these countries are dedicated to the ideas of stability in the region. Daniel Taub exonerates his country for all the crisis that is ongoing in the region.

He says that the fact there are other working peace agreements that Israelis have is an indication that the Israel is committed to the establishment of a long-standing peace agreement.

Daniel Taub says that the crisis that is seen in the Middle East region can be resolved by the countries working together. He gives the example of the quiet cooperation that exists between Israeli and other countries in the region.

He says that, although there are no documented agreements between countries in the region, there are a number of countries that have aligned their interests to those of Israeli. He gives the example of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf of States and Jordan as some of the countries that have similar interests as those of Israeli.

Daniel Taub has been one of the peace negotiators in the region. He was appointed by Israeli to lead the peace negotiations talks with Palestine. He managed to broker an agreement between the two countries but Palestine later reneged on the agreement. Daniel Taub is a prominent international lawyer with a lot of experience in peaceful resolution and negotiations.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Desiree Perez and Jay Z Meet with Universal Music Group

Desiree Perez has been one of the bigger mover and shakers within the larger company that is Roc Nation. Roc Nation is, of course, the brainchild of hip-hop legend Jay Z. Jay Z and Roc Nation have been blowing up the music charts over the past decade and in doing so have become a staple of the industry. Jay Z and Roc Nation have been growing thanks to their huge 360 Deal which was signed with the company Live Nation. Live Nation and Jay Z partnered up on a 10 year, $150 million contract. Now, the iconic contract between Jay Z and Live Nation is coming to an end and the future of their companies hangs in the balance.

Jay Z and Desiree Perez have to honestly assess how the musical industry has changed over the years before deciding to re-up with Live Nation. When Jay Z and Roc Nation first signed their big 360 Deal, the musical landscape was completely different. Musical artists were relying on recording studios and record contracts to make their money. Nowadays, thanks to the proliferation of digital technology, musicians are leaning more and more on their actual live performances. According to sources close to Live Nation, the company is interested in re-signing Jay Z but they are no longer interested in representing the recorded music aspect of the industry, instead choosing to focus on live performances.

Desiree Perez is a close business associate to Jay Z and one of the top people within the company at Roc Nation. Jay Z and Perez were seen having lunch with Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group while on a trip to Santa Monica, CA. This lunch meeting seems to imply that Jay Z and Roc Nation are more than willing to start trying the waters with different partners and more

Getting Beneful Food at Walmart

Beneful has a lot of dog food selections for people to consider. This company has become popular largely because there are so many dog owners that are buying these various brands. When people go to Walmart they get a chance to buy the Beneful dog food at very good prices. At less than $0.90 per pound it is hard to beat what Walmart offers when it comes to Beneful dog food. That is the reason why so many people will go to Walmart when they want to pick up this type of dog food.

Beneful provides plethora of flavors, and Walmart has a lot of these in stock. People that buy Benefulcommercial dog food can acquire Beneful Healthy Weight, Beneful Originals with real chicken and Beneful Radiance through the Walmart website. People have options to get big 40 lb bags, or they can get smaller 14 lb bags at Walmart. To watch video click here.

David McDonald Leads OSI Group to Great International Levels Production

David McDonald, fondly referred to as Dave, is better described as a perfect leader in business. David works for OSI Group as the chief operating officer. Initially, he was the lead project manager for OSI Industries. He has been persistent at offering excellent services for this company. Being privately held, it is clear that the company requires a lot of attention from its management. Like any other business, OSI Group depends on excellent leadership for production and eventual performance. That is why when Dave was appointed, performance picked up. Dave has vast experience in different fields of management.


Before David McDonald joining OSI Group, he was an employee at North American Institute of Meat. He was also a dedicated worker at Marfrig Frigorificos e Comercio. That was before OSI Group was acquired. Presently, his experience is reflected in his ability to exercise emotional intelligence in key marketing issues. Dave is an excellent marketer and business manager. This is shown in his ability to guide teams at OSI Group.


Dave has a strong academic background. He attended Iowa University and majored in Animal Science. With that said, he can be described as an individual who defied the odds of education challenges in order to be successful. David has been passionate about using the resources of his native land to develop economy. He, therefore, joined OSI Industries and Group to actualize the dream. Dave has progressively built OSI Group from the pioneering years. He has witnessed its growth and chipped in numerously. Under his leadership, OSI Group has successfully landed international market niche. That is why often, the company has been trusted with the responsibility of supplying meat based products.

Contribution to growth

McDonald supports his people in every way. He understands that business and career can be challenging. He, therefore, has intern programs to empower millennials. For about four decades, OSI Group has grown its operating scope massively. Accessing international markets was the best strategy this company has ever implemented for its growth. With Dave working for OSI Group, many contractors have secured projects with the aim of receiving meat-based supplies. OSI Group has always supplied fresh food. This is an additional selling point for the firm. Dave is of the idea that OSI Group has sufficient resources to expand its scope of supplying products across different borders. Well, he is right because this has been possible. Baho Foods is one of the plants the company acquired.

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SahmAdrangi’s Thoughts on Poor Performing Publicly-traded Companies like GNC

SahmAdrangi, a retired hedge fund credit trader, believes that doubling a bet amidst trading requires critical thinking. The 35-year old credit analyst also believes that research on stock markets can help in eliminating common mistakes that most traders make these days. As a trader, he prefers to buy shares at a lower price and watch them grow with time. GNC is one of the publicly-traded companies that SahmAdrangi has included in his list in terms of low stock performance. GNC is on the brink of financial instability since its shares are trading poorly on the stock exchange market. This poor performance has been attributed to the company’s outdated financial models.

According to Adrangi, GNC can learn from what did when it had a financial crisis. To be precise, 15 percent of the employees of were laid off to help the firm get back to its feet. As a firm with a huge debt and poorly performing shares, GNC can try laying off a reasonable percentage of its professional team. In 1929, a firm known as Dow Jones Industrial had similar challenges that GNC is currently facing. Dow Jones managed to close at a high of 381 on September 3, 1929. The firm’s stock value was at a low of 41.4 on March 6, 1993. Fortunately, this value increased by 15 percent nine days later. GNC’s highest stock value was $60.96 on November 23, 2013. This figure reduced to $6.95 on February 16, 2017. GNC might get back to its feet soon if the firm’s management team restructures its financial model.

Adrangi’s Career Background

With unparalleled experience in the hedge fund industry, Adrangi used the capital of $1 million to establish Kerrisdale Capital Management. This venture has over $350 million in assets under management as of 2017. Prior to launching Kerrisdale Capital, Adrangi exposed fraudulent Chinese ventures like Lihua International and China Marine Food Group. He also spent part of his career publishing short-selling research papers. Adrangi attended Yale University and got a BA in economics. Companies he previously worked for include Longacre Management and Chanin Capital Partners. As a public speaker, he has been featured at the Sohn Conference, Traders 4 a cause, and the Value Investing Conference.

The Significance of Betsy DeVos’ Contributions to Charity

Betsy DeVos is an established businesswoman who has accomplished a lot in politics and philanthropy. She currently works for President Donald Trump’s administration as the secretary of education. Betsy is also appreciated for her involvement in education activism. She has led campaigns in more than 25 states to transform the U.S school system so that it can be favorable to all children. According to her, people from low-income neighborhoods are not able to access a decent education due to the current structure. Mrs. Devos has partnered with her husband, Dick DeVos, in most charity undertakings that she conducts. The two have given a total of about $139 million to charity and Forbes listed them as the 24th most philanthropic family in 2015. Betsy serves the Windquest Group’s board of directors as a co-chairperson.


Since 1989, the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation has been in charge of the charitable undertakings of Mr. and Mrs. DeVos. The organization is committed to supporting important causes such as justice, art, education, leadership, and community development. In 2015, it gave $11.6 million to facilitate charity work in hospitals, churches, Christina schools, health research organizations, and art-based in institutions. The DeVos family’s donations totaled to about $100 million from 1999 to 2004 and half of the sum was given to support Christian activities. Organizations that have received money from the couple include Baptists for Life, Center for Individual Rights, Action Institute, Institute for Justice, and Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center.


The DeVos family has been supporting the education sector in different ways. As from 2000 to 2014 they offered $8.6 million to Christian-based schools. Public schools and charter schools also received $59,750 and $5.2 million respectively. The schools that have been given funds by the family include Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, Holland Christian Schools, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Ada Christian School, and Success Academy Charter School. Betsy’s love for art related activities enabled her to be offered a position at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts by George W. Bush in 2004. In 2010, Mrs. DeVos co-founded the DeVos Institute of Arts Management and donate $22.5 million to the organization. Her son, Rick DeVos, is also devoted to transforming the art sector and he is the founder ArtPrize. The institution has hosted several art competitions since 2009.


For decades now, Betsy DeVos has supported the Republican Party as a member and a sponsor. She served the party’s Michigan division as a delegate in the 1980s and was later voted to be its chairperson. Her family has offered financial support towards the election campaigns of various party candidates. They have given about $17 million to date. George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, who is his younger brother, are among the politicians who have benefited from the DeVos family’s donations.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Norman Pattiz Discloses Network’s Brand Lift Research

PodcastOne Chief Executive Officer Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, who happens to be the vice president of Edison Research Strategy, made a disclosure earlier this year of a collaborative research conducted. They made brought to light the last results of active and thorough studies of promoting thoughts done in five countrywide leading client marks crosswise over five different brands.


Edison Research undertook three separate bits of research a year ago for the enthusiasm of PodcastOne to take a gander at the sufficiency of podcast publicizing for five national brands. Some of these names were remarkable, yet prompting new messaging, while others were lesser-known brands searching for extended care and activity. In all cases, online surveys of the groups of individuals of a couple of driving podcasts were directed before the podcast advancing endeavors began, and again after each brand had gone running for a month and a half of remarks on those podcasts, using a similar reasoning for every circumstance. The delayed results of this pre-and post-crusade contemplate exhibited that these podcast groups of spectators were receptive to check messages and communicated an extensive preparation to consider or possibly purchase those brands.


PodcastOne, the nation’s leading patron, upheld podcast network, was built up by Norman Pattiz. The framework starting at now displays more than three hundred and forty hours of exceptional programming each week, across more than two hundred of the present most standard podcasts. In summary, here is a portion of the real features of the research discoveries.


It was clear that more than sixty percent of the individuals amid the investigation could say a specific staple brand post-study, which was an augmentation from seven percent among a group of audience individuals in the pre-campaign.

They found that unaided thing care extended from the pre-examine to the post-examine by forty-seven percent for a financial item, by thirty-seven percent for an automobile post-retail item and by twenty-four percent for a grass and garden item.


The research additionally found that passing information to a specific campaign message for automobile affiliate’s trade thing extended by sixty percent from the pre-assessment to the post-assessment, and for an accommodating eating dinner by seventy-six percent.


In the post-assessment, more than thirty-three percent of respondents had an “uncommonly decent” supposition of an automobile auxiliary selling item, up from eighteen percent in pre-study. In the post-study, twenty-two percent said they were “likely” to consider using garden and grass item, up from sixteen percent in the pre-examination. Learn more:


The Incredible Implications of Boraie Development

Boraie development which is a real estate firm offering services in the urban housing market, in collaboration with the provident bank is offering free movies according to a report by New Jersey stage. The company is offering the young people the chance to enjoy the movies free of charge. The movies will be screened at intervals from July 12 to August 2, an event that Borie Development is honored to be part of according to the vice president Hiam Boraie. Those going to the movie will enjoy unique state of the art theater with HD digital Projection system with a 46′ screen. The viewers can enjoy from the downstairs of the theater or the balcony.


Boraie offers some services including real estate development, property management, and marketing. The company location is in Albany street in New Brunswick, works with financial institutions, architects, and contractors to ensure state of the art developments. The company has staff whose are dedication is to construct to breath-taking buildings. Check out his website to know more.


Under the leadership of Sam Boraie, the company is developing a high-rise residential property in Brunswick known as aspire. Omar who says that he has had the vision to build the such a building in Brunswick for over a decade and is elated that he has finally achieved. The aspire is a 17 story,370 square meters and has 238 residential units, retail space, and a parking bay. Omar, the founder of Boraie development, says that this building will place Brunswick a notch high as this will attract more professionals like doctors, teachers and more professionals into the town. The building’s location next to the train station connected to New York making Brunswick more sosphicated. Omar is receiving support from his sons Hiram and Waseem who acts as the vice president of the company. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.


Boraie development didn’t manage to construct the building aspire on its own, but received funding from EDA urban transit hub program, new jersey housing and mortgage finance agency. Omar Boraie under Boraie development has transformed Brunswick one building after another. Omar started buying dilapidated buildings one by one turning Brunswick and raising its status. Omar says his vision to grow the town is finally coming to realization. Boraie together with like-minded individuals like John Lynch, John Hedrick, mayor James and others have shared in Boraie vision to make the town more industrious. Visit for more info.


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Jason Hope Foresees the Future.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale based entrepreneur. He has a passion for philanthropy focusing on education, scientific research, disease cure, and biotechnology. Jason was born in Arizona. He strongly supports education programs in his locality as well as organizations that have significant impact and contribution to disease prevention, cures, and control. Jason Hope has earlier worked with the Leukemia & the Tony Hawk Foundation and Teach for America Phoenix. Other organizations he worked with include T Gen Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Family Health International and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. International Foundation for Education and Self Reliance and the Arizona Science Center, where he is an associate of the Director’s Group are also part of the groups Jason supports.

Jason Hope has earned himself a name as a skilled futurist. He has a passion and understands technology. He uses his knowledge of technology to be on the lookout of the industry and make predictions of where the industry will be like in the future.

About the modern technological trends, Jason has confidence in that the power that comes along with the Internet of Things will play a significant role in the future of contemporary society, this is because there is a lot of developed connected devices. Jason’s advice is helpful to current investors and individuals who are in search of the best possible ways to make profits through the technology in the future. Jason grew up in Tempe and graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona States University.

Jason understands that it is difficult for young entrepreneurs to get a business idea off the ground. Most young entrepreneurs have tremendous and fantastic views, but their financial status holds them back from starting the business. Jason aids young entrepreneurs to get started. Through his official website, Jason takes in business ideas and goes through them only to pick the best and most interesting. Jason believes that the future of the technology industry entirely lies on the excellent ideas the young businesspersons develop.

Jason likes to keep things as simple as possible. He has faith in that making stuff complicated leads to time wastage and also encourages failure. Jason shares his ideas with close friends and considers the feedbacks he receives from them. Beside his philanthropic and trade initiatives, Jason has an active interest in politics as related to business all the way through the state of Arizona as well as national level.

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A Summary of Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

If you’re struggling under the weight of debt, you are not alone.

Millions of people worldwide right now owe hundreds of thousands of dollars on student loans, car payments, credit cards, collections, and more. If you are someone who is suffering under a mountain of debt that’s hard to pay back, you may be wondering what your options are.

Freedom Debt Relief has helped thousands get out of debt.

With an outstanding reputation and highly affordable options, Freedom’s debt relief program has been a trusted choice of many who were once struggling to pay back insurmountable debt. After a quick glance at many Freedom Debt Relief Reviews left by satisfied customers, it’s not hard to tell why people choose Freedom.

Many customers call the program a lifesaver.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews praise Freedom Debt Relief for keeping them informed about their debt and credit situations. Many also note that Freedom Debt Relief worked fast to get them relief from mountains of debt and that their customer services department is excellent. They claim that employees of Freedom Debt Relief are polite, well-informed, and extremely helpful. Even people in the beginning stage of their process with Freedom Debt Relief have said that it has been one of the best things they have ever done to improve their futures.

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Reviewing The Leadership Of OSI Industries And Decision To Expand Globally

As a leader in the food processing industry in America. OSI Industries has come to the attention of the need to serve the fast-growing processed food market especially in other parts of the world. This realization saw the management of the company embark on a particularly ambitious project that is aimed at helping them expand into other markets overseas. But before getting to the overseas markets, OSI Industries has come up with plans to first reinforce presence in the local market.

To serve local markets fully, OSI Industries began by acquiring, Tyson Foods, a food processing plant based in Chicago. According to a spokesperson for the company, acquiring the facility will satisfy the quest of OSI to achieve business growth both locally and internationally. Tyson Foods comes with a line of products that include beef items like hamburgers, vegetable products, poultry, pork items, pork, hot dogs and meatballs. OSI Industries has been in the food business for over a century, and with these many years has come useful experience that is critical to ensuring the company manages its growth strategy smoothly.

Getting into Europe

Satisfying local expansion was not enough, so OSI Industries also came up with plans to go beyond the boundaries of America. Their first place to go was in Europe, where the company acquired several businesses. One of the businesses acquired in this chase for expansion in Europe is Flagship Europe, whose line of products includes dips, marinades, frozen poultry, dressings, and sauces. The president of OSI, David McDonald argued that the acquisition of Flagship Europe would help create a stronger presence across the continent since the company runs several subsidiaries.

Second to get acquired by OSI Industries is Baho Food, which owns five subsidiaries with platns in Netherlands and Germany, giving the company access to markets across 18 European nations. In most of the acquisitions, OSI Industries made sure the top management and workers were retained to facilitate a smooth transition process. These steps have allowed the creation of a broader perspective for its products.

More about OSI Industries

After serving in the food processing market for more than one century, OSI Industries is one of the best companies in the industry. Its local strategies have helped the company expand its reach, and now it is working on getting to other markets across the world, which would help it achieve its expansionary goals that target placing it among globally competitive brands in food processing.

OSI Group Info:

Paul Mampilly Empowering Young Investors Through Profits Unlimited

Profits Unlimited website has more than 60,000 subscribers making it one of the leading investment journals. The Newsletter Editor is Paul Mampilly is one excited man for having reached more people and as a result is encouraged to do more in offering investment advice each month. The eight pages Newsletter Mampilly writes highlights an investment and gives reasons for recommendations.

The reason that profits Unlimited have become successful to the point of getting more than 60,000 subscribers is because of Mampilly proven success record. Mampilly has achieved a lot in his career journey as an investor, and in 2009 he won the Templeton Foundations investment competition for having been able to invest 50 million dollars which yielded 88 million dollars signifying a 75 percent increase in investment. Mampilly invested at a time when there was an economic recession and many investors at this time fear to make investments due to the high risk involved.

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However, Mampilly went against the grain and succeeded without sacrificing a stock. This major achievement made Mampilly get recognition from everyone including aspiring investors and industry players.

Another reason why Mampilly is so successful is that his newsletters are very detailed and useful to readers. Mampilly writes his thoughts and ideas directly and coherently that anybody including first-time investors can understand. Profits Unlimited has been Circulating in the industry for only a year now and has broadened its base of the audience to thousands within a short period. The Newsletter publishers are Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly writes the Newsletter which is then taken for publishing by Banyan publishers, and after the publishing, it is distributed to the subscribers who in turn can visit the website and check how the stocks are performing. Almost all the Stocks Mampilly has recommended are profitable and have a success rate of about 85 percent.

Contrary to what other brokers do Mampilly prefers to empower his readers by equipping them with knowledge of the industry. He teaches them on how to invest in a smart way as they set up and run their brokerage accounts.

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager and investor. Mampilly has previously worked at world-renowned financial institutions such as the Swiss Bank, Deutsche Asset Management Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. In addition, Mampilly has served in various positions at Kinetic Asset Management LLC and Capuchin Group.

Mampilly holds a BBA in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and an MBA, Finance from Fordham Graduate School of Business.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly:

USHEALTH Group, Inc’s Satisfactory Insurance Coverage

USHEALTH Group, Inc is headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group, Inc insurance holding company is dedicated to the provision of insurance services in specified diseases, innovative life, accidents, and disability.

USHEALTH Group, Inc provides cover to families, groups, individuals, their employees and small business owners.

In addition to these, USHEALTH Group, Inc also provides insurance services in dental health, vision, clinical health among others. USHEALTH Group, Inc has been operating for about five decades now and has gained millions of individuals and customers.

USHEALTH Group, Inc is composed of a family of companies and is majoring in providing its clients secure cover plans that are affordable and are reliable.

According to Crunchbase, USHEALTH Group, Inc has in it staff innovators whose offer credited services the region that the group covers. The comprehensive portfolio that the company uses offers plans which meet all the needs of the clients. Read more: USHEALTH Group, Inc.: Private Company Information

The motto of the USHEALTH Group, Inc staffs and the entire management team and their contractors at large is HOPE-Helping Other People Everyday. To accomplish this motto, USHEALTH Group, Inc’s mission is building on the commitment and effort of the staff to give the client a positive difference in their daily lives.

USHEALTH Group insurance

The markers of the company’s portfolio include reliability and affordability. USHEALTH Group, Inc caters for clients with severe care costs and also those who require daily medical expenses.

The USHEALTH Group, Inc’s adverse experience in their services is based on the fifty years of service by the company. More than fifteen million customers are enjoying the unparallel innovative services form USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Moreover, USHEALTH Group, Inc has laid down multiple design strategies in innovations and are flexible in for them to meet the diverse needs of their customers reliably. Regarding the insurance needs of the clients, it is in the knowledge of USHEALTH Group, Inc that every individual has a different need form the other especially on issues relating to specified sickness and accident coverage.

USHEALTH Group family of companies boasts in the property services that they give based on the array of options by the company. USHEALTH Group, Inc choice of service best suit every client that submit to their service.

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US Health Group Doctors: Book Online By Insurance, Reviews & ZIP

Imran Haque’s Unique Medical Services

Imran Haque, an Asheboro-based medic, is the pioneer and facilitator of Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr. Haque is highly recognized for his activities that are directed towards providing medical care accompanied by diligent services. Imran Haque delivers his intent that is dedicated to offering excellent health care services to Asheboro residents. The medical organization not only operates in its area but also in a variety of sectors including in Ramseur and the surrounding locations. Imran Haque values the significance of partnership as they bring diversified ideas that cater for different needs. Dr. Imran Haque thus collaborates with other groups including hospitals like Randolph Hospital. Imran’s popularity stems from his long-term experience that sums to approximately fifteen years. He is an expert in physical examination performance and knowledge regarding many illnesses.

Besides extensive exposure, Imran Haque acquired his professional skills from his educational experience. He attended Universidad Iberoamerican located in Santo Domingo where he earned his degree in medicine. Later, Imran Haque advanced his studies at Virginia University, the Medical school branch. While at the institution, Imran Haque demonstrated his desires in the providence of quality and strengthened medical services. This factor satisfied medics thus Dr. Haque qualified for the attainment of training license that permitted him to practice medicine throughout North Carolina. Imran Haque is widely identified by Asheboro natives for his outstanding personality that describes him. Imran’s attribute is composed of aspects of hard work, talent, and passion.

Besides his medical qualifications, Imran Haque has enrolled in other programs regarding certification maintenance for internal medicine. Under his instructions, Horizontal Internal Medicine has branded its reputation with the aid of unique and friendly staff members. Imran Haque postulates that for the attainment of success, an organization required equipped personnel whose desires match which the company’s objectives. For this reason, Imran Haque facilitates the transformation of Horizontal Internal Medicine into a recent state of art organization.



Jim Larkin the Man Who Revolutionized Trade Unionism

Jim Larkin, a trade unionist, was born on 21 January 1876 in Liverpool England. He was born in the slums thus, he had very little formal education. To enhance his family earnings he took several manual jobs and eventually was employed as a foreman at the Liverpool docks.

Jim Larkin joined and became a full-time trade union organizer of the National Union of Docks Laborers (NUDL) in 1905. In 1907 he was transferred to Dublin by the NUDL due to his militia strike methods. In Dublin, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) with an objective to unite all Irish workers skilled and unskilled into a single organization. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

He delineated the political agenda of ITGWU in 1908 where he demanded that workers should only work eight hours a day, the unemployed should be provided with jobs and all workers who are 60 years of age should be given pensions. He also demanded that all means of transport and canals be nationalized, adult suffrage and formation of compulsory arbitration courts.

Later, in 1912, he formed the Irish Labor party and was responsible for a series of strikes. The most noteworthy was the 1913 Dublin Lockout strike which lead to over 100,000 workers striking for almost eight months, ultimately winning the right to fair employment.

Due to his strike methods, the Irish press was against him, but he had many supporters including Constance Markievicz, William Butler Yeats, and Patrick Pearse. He never used violence, he simply used sympathetic strike method and boycotting of goods.

Jim Larkin held anti-war demonstrations in Dublin during the outburst of the First World War asking the Irish people not to be engaged in the war. He wrote in the Irish Worker “Stop at home. Arm for Ireland. Fight for Ireland and no other land.” In 1914, he traveled to the U.S.A. for a lecture tour as well as to raise funds to fight the British.

Here Jim joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the Socialist Party of America. While in The U.S. the Easter Rising took place in Ireland and his friend James Connolly died in the process. On March 17th, 1918 he established the James Connolly Socialist Club in New York which turned out to be the center of Left-wing activities.

In 1920 he was convicted of communism and criminal lawlessness and was pardoned three years later. He was deported back to Ireland where he launched the Workers Union of Ireland(WUI) and became a member of the Irish Labor Party in 1945 He continued working for the reimbursement of workers until his death on 30th January 1947.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Richard Mishaan Design Combines Traditional and Modern

Richard Mishaan Design is known for creative design that transforms a home using lighting and furniture. His clients range from upscale homeowners to hotels. He has a way of arranging competing elements into a design that works. Richard Mishaan work on hotels has been in Columbia, New York, Florida, and the Dominica Republic.

His design is different and he believes its more important to have a talent for design than money. One of the couches he owns is over 20 years old. His belief is when you buy good quality furniture it lasts a long time. He owns a furniture shop in Greenwich that sells a wide variety of pieces. He stocks furniture from his own line there.

He believes in transforming a small or large space into something beautiful. With small space he opens them up by painting the walls with white colors, uses low furniture, and floating beds. His own home is filled with antiques, quality furniture, and art pieces. It has a wooden vaulted ceiling. His kitchen is blue and white and patterns of plaids and stripes can be found everywhere in his . The bathroom has special designer wallpaper and in his decorating he combines modern and traditional design.

One of his project was Karen Silverman’s home. The woman lives with her husband and two sons. In her home he has created a sense of serenity. He coordinated large spaces and changed the furniture layouts. The house has antiques and modern design combined. The colors he used were white, brown, and neutrals.

He draws his inspiration of design from everything around him. Frequently he visits art galleries and attends design shows. He sees movies, attends fashion shows, and attends the theater. He watches how people live their lives and then plans on how he will transform their space. His combining traditional and modern design and making it work well is his trademark.

Fabletics Provides More Athleisure Products Customers Want

Fabletics athleisure wear was co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Since it’s launch Fabletics has used reverse show room techniques to market the product line. Fabletics relies heavily on excellent consumer reviews of their product line and customer service.


Many people are too busy to find time to go shopping in stores. Busy moms are constantly on the go and looking for comfortable yet stylish clothing to wear. Fabletics has continually ranked high in ecommerce sales for their fashionable and affordable line of comfortable and athletic clothing.


Fabletics strives to provide top quality customer service and excellent shipping and VIP customer deals. Busy women seeking Fabletics clothing have several options when it comes to their wardrobes. Customers can sign up for the VIP shipment box which costs $49 monthly and a complete outfit is mailed out every single month. Customers can also simply go to the website and purchase individual pieces whenever they want. Fabletics does encourage shoppers to participate in the LifeStyle Quiz. This is a quick Quiz that helps Fabletics find outfits and individual pieces that are tailored to each individual customers likes.


Kate Hudson is a busy mom and understood the need for a comfortable and affordable clothing line. She noticed a huge gap in the athleisure clothing line for every day moms. Pieces were either boring or poorly designed or well designed and stylish but with a hefty price tag. Many stay at home and work from home moms require budget friendly clothing and strive to retain style in their wardrobe. Kate filled this industry hole by creating the Fabletics line. With an understanding of what moms would want Kate created a line that is comprised of leggings, capris, shorts and comfortable athletic pants. The selection of tops range from sports bras, tank tops, short sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts. The Athleisure line also has light weight over jackets, socks, and other athletic accessories that allows for this look to go from gym to home very easily.


Fabletics has been evolving with the need of its customers. Recently swimwear and dresses have been incorporated in the line. It is important to create a one stop shop for customers when providing a virtual store front. By providing items in every category that shoppers would want, they no longer have to visit multiple clothing websites. Fabletics has embraced their customer’s feedback and is continually striving to offer more products.

Live Happy & Healthier, “Lifeline Screening”

Living life happier and healthier it much easier when you know your physical well-being is stable and able-bodied. Taking measures to take care of your health are extremely important to longevity and peace-of-mind.

Lifeline Screening is a company that specializes in the power of prevention. In business since 1996, Lifeline Screening has over twenty years experience in screening patients and evaluating potential health risks.

Now-a-days physical screenings and addressing potential health concerns are vital. Assessments provided by Lifeline Screening go above and beyond the typical medical provider. Lifeline screening implements a series of tests and examinations to uncover potential health issues and risks that can cause serious problems later on.

The first step to receiving a Lifeline Screening, is to fill out some general information and answering basic questions in regards to personal health. An appointment is made and like a regular hospital or clinic, a patient checks in and a representative may asks some additional questions and verify some information. Dressing comfortably in loose clothing makes it easier for testing. For more info about us: click here.

The next step depending on what an individual needs, could include general examinations like taking blood pressure, weighing-in, and possibly blood tests. Further examinations can include an ultra-sound and/or and EKG. These cover areas of health that can concern heart disease, stroke, plaque build up in the arteries, thyroid disease, prostate and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, protein screening, kidney disease and much more. The Lifeline Screening website provides a detailed list of tests and evaluations.

Once screening is complete, tests will be reviewed by a doctor. Lifeline will then mail to the patient the results. If any of the tests taken reveal anything abnormal or concerning, additional information is provided along with the results.

Lifeline screening information evaluations and results are signed by a doctor, this information can then be shared with your own personal doctor. This will allow him or her to take further steps to address the patients personal health and options.

Lifeline Screening provides beneficial services to help avoid chronic diseases. This prevention is extremely important to anyone who wants to stay happier and healthier.

Aloha Construction Explains How To Protect Your Dog During A Home Construction Project

A major source of employment in the United States is the construction industry. This past July, in fact, it was the largest source of new jobs in the country. One company that has been hiring in the industry is Aloha Construction out of Illinois. Ever since the end of the 2016 presidential elections, they have been hiring more workers as they have customers requesting more projects to be completed.

The jobs numbers seem to indicate that more people are either building new homes or remodeling existing ones. It also shows that companies in the real estate industry are building new homes to sell to people which increases the number of homeowners. Other industries also benefit from this activity, such as manufacturing companies who are the ones that create the materials builders use. It also helps banks and other mortgage lenders as they have people coming to them who need to borrow large sums of money.

The people at Aloha Construction also want people to know how to keep their dogs safe and comfortable when they’re having their home worked on. New people entering the home and the loud noises and activities can be confusing or scary for a dog. Aloha Construction says you should keep an eye on your dog so that they aren’t injured on construction equipment. Aloha Construction personnel also say you shouldn’t leave your dog alone with unfamiliar people in case they get irritated and to know more

Another thing that the folks at Aloha Construction say is that you should recognize dogs are creatures of habit. They should be kept to their schedule during a construction project as much as is manageable. They’ll enjoy getting out of the house on their routine and get some relief in case they are stressed out or anxious because of all of the unfamiliar activity.

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How Desiree Perez Is Involved In Running Roc Nation

10 years ago musician Jay Z signed a decade long, $150 million deal with Live Nation. The deal included both his live performances as well as his recorded music which is part of his company, Roc Nation. The deal is now coming to a close. The contract language between the two parties includes a “buy-sell” which means that either party to the agreement can either sell their portion of Roc Nation or choose to buy the company in totality.People close to the negotiations between Roc Nation and Live Nation say that the latter party is interested in continuing the live music portion of the deal but wants to walk away from the recorded music side.

In the future, Live Nation only wants to be involved in tours and live performances. Roc Nation has a number of successful musicians that they want to continue touring deals with, including Rihanna, Jay Z, Shakira, and Fat Joe.The main person handling the negotiations with Live Nation is Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez. She is the top executive at the company and a long time business partner of Jay Z’s. It’s been reported she has met with the top executive at Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, who is purportedly interested in buying a portion of Roc Nation.

This would be a boon to Roc Nation as it would provide resources in order to sign and develop more new artists. Desiree Perez has been involved with Jay Z’s businesses for over two decades. She is known as a shrewd negotiator who can rapidly calculate numbers in her head in order to get the best deal possible. She is also well known for negotiating Rihanna’s lucrative Samsung deal. She is involved in every facet of running Roc Nation including publishing music and labeling operations.

A Great Person – George Soros

All over the world, there are people that are in need. Those that feel the need to help them on a regular basis are called philanthropists. The one name that always comes to mind of George Soros. He is known all over the world for his exemplary efforts at helping those in need. It hasn’t always been an easy time for George Soros. He has seen plenty of heartache.

When He Was Young, Things Were Really Tough

He grew up Jewish, and he and his family saw a lot of tough times. They went through plenty of heartaches, but even when they were down, they helped others. It was part of their beings to assist others when they could.

The Older George Soros

George Soros carried the need to help others all throughout his life. In 1970, he had a plan to open up a Hedge Fund. He called the Hedge Fund, Soros Fund Management. This earned him quite a lot of money. He used this money to create the Open Society Foundation. This foundation is how he helps a tremendous amount of people and organizations across the globe.

A Threat To Capitalism Is How The Atlantic Puts It

In an article in The Atlantic, George Soros is seen as a threat to capitalism. He is also seen as a terrorist by President Trump.

Overcoming The Odds

George Soros doesn’t let this stop him from carrying on with his efforts to help mankind. He continues to give his money and his time to help those in need.One of the ways he contributes is by helping with education. He gives out scholarships from his Open Society Foundation. The people that receive this help are able to learn about the world and how they can help others. It is truly a way to get everyone to take note and do what they can.

Success Marks The Career Of Brazilian Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

The life of a rally driver will seem foreign to most people, and some individuals might find this job too full of adrenaline. A skilled driver must be knowledgeable. Some admiring observers will say that a person is crazy to participate in this type of competition. Brazilian rally driver Rodrigo Terpins has excelled in this competitive sport. He is a member of the highly accomplished Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Mr. Terpins also serves as the current Director for T5 Participacoes a Brazilian business. He was educated at Saint Hilaire.


Motorsports require a diverse set of skills from each team member. In addition to competing, Mr. Terpins previously held the position of Director of Operations at Lojas Marisa. A solid work history has allowed Mr. Terpins to continue to successfully participate in this sport. Race cars are built to handle the rough terrain, and a skilled rally driver must pound dirt roads and navigate courses without slowing down. It is considered the most exciting type of motorsport, because the driver must know the mechanics of racing along with having endurance.


Rodrigo Terpins also has a passion for various causes, and these include science and technology, children and arts and culture. A successful career in any field includes a diverse set of interests. All rally teams consist of key members, and a co-driver is needed to help the main driver. The ability to blend personal goals with team needs has helped keep Mr. Terpins at the head of the pack.


Mr. Terpins continues to participate in various competitions. As a highly skilled Brazilian rally driver, he has shown perseverance. Spectators know that anything can happen to slow down a team during an event, and this may range from vehicle issues to terrain problems. Drivers, like Rodrigo Terpins, always find a way to go on despite setbacks, and this endurance ability is why he has many admiring fans and continued success. Do a quick Google search to learn more about Rodrigo Terpins.,1c23b1adb8235f237e617298007cc51857nbd5ll.html

Things every Wine Guide from Traveling Vineyard should know prior to Visiting Nepal

Nepal has emerged as a treasured tourist destination due to the many varieties of high-quality wines that come from the region. It is also popular across the globe for its favorable climatic conditions and fertile lands that support grape farming. Apart from drinking wine, Traveling Wine Guides can do the following activities.

1. Visit the Napa Art Walk

For the lovers of 3-D art, Napa Art Walk exhibition is the place to be. This esteemed event displays the artworks of talented and experienced minds throughout the nation. It also showcases spectacular sculptures of different types.

2. Learn the history by making a date with the Napa Valley Historical Society

History enthusiasts can learn in-depth details about the Valley, including the way it looked a century ago and the type of people that lived there. The society assembles physical pieces that describe the history of Napa and allow visitors to dissect into the details.

3. Visit Silverado Cooking School and take a cooking class

Given that Nepal is a hub for the production of distinct wine varieties, food is also huge in this region. Getting the right combination of food and wine is a direct ticket for riding your taste buds to the Flavor Town. Silverado Cooking School is an ideal place for improving culinary skills.

What is Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard is a top wine firm situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It employs a direct-selling model of organizing in-home wine tasting events for its members. The firm began its operations back in 2001. Nine years later, entrepreneur Richard Libby bought it and rebranded it. This wine giant markets its products through over 5,000 independent representatives. These independent representatives, popularly known as Wine Guides, receive a Success Kit from the company after making a one-time payment. This Success Kit has wine education materials that include a description of the distinct wine and food types. Other contents of this kit range from sample accessories, ten wine bottles, to tasting glasses. Traveling Vineyard sets up website for every wine guide and offers training and support. The company observes legal requirements when engaging in business, and it is one of the members of the respected Direct Selling Association.

Japanese Food is in Business with Omar Yunes

Not everyone can call themselves the Best Franchisee of the year. Omar Yunes certainly can. The award ceremony took place in Italy’s city of Florence and honoured franchisees from all over the world. The primary competition wasn’t as easy as that. He had to compete with Franchisees in his home country of Mexico. When his company came out first in the initial race, he had to compete with other Franchisees internationally to win the prize. It was a hard battle, but Omar Yunes knows what is what when it comes to leading a business.

Mexico was not the most typical place for Japanese chains, so Omar Yunes was a pioneer. He started the first Sushi Itto franchise when he was only 21, and now there are thirteen franchise restaurants in Mexico’s cities including Veracruz and Puebla as well as the Capital.

Omar Yunes wants to change the relationship franchisees have with their bosses. He also introduced ways to measure success in each of his restaurants. It gives his teams clear guidelines, and it is now easier to train up new team members. This guidance offers an advantage to the managers, and they have mentioned it as a business positive. This way there is no miscommunication between the owners and the teams on the restaurant floors delivering the service.

All of his teams have a very high standard to follow, and he communicates to his managers and teams personally. This approach as noticed by the CEO of Sushi Itto as well and he compliments Omar Yunes for the initiative and attitude towards excellence in customer service.

Omar Yunes is an investor and a businessman born living in Mexico. He employs more than 400 people across his 13 franchise restaurants. The marketing methods he uses are sometimes described as aggressive, but it works. He created a strategy structure which is used across the board, and other businesses are looking at his methods to borrow the possibly. He leads by example and works hard to get to know people who work for him and with him.

Thanks to Omar Yunes and his efforts, Japanese food indeed started out in Mexico ad is growing in popularity.

Beneful is a Leader

Beneful is a leader in the dog food industry. This is evident by how many sales they make with their special dog food. They also create outstanding commercials that will give people a chance to see just how much dogs really love this food.

In the commercials for Beneful, pet owners can see the different types of dog foods that they make. They range from main dishes to treats and snacks for your dog. You will want to watch them closely to see how much the dogs enjoy what they are eating.

When you are caring for your dog, make sure that you know how to take care of it and groom it well. If you need help with that, there are classes that you can take, or you can look up the information on the Internet for tips on what you will need to do on a daily basis.

Dogs make wonderful pets. Show them just how much you care about them by giving them delicious foods from Beneful. Beneful continues to create more foods that are designed to keep your dog as healthy as possible while loving the foods. Remember to clip coupons when you see them, and to take advantage of any sales and promotions that might be offered when you want to purchase Beneful.

Leader and Influencer- Anthony Petrello

Tesco Corp (Nasdaq: TESO) is a Huston based company and recently there was an announcement that it will be acquired by Nabors Industry Ltd (NYSE: NBR). Nabors is a company which located in Bermuda and has its Head offices in Houston. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017 and it has placed the value of the Tesco at $4.62% per share. Tesco shares have been valued depending on Nabors closing shares on August 11, 2017. According to the transaction; Tesco shares will be going for 0.68 Nabors shares. It is expected that Tesco will hold about 10% of Nabors shares. The transaction must happen at closing of Nabors shares. However, if the deal does not close at the end of the shares that is February 2018; Nabors will have to pay about $8million which according to the filling with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.

The two companies are in different sectors; Nabors is a drilling company that delivers its services to across the world which includes; performance tools, directional drilling services, and offshore platforms rigs. While Tesco; is a group that manufactures and services technology and distributes their products and services to other organization. The merge will combine the services and products of the firms.

Even though he does not appear in television programs nor does he appear in most household; Anthony Petrello is an important individual in United States of America. Mr. Petrello is among few people in the United States of America who play crucial roles in the economy of the nation but are not recognized. According to a record in the United States of America.

Anthony Petrello was the highest paid Chief Executives Officer in the country. Petrello who down to earth as described by many earned about $68.2million in 2014 serving at Nabors Industries. Mr. Petrello loves people and his success is based on how he treats and handles issues not only in his industry but generally. Mr. Anthony has worked through his success. He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. After his High School graduation, he was lucky to get a scholarship to attend Yale University where he studied mathematics and later joined Harvard Law School. His achievements are a clear indication that one be successful through hard work and devotion.

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Gregory Aziz: CEO of the Best Rail Manufacturing Company.

The CEO of National Steel Car is Gregory Aziz, which is the secondary company of National Industries Inc. The company started a business in Ontario in 1912 and is the largest selling company of rolling stock in Canada. A lot of trains, used by Canada is made by the same company, making it the best manufacturing company in the country. The company has been doing better and improving by each passing day, and by passing every inspecting being held, making it the top-notch company of the country. When Aziz became the CEO of this company, he knew his work and responsibility is much more than only being an ordinary CEO, filling up the seat, he had to keep up with the legacy of over a hundred years. He has been the best CEO, contributing greatly to the growth and development of the company.


Gregory Aziz is a well experienced and well-known business leader working with a company with rich legacy and companies which have always been best in the business. Soon after his graduation, he started working at his family wholesale food business. Because of his new ideas, his business grew greatly and became one of biggest importer of food, being delivered from many different countries. This company made many products easily available in the country for their customers, and also for other neighboring countries such as the USA. Aziz worked with this company for a little and then decided to switch to other companies to get more experience.


1n 1930, he started working in a bank. To get more experience and to achieve his goals he then moved to New York. After few years he got some really good experiences and became part of a strategic team, that was working to boycott National Steel Car from Dofasco, the company who used to own it. The only reason boycotting this was that this company was only functional in Canada, not in another country, as the railroad industry was growing in other parts of the world too.


The success of National Steel Car credit goes to the hard work of Aziz which has actually made this company famous worldwide as well. He believes in hard work, that one can achieve all his goals and targets if he works hard and tirelessly day and night. Today he is a well reputed name in the industry, making his company the best rail manufacturing company of the time.

Attributions of Rick Shinto in InnovaCare

Various individuals have scrapped the face of the healthcare industry over time. Dr. Rick Shinto is also apprehended as one of the most successful individuals to contribute so much in the healthcare industry. Shinto is the CEO and President of InnovaCare Health as per now. He took this position in 2012 after a long run in his career path. Shinto is well learned and conversant with the medical field. He has a degree from the University of California at Irvine, a Medical Degree from the State University of New York and an MBA from the University of Redlands. This allowed him to gain diverse knowledge in the medical filed before taking on his internship in Southern California. This placed him at a better level of being basically employed in the medical sector.

Shinto has worked at the top management positions of various healthcare institutions. He started out as a pulmonologist before advancing to the senior positions. He worked at management level as the Chief Medical Officer in Medical Pathways Management Company then later on joined NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer. He also worked as the CEO of Aventa Inc. where he was honored the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012. This was a way of recognizing him as an outstanding entrepreneur and professional for his exemplary services in different capacities of the economy. With these attributions, he has managed to secure a position as one of the best in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Shinto is also comprehended for his good leadership skills in addition to his impressive academic records. He has taken the initiative of ensuring there is good working environment for his employees as he understands that satisfied employees offer high level of professionalism and accountability in their work. Shinto has placed forth an impressive communication channel in InnovaCare health system so as to enable him maintain good communication with his employees. He emphasizes on good working relationships among individuals ‘so as to offer quality healthcare services to the communities. He also ensures that there is transparency in his work and that there is effective delivery of services. Ideally, Shinto has made it possible for the average individual to access quality healthcare services through making the services being offered cheap and affordable. Being a leader, Shinto has also written various articles regarding the healthcare sector and clinical medicine. He encourages individuals to maintain proper hygiene in order to stay healthy.

Igor Cornelsen Describes The Pros And Cons Of Investing In Africa

The African continent has big potential for investors. On the other hand, Africa is a largely developing zone that has its own unique problems. One of the major problems that African businesses face when it comes to investment is a lack of funding. Igor Cornelsen describes this problem which is endemic to Africa in his WordPress blog.

Mr. Cornelsen says that Africa has a significant number of interesting technology start ups that have a lot of potential to expand beyond Africa.

The reason why so many African startups have a lack of funding has to do with the way they do business. Igor Cornelsen says that the majority of African start up firms focus on a local or regional level instead of a continent wide or global level.

The fact that a lot of new firms in Africa lack global or continent wide appeal is why so many investors pass up on investing in them. Without this appeal, African start ups are suffering from a lack of funding to fuel their growth further. There is a solution to this problem believes Cornelsen.

He believes that there has to be one tech firm out of Africa that goes global and that develops from a local or regional approach. This way investors will then realize that it is well worth their time and effort to invest in smaller African startups because they can expand outside of Africa. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Another part of the problem that new African companies are facing comes from the African banks themselves. African banks currently charge exorbitant interest rates on business loans for new businesses.

In Ghana for example, the interest for a business loan is about 28%. Such high rates discourage businesses from taking out loans. With no capital available to them to help them expand, many African businesses fail to grow or die out because of a lack of funding.

Igor Cornelsen believes that African tech companies should showcase their products in major innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley in the USA and London, England. That way they can gain more exposure.

The smart investor in Africa will look for companies that have a lot of potential to grow outside of Africa. This way they can make big returns should a company grow to have a global marketplace.

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Andrew Rolfe Is Passionate About Helping The Needy Children In The Society

As one of the leaders of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe is heavily involved in ensuring that the institution has adequate resources to help the needy children in the society. Over the years, he has been at the center of organizing for different events with the objective of raising more funds to enable the Fund to run its operations as a going concern.

Recently, the Fund held a successful gala dinner that was attended by 300 guests. The invitation-only event was held in London. Andrew was charged with the duty of providing the guests with tasty dishes and entertainment. He did not disappoint. When they were planning for the occasion, the leadership of the Fund said that they were targeting to raise £600,000. At the end of the event, they were all happy as they had managed to surpass their goal by over £3,000.

The Fund posited that they would use the money to modernize the school campus that is headquartered in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Moreover, some funds would be used in the construction of a modern and well-equipped pediatric clinic. Thereafter, they would be in a position to enroll more disadvantaged children from the region and its environs.

When Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief founded the institution in 1999, they focused on providing the children with education. Even though they managed to enroll many children, Banks and Jacob realized that most of them could not concentrate on their studies. It is here that the two decided to conduct a comprehensive research to understand the underlying problem. The results of the study showed that some students were hungry and others came from families infected and affected with the HIV/AIDs pandemic. To this end, they decided to offer them with home stability, nutrition, and healthcare.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been entrusted with the chairmanship of the Ubuntu Education Fund. In this position, Rolfe has been instrumental in ensuring that the Fund raises adequate resources that enable them to support different needy children in the society.

Andrew has extensive leadership and management experience. He has rendered his services for different corporations, including the Gap, Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurants International and Booker Foodservice.

The advancements in cancer treatments through Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a partner at the 5AM Ventures. He is 61 years of age. He inspires many in entrepreneurship and biochemical research industry for his great achievements. He started working at 5AM Ventures in 2003. He is greatly experienced in the healthcare management where he has worked for close to 30 years. Dr. Scott Rocklage is based in Boston. He has experience in strategic leadership in the healthcare and venture capital area among others.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has served in different companies in different positions. Some of the positions he has held include Chairman and a CEO at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, an executive chairman at Miikana and Ilypsa among others. He now serves on Boards of a couple of companies including Pulmatrix and Rennovia. This is a clear indication of his exemplary leadership skills.

Dr. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He studied this at the University of California. He also has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry. He achieved this from the Massachusets Institute of Technology. Dr. Scott conducted his research in Richard Schrock’s, the Nobel Prize Winner for 2005, laboratory. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Through his continued strategic leadership he has led to the FDA approval of the application of three new drugs namely: Cubicin®, Teslascan®, and Omniscan™. He has also entered 6 patients into clinical drug tests. He is also an inventor and co-inventor in over 30 United States Patents.

5AM Ventures is at its early stages and is focused on the science of life. Dr. Scott Rocklage joined the company as a Venture Partner and grew into a Managing Partner, the position he currently holds in the company. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

His days are comprised of studying life sciences, working with the Company’s management team, preparation and attendance of the Board meetings among other duties. His line of work involves him working with other entrepreneurs in the life science including scientists.

He helps these people bring their ideas into life through creating potential drugs to meet the untapped needs in the medical industry. Dr. Scott appreciates the use of modern ways of detecting and solving or preventing medical related problems. 5AM Ventures, therefore, supports the companies that use modern technologies.

Dr. Rocklage uses a hands-on approach to determine the most lucrative businesses to invest in and expand. He recently acknowledged the progress that has been made towards getting a treatment for cancer which targets specific mutations. In the near future, he hopes that the lives of many can now be prolonged using this cure.

How Richard A. Smith has revolutionized the Inmate Communication Sector

Richard A. Smith is a renowned electrical engineer who has earned respect in the telecommunication industry. He currently acts as the Securus Technologies CEO and has been working at the company since June 23, 2008. Before Smith was offered a position at Securus, he had held administrative offices in different corporations. He was the chief financial officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc, as from 1998. The company appointed him as the COO in 1999 and then promoted him in 2002 to become its president. In 2003, Richard was named as the CEO of the firm and held the position until 2007.Smith had worked for the Frontier Corporation before he was offered a job at Eschelon. The company is currently called Global Crossing. Richard joined it in 1972 and held different executive offices until when he left in 1998. The positions that he was offered include the president of Frontier information technologies, vice president of Midwest telephone operations, and many others. He was the vice president of financial management when he left the company.

The telecommunications expert has been serving as the chairman of Securus Technologies since 2009. His outstanding administration skills have placed the company as one of the leading technology providers in the prisons industry. Richard has remarkable the academic qualifications that have facilitated his career success. He schooled at the University of New York at Buffalo and graduated from the institution with a degree in electrical engineering. Smith also enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology for his associate degree in electrical engineering. He completed his master’s in business administration and mathematics from the University of Rochester and the State University of New York.Rick Smith is considered as a highly resourceful person in the telecommunications sector due to the experience that he has gained in the past four decades. The corporations that he has worked for have enabled him to be skilled in IT, operations, business development, finance, and many other fields.

When he was the Eschelon Telecom CEO, the company had a record revenue growth from $30 million to over $350 million. The EBITDA of the enterprise also rose from to $80 million. In 2005, Smith led the firm to have its IPO.The current success of Securus Technologies has been facilitated by Smith’s excellent administration strategies. During his tenure as the CEO, the company has gained an outstanding reputation in the corrections industry due to the top-notch technologies that it offers. It has invented several products that have simplified service provision in prisons. Securus Technologies operates in Canada and the United States where it serves more than 3450 facilities. According to Rick Smith, more than $600 million has been invested in technology development. The firm has an excellent patent portfolio for various technologies that it has developed over the years.

How Dr. Shinto Leads InnovaCare Health

Every good physician has a well-accomplished career; even before joining the medical field. In the case of Richard Shinto, his early successes include his numerous university degrees. The most important of those degrees is his medical degree, which he got from the State University of New York. After earning his medical degree, he began practicing as an internist and pulmonologist. Over the years, he’s earned medical tenure in Southern California and maintains his license to practice. Richard Shinto also begun writing articles about healthcare and clinical medicine; many of which have been published.

To date, Dr. Shinto has worked in managed care for over 20 years. He’s worked at several healthcare institutions, serving as high-ranking officers at each company. Now, he’s using his decades of experience to lead InnovaCare Health into a brighter future; serving as the company’s President and CEO.

When it comes to medical care, people only think about the nurses and doctors they see in hospitals. In truth, there’s an entire industry behind those nurses and doctors. The healthcare environment is more than just physicians and desk clerks. People usually don’t want to learn about the entire industry because the current healthcare environment is too complex to understand.

Everyone at InnovaCare is trying to make managed care better. Everything the company does goes toward making their lives of their patients healthier. That’s why the company and all its subsidiaries try to create better managed care models. These new models hope to be driven by quality and put their patients first.

Someone helping to lead InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is a Columbia University School of Public Health graduate with three Master’s degrees. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University. Her true contribution to the company comes in the form of her 20-plus-years experience.

Currently, Kokkinides serves as Chief Administrative Officer, but this isn’t her first time working with InnovaCare. Originally, she served as COO but left to pursue more options. When she returned, the company welcomed her back, realizing how much she’d learned during her years away.

During her career, she specialized in working with government programs. She’s also great at developing programs and overseeing health care operations. Her true genius is developing and implementing health models. Her greatest accomplishment happened while she worked at AmeriChoice.


The Financial Acumen And Career Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has used his expertise and knowledge to assist his East Coast Community. He has assisted them in the development of their financial skills and helped them making wise investments. His reputation as an American financial expert precedes him and his career has gifted him with approximately fourteen years of experience in his field.

Crunchbase has accredited him with the ability to combine financial components such as team enclosure, administrative operations, business penetration, and abilities in the financial field that enabled him to serve individuals seeking his services with efficiency.

Kevin Seawright currently works for the Newark Development Corporation as the Chief Financial Officer. He is a born leader with the ability to achieve a positive outcome in every position he has held since he first embarked on his career in finances.

He has built a reputation as a business formulator capable of building the best possible plans for commercial division. He has been an important influencer regarding different areas in finance including plans for revenue in the Mid-Atlantic region which achieved success by using subcontractors and general contractors. Read more:  Newark economic development group names CFO

His achievements have made him a success in his career as he has worked in revenue enhancement that increased the annual returns of numerous businesses and the rendering of goods and services.

The best way to accurately describe Kevin Seawright is as a skilled professional in business management. He has a wide range of experience in the industries of banking and finances.

His career in finances has grown his expertise as an investor while working in the field on many different levels including using software packages and computers to fulfill the needs of human resources to develop scheduling, staff information management, payroll, and attendance.

These capabilities are referred to as Human Resource Information Systems. Mr. Seawright has also served organizations in city government. He has shouldered the responsibilities for the management of the activities required by the public school system that encompassed in excess of 8000 students.

He has been honored with numerous awards for his determination and hard work. He additionally serves the Community College in Baltimore City as the interim executive Director of Operations.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Determination To Fight Cancer

Education is a key element in the current competitive world, as it helps us to solve most of the complications that we face in our society. That applies well for Dr. Clay Siegall who holds a degree in zoology from the Maryland University and a PhD from the University of Washington where he was undertaking studies in genetics. However, it is experience in life that drove Dr. Clay Siegall towards the greatness that is currently associated with his career.


The Founder and Chairman of Seattle Genetics understands the importance of good health in the society since he has seen many people especially those who were close to him suffer under the tormenting effects of Cancer. While at Maryland University, he realized that he could do more than just treat cancer using chemotherapy. Additionally, he saw technology as the scapegoat that he could use to bring decency and a long lasting solution in the treatment of cancer. In 1998, he established Seattle Genetics after having worked with other organizations that are also involved in scientific research such as Bristol Myers Pharmaceuticals Research Institute.


The educational background that Dr. Clay Siegall has led him to develop a desire for creating various targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics was therefore established primarily on the use of technology as Clay believed that the progression rate of technological innovation would eventually help to unearth great solutions to different challenges in the society. His company has been associated with more significant success stories, and some of the targeted therapies that have been developed by his business include the ADC’s.


ADCETRIS has been currently adopted by about 66 countries due to the significant impact that it has in the treatment of cancer patients. The success of ADCETRIS in the global market has been made possible by the collaboration that Seattle genetics was able to establish with Takeda Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Clay Siegall has also managed to land on many licenses for his organization thanks to the use of ADC technology. Other therapies that the company continues to produce include GlaxoSmithKline, Above, and Genentech. The medication has helped to generate approximately more than $350 million for the enterprise. The Company has undertaken the capital raising activities from both private and public companies, and this has helped the organization to collect more than $1.2 billion which has been used to advance research.


Looking for What is Wanted and Building What is Wanted With Fabletics

One thing that people need to face in the case that they take an interest in fashion is that there are limits. Often times, these limits are not going to be quite what they want. For one thing, people can look on social media platforms and forums to hear about some of the aspects of fashion that they are frustrated with. However, it is possible for people to find the type of clothes they want with fashion. They are just going to have to look and find a store that offers something that is very close to their style.


One example of this type of limit comes in the form of activewear. For the longest time, people have watched as new innovations have made their way to other aspects of fashion while activewear has pretty much stayed the same. Fortunately, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decide that creativity does not have to stop at activewear. They got a team of creative minds which include Kimora Lee Simmons among other creative fashion designers. This has brought forth a lot of innovations in the activewear portion of fashion. The clothes that have been designed for working out have a creative edge to them that is missing from the other companies that offer activewear.


Perhaps the type of clothes that Fabletics sells should not be consider simply activewear but “athleisure”. Athleisure is the type of clothing that has an interesting design to it where it can be worn for more than just working out. It can also be worn for leisure activities like meeting people. For people that wear these clothes, they will show off an impressive sense of style because they know what works for them. Fabletics is willing to help them find what they are looking for with the Lifestyle Quiz that they have every member take when they sign up.


While they have high fashion clothes that are impressive looking, these items are also affordable in more ways than one because they will not fall apart easily. People who shop at Fabletics will find a good deal on styles that they are looking for.

Tips For Doing Business With A Representative At The Brown Agency

You have just signed a deal with a representative with The Brown Agency. You are excited to get started. Before you jump right in there are a few things you need to know. You may be a model, but you are in sales. Your job is to sell yourself successfully with The Brown Agency. Do you want to keep you as a long-term client? Do you want to build a successful relationship with your modeling representative?

Below you will find 4 tips on handling yourself in a professional manner with someone from The Brown Agency

1) Listen to what your representative is telling you. He or she has been doing this for a long time. They know what works and what does not. Sometimes those who are new to the business tend to think they know everything. This is mistake number one. They are not going to take you on when you feel you know everything there is to know.

Stay calm. Think of this person as your teacher. Your job is to become the student and take in what they tell you. The more you listen to what they are telling you, the more they will stay with you.

2) Say you do not book a specific job you wanted. Talk to the agency. Find out what you did wrong. Sometimes we keep making the same mistakes because we are afraid to find out what we are not doing. Your representative is going to do more for you when they feel you are taking the appropriate steps.

3) You need to offer something that no other model is offering. Any modeling agency will tell you this. This agency discovered you for a reason. Find out what it is. You may have blue eyes and brown hair. A million other girls have the same qualities. There is something about you that sets you apart from the others. Find out what value you have. Take the appropriate steps to capitalize on your value. Your representation will help guide you.

4) Be willing to go above and beyond. You may want to move into management one day. You may be working toward representing someone of your own one day. Work towards this goal every day.

“Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have”.

In an article on Market Wired, you are a model right now. Do the job you are hired for. You also need to learn as much as you can from those above you. Share your goals with the agency. Most agency reps will help you work towards your goals, as long as they know what they are.

Take in everything you see. When the right time and place comes, show your representative you are ready to take the next step.

See more:



Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – No Ordinary Man

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – listen to him. He’s more than an expert. He’s a facts finder.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero will do his best for Mexico. He will analyze. He will present valid news information.

The State of the Mexican Media Outlets Today

Why not begin in your own backyard? That’s where it all begins. What are we talking about? The global fight for the truth, of course: It all starts with one.


When you become involved in the current needs of your country, as Viadero so wisely reiterates, you then become an armed factor for good. Viadero makes note of the urgency of this for Mexico, a country that has been plagued with so many corruption scandals – both inside and outside of its mainstream media – for the last century. Now is the time to get a lasting movement started if Mexico is to press forward in its global standing; corruption must meet its final round.

Mexican media is 80 percent lies and distortions and 20 percent facts, evidence and repeatedly backed data; Viadero notes that he and his company, Grupo Televisa, are well aware of this and doing everything they can to change things once and for all though they need the help of every faithful Mexican resident and citizen in turn. It requires studying the news and informing one’s friends and family members of what’s happening on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while continually checking the facts presented, along with their news sources, against solid truth. It’s a skill that’s acquired over time but one no less than crucial in today’s postmodern Mexican society according to

Change Mexico. Change the world. Take things a step at a time, loving the truth before all else.

Fond more details about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero:

Nathaniel Ru-Growing a Healthy Business

If legacy companies could start from the very beginning, then they would probably aim to look more like Sweetgreen. the popular salad chain is backed by some well-known investors such as Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve case. The restaurant offers healthy, organic, and local food that is really catching on and Sweetgrren has grown to 40 locations. Learn more:

According to Ru, Sweetgreen is more than just a restaurant. Sweetgreen is all about feeding people better food. 30% of all of Sweetgreen’s transactions are done from a mobile app or through their website. Technology plays a big part of the business.


The three entrepreneurs try to stay close to their customers and shut down their corporate offices almost completely five times every single year so that everyone has the chance to work in the restaurants.


The trio have a few things in common. They all attended Georgetown University together and attended an entrepreneurship class together. They also have parents that are first-generation immigrants and who have started their own businesses. Learn more:


They decided to start Sweetgreen when they could not find any healthy choices when it came to eating in the Georgetown area. They knew that if they could make it through the slow winter break, then they would be able to be successful in the long run.



Nathaniel Ru was born and raised in Pasadena, California and is an investor, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is also the Co-Founder and co-CEPO of Sweetgreen, a casual seasonal kitchen focused on sustainability and local sourcing. Ru graduated from and obtained his BS in Finance from the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. It is also where he met his future Co-Founders and Co-CEOS, Johnathan Newman and Nicolas Jammet.


The trio started Sweetgreen in 2007 and successfully opened their first location in 2007 in Georgetown. They decided to pursue their dreams when it was particularly difficult to find somewhere healthy to eat in the Georgetown area. They also launched Sweetlife in 2010, a music and food festival that has grown to be the largest in the East Coast. The festival not only attracts thousands of festival goers every year but it also attracts well-known performers, chefs, food trucks, farmers, and local purveyors. Ru has been recognized as an important innovator in the food and business industry and has been recognized by Inc.’s “30 Under 30″ and Forbes'”30 Under 30,” to name a few accolades.

Learn more:

Improving Medical Staffing with Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an American medical staff recruiter, entrepreneur, and business mogul. Mr. Torchin started his career as a chiropractor and saw the problems offices had with medical staffing shortages. He began to look for solutions to this problem and ended up founding HCRC Staffing.

HCRC Staffing

 HCRC Staffing is based in Philadelphia and can provide valuable career opportunities for people who are just starting out in the medical field. As you may know, finding a job right out of school can be a significant obstacle, and HCRC is looking to close this gap.

Candidates apply and get accepted to HCRC, and HCRC connects them to job opportunities in private clinics, hospitals, urgent care centers, and private practices. They offer jobs to applicants in the fields of:HCRC works on extended hours to accommodate all their offices from around the globe including Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, and all 50 states. Brian Torchin was quoted saying he can get the proper staffing to a facility in as little as 48 hours.

  • Chiropractic jobs
  • Medical jobs
  • Physician Assistant (PA) jobs
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) jobs
  • Physical Therapy jobs

Social Media Presence

Brian Torchin believes in the power of social media to get the word out about positions available at HCRC. His facebook and twitter have a massive following and post jobs from all over the world, along with links to get to the application page.

He also has a blog where he talks to clients and his staff about issues in the medical staffing industry and how to fix them. Mr. Torchin believes this helps him connect and stay connected to his customer base, and he is available all the time for questions or concerns.

Brian Torchin is hailed as the top medical recruiter in the United States, and his work ethic is unparalleled. We will continue to see good things from him for years to come.

Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Alexandre Gama

When it comes to Brazilian advertising executives, the first name that comes to mind is often Alexandre Gama. He has had an illustrious career spanning over 30 years, and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. He started out in the 80s at Ogilvy & Mather, and soon moved onto other agencies, stopping at DM9, BBDO and Young & Rubicam along the way. Soon he had the experience neccesary from his award winning career to start his own company in 1999, Neogama, of which he is now both the CEO and CCO.

Neogama quickly rose to the top with Alexandre Gama at the helm and is now considered one of the top 20 agencies in Brazil. In addition Alexandre Gama was nominated as the best agency director of the year in 2006, and more recently in 2015, his company won a coveted Golden Lion award at Cannes for a ground breaking campaign Neogama created for the Mix Brasil Festival for Cultural and Sexual Diversity. It’s clear that Alexandre Gama is the top marketing executive in the Brazilian market.

The President of TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investment Investor

The president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar, is also the vice-president of Legendary Investments. He is focused on the real estate sector and has an experience of twenty years and more. He helps other realtors come up with the new property. Lubar has interests and investments in areas like entertainment, construction and mortgage banking. When he interacts with clients, he strives to make them succeed in achieving their dreams.

TDL was an idea he conceived when he was working in finance and credit firms. Todd Lubar searched for a way in which he could remove blockades that denied eligible realtors loan for developments. He started his initiative and was successful in serving the developers well.

He told interviewers recently that his typical days start with breakfast at home with family while he is checking on developing news on the cable networks. The then checks his emails and heads to the gym for a workout. Todd Lubar updates himself regarding trends and technology. It helps him keep up with competition and stay ahead of the rest.

Todd is a dreamer who makes the dreams a reality. His brainstorms and self-challenges add some innovation into the picture. Technology in the real estate development is what excites him; the use of mobile banking and internet to talk with friends and control homes and appliances makes him euphoric.

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar’s good organization and aggressiveness allow him to make good decisions that will lead to profitability. Lubar is an advisor to emerging businesspeople. He tells them to be near other traders that are competitive and challenging so as to promote growth. He encourages them to be very trustworthy when dealing with good clients who bring buyers and are themselves property buyers.

Maryland Legacy Financial office has grown thanks to his efforts. He has been in Charter Funding an organization that is helping people in need. He attended Syracuse University and is a graduate in BA, Speech Communication (1995). His help in the Charter Funding has allowed the underprivileged get a chance to pursue what they like and get the basic needs in life.

Follow him on Twitter

Using Securus Technologies to Arrest Repeat Offenders

When a violent criminal has a history of committing the same crimes over and over, it is important that we get them off the streets as quickly as possible. When there was a clerical error in our local jail, a very dangerous criminal was back on the streets with an axe to grind. Our fears were that as long as he was free, he was going to make the most of his time and continue his crimes.


Me and my team immediately targeted this suspects family and friends in an effort to see any strange behaviors that could lead us to our suspect. All we needed was a lead to put him back where he belonged, but he proved to be very elusive. One thing we new, he had a deep network here in the city, so we knew he would stay here until he was able to set up plans to flee the country. The clock was certainly ticking and we knew if we didn’t act fast, we could lose him for good.


We returned to the jail in hopes of possibly getting a solid lead from cellmates who could have heard anything about where this suspect might be hiding. Instead, we got introduced to the team at Securus Technologies, who were putting the finishing touches on an inmate phone and monitoring system in the jail. We listened to how the LBS software could be used in cases like ours, so we all stayed for a quick training session.


The LBS software got a hit that afternoon and alerted us to conversations between inmates who knew the suspect and referred to a common relative who was getting kickbacks from local gangs to harbor anyone who does business with the gang. This lead proved to be instrumental in finding the fugitive and getting him back to prison.


Global Investments Through Madison Street Capital

Businesses exist to maximize their returns. However, this should not be achieved at the expense of others. Entities should focus on providing best services, products, and other commodities for the customers to gain value for their money. Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm, operating globally to provide corporate advisory services, financial advice, mergers and acquisition expertise, and valuation services to both privatized and public enterprises. Madison Street Capital reputation is built on rock-solid pillars of excellence, integrity, and good leadership. Its services are world class, and they help actualize their clients to success in the global market.


Madison Street Capital is a reputable financial institution with its headquarters located in the Chicago, Illinois. Its achievements and success are widely known for offering customized services to its clients. Over the years, it has gained a competitive edge in its operations and has become an international enterprise with its presence experienced not only in America but also in Africa and Asia.


Madison Street Capital is a firm focused on serving its customers. Unlike other institutions whose operations are focused on more gains from their clients, this one is customer-oriented. Its services are customized to merge with the individual needs and requirements of its customers entirely. The clients’ projects are taken up as their own hence boosting their chances of success. It offers tailor-made services ranging from financial transactions, ownership transfers, capital generation, and its financial advisory services.


Also, the institution aims at staying ahead of its competitors and has, therefore, started conducting several types of market research and studies. To its benefit, it has pinpointed emerging market as a fundamental driver towards the global growth of its clients. Therefore, it has dedicated its resources and valuable assets in these lucrative markets to close the gap and for maximum returns to its customers.


In addition to its services, Madison Street Capital also runs a successful hedge fund. Divergent to the expectations of the market forces, this section of their business has been a total flourish. In only two years, it managed to close 74 financial deals fully. With this remarkable record, these deals are expected to increase steadily over time. This is due to the expected favorable and reliable hedging environment and the new alliances that will see distribution gaps of products to customers reduced.


Its unique customer orientation has won it immense trust from clients, which is a positive business gesture. More so, it has utmost commitment to high-level professional standards that has ensured its excellence and impeccable achievements.


Check out for more details.


Can WEN be Used on Thin Hair?

Bustle blogger, Emily McClure, is another testimony of how WEN hair by Chaz can truly transform any type of hair. This beauty blogger decided to use the product for a full week on her thin hair and ranted about how great it made her hair look.

The WEN cleansing conditioner is a sulfate free product that does not strip the hair of natural oils. It is a 5-in-1 product that takes place of a shampoo, conditioner and other hair styling products. It is formulated with all natural plant oils that restore strength and shine to all hair types.

Emily was pleasantly surprised with WEN from the first day of use. She showered as usual and pumped the product several times into her hair, as per the instructions. She noted that she experienced less hair fallout and smoother hair overall. After heat styling her hair as usual, Emily was amazed by how soft and shiny her hair was.

She used the product again over the course of the next 6 days. Her hair became more soft and manageable each time. In fact, her hair became so soft that her hair would not hold curls from a curling iron she tried using. She also received compliments from friends and colleagues on how great her hair looked.

Emily did experience her hair feeling weighed down when she attempted to use an additional styling product after using WEN. However, WEN discourages using other products. It is already formulated to take place of leave-in products and conditioners. See,

Overall Emily was pleased with the product and said she would use it again, especially when she is in need of extra volume and shine.

WEN by Chaz offers a line of other products, including nourishing mousse and styling cream. To date, WEN has sold over 40 million bottles. Wen hair care products are available on eBay online and Guthy-Renker beauty stores nationwide.

Bruno Jorge Fagali: A Multi-skilled and Experienced Attorney

Bruno Jorge Fagali is an experienced law attorney with vast experience and several skills with numerous trainings and a strong academic background that have propelled his professional success. He has not only specialized, both professionally and academically, in anticorruption, election, parliamentary and public law. He also specializes in family and civil law. He is also a multilingual with significant fluency in English, Spanish Italian and French in addition to Portuguese.

Scholarly Endeavors and Trainings

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a law scholar with several trainings who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in State Law at the University of Sao Paulo. He started the course in 2012 and has since then specialized in administration too. In 2004, he joined Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo to study law and graduated from the university in 2009. Between 1997 and 2016, Bruno Jorge Fagali has taken courses in various subjects including English and electoral and parliamentary law. He is also trained on compliance and ethical issues associated with gifting. His skill set has also been built through numerous forums and events including seminars and congresses. His commitment saw him win the Pro-Ethics Award in 2016. He has also authored two law articles.

Find Bruno Jorge Fagali on Facebook for more information.

Professional Career

Fagali is currently working at University of Sao Paulo as a law lecturer following his appointment in 2015. In 2014, he founded his law firm Fagali Law Firm, which specializes in public law. Before founding his law firm, he worked at Radi, Cali and Associates between 2012 and 2014 where he served as a legal advisor and litigator specializing in public procedural law. He also worked for a year at Tojal, Teixera Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associates as a consultant on public law. He held the position in 2007 while working at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm. He is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.


Karl Heideck: Offering Excellent Litigation Services For Over 10 Years

Karl Heideck offere excellent litigation services
Karl Heideck offere excellent litigation services

Litigation lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. Litigators manage the entire process of litigation that includes investigation, court pleadings, pretrial, trial, settlement and possible appeal. Handling a multitude of diverse tasks, litigators often hold pre-litigation settlement discussions to resolve matters for plaintiffs or defendants before lawsuits are filed. During the investigation process, litigators also examine physical evidence as well as gather expert witnesses to prepare for a successful trial outcome.

All litigation attorneys must possess a bachelor’s degree. After successful completion of a bachelor’s degree, litigators must complete a law degree from an accredited law school. Individuals specializing in litigation take courses in business ethics, real estate law and regulatory law. Upon law school graduation, a state bar exam must be passed to practice litigation law. Many litigation lawyers specialize in one or two specific practice areas that can include personal injury, medical malpractice, environmental and divorce lawsuits.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer specializing in civil litigation. Currently working for Pepper Hamilton LLP, Karl Heideck also specializes in risk management and compliance law. Licensed for eight years he provides representation for plaintiffs and defendants in civil matters in Philadelphia area. Karl Heideck oversees all phases of the litigation process from investigation to trial and settlement. With over 10 years of experience practicing litigation.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College for a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature. After receiving his bachelor’s, Karl Heideck obtained a law degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law in 2009. Graduating with honors from law school, Karl Heideck also has specialized skills in legal writing and research, occupational law and product liability.

Learn more about Karl Heideck at

Getting The First Page Of Your Search Results Under Your Control

Business owners want to know what type of return on their investment they will see before they will spend money on any marketing and online reputation management services. Counting impressions and click-through on ads provides solid numbers that validate the cost of an advertisement, however, the effects of online reputation are difficult to quantify.

Forbes recently provided some concrete numbers that should prompt entrepreneurs to start paying attention to their reputation. Forty-five percent of the people in the United States who looked up a person before using their services said that something that appeared in the search results made them decide to move on to a competitor.

Doctors, accountants, landscapers and others who operate their own business should always be aware of their online reputation, especially the results that appear on the first page of Google’s search results. The article also mentions that only two percent of all people own all of the results that appear on the first page of Google. Owning results means that the content is under the person’s control; since anyone can post on Yelp, it is not under the business owner’s control. Two percent is surprisingly low; however, it is understandable since business owners rarely have time to consistently develop their own content.

Examples of search results an entrepreneur can control include press releases, blog posts and articles containing positive or neutral information written by or for him or her. Online reputation management firms often draft press releases and write articles about their client because Google will display the most recent information first, after the person’s business website. Once someone owns the first page of the search results, their reputation is secure since consumers rarely look beyond the first page.

Benefits of Securus Technologies over GTL’s Technology Systems

Of late, majority of people are enjoying the benefits of Securus Technologies services compared with its counterpart GTL’s Technology Systems. The company provides leading criminal equity and edge civil innovation arrangements that upgrades wellbeing in public notwithstanding modernizing the imprisonment encounters. Diverse public wellbeing, remedies and law implementation offices rely upon Securus for basic, secure and effective advancement arrangements that are easy to utilize and that are constantly available. With scores of architects and several licenses, originators, scholars enhancing arrangements and fashioners, the Securus Technologies is second to none. The organization is devoted to be the main in offering cutting edge programming arrangements. Its services and items are of first class quality thus furnishing customers with the top-notch solutions notwithstanding their best client mind services in the market.

Securus Technologies is committed to serve and connect individuals by providing episode administration, crisis reactions, detainee self-service, data administration, correspondence, confirmation, examination, public data and assessing of services and items while making the world a protected place to remain. The services involve associating loved ones to their imprisoned ones, connecting restorative office work force to basic data, connecting prisoners with technology, connecting investigative lead dabs, and connecting responders and crisis dispatchers to those looking for need.

The headquarter offices of Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas with the association serving more than 3,400 law authorization, public wellbeing and amendments merchants in addition to over 1.2 million detainees inside North America. Securus Technologies is along these lines an initiating provider of civil & criminal justice solutions regarding monitoring, corrections, safety and investigation. It has as of now given intense competition to its key rival GTL in matters of the company which provides the most appropriate and broad set of products, the most advanced telephone calling platforms or present day cutting edge advances.


Tell your clients everything they need to know about social security benefits; David Giertz

Some pensioners lose more than $12,000 in annual payouts of the social security benefits, not because they did not invest well in their retirement but because they do not understand the rules that govern the manner in which the benefits are administered. One person is speaking about the issues that pensioners normally have regarding their advantages and is claiming that a lot more needs to be done to make things easier. David Giertz, the sales, and distribution senior vice president at Nationwide Insurance Company spoke about retirement benefits to the Wall Street Journal.


He stated that one of the leading causes of the widespread ignorance regarding the topic was the fact that the rules which govern the administration of the benefits were too many and tedious to tackle. He was, however, quick to note that clients who have realized that they need to incorporate social security in their savings for retirement dropped an advisor as soon as they realized he was avoiding the topic.


Other factors that affect the amount one will be receiving include how they used to file their tax returns, inflation, and the salary that they used to earn before retirement. All these are factors which need explaining because according to the statistics that had been gathered by the company, more than 86 percent of pensioners may not know what determined the amount that they finally started receiving.


About David Giertz


David is very passionate about investment banking and especially helping the clients come up with an investment portfolio that will help them into their old age and even support their progeny. He has been in the financial industries for the past 31 years and has held various positions in different companies. He has been with Nationwide Insurance as a senior vice president for the last four years and has fueled a lot of growth and success there.



Various organizations have risen to recognize extraordinary performance of individuals in the various sectors of the economy. One of these organizations is the One Planet organizations which host annual awards to honor business performance for both individuals and groups. Over the years these awards have become highly coveted among the people and receiving one of these is a humbling experience.

In 2016, One Planet Awards recognized the efforts of Troy McQuagge; a major engineering power at the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group is a Texas based insurance company. Under the leadership of this talented man, the organization has conquered the North American insurance market by its innovative, flexible and affordable insurance plans. It serves about 15 million people in self-employment and small business; most of whom may not afford native insurance plans due to the high costs associated with them. It works with a wide network of providers to ensure that their clients get discounts on the various plans.McQuagge was greatly humbled by the award of CEO of the Year where he scooped the Gold. He did not for a moment attribute this award to his personal efforts but said that the award belonged to the USHEALTH Group team as a whole. These are the people who have been greatly dedicated to ensuring that their customers understand not only their products but also the importance of healthcare as a whole. He emphasized that the company is willing to see every member of the society happy with healthcare services available and thus will not rest even after this great recognition.

You can follow him on his Twitter account:

McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and had the chance to work as CEO and president of USHEALTH Advisors and the Freedom Life Insurance Company which are both subsidiaries of the company. In both of these he served as the Chief Executive Officer and president. Having achieved great success in the two, the board thought they could extrapolate this success to the entire company. In 2014, they appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer and president of the group. Since his appointment the company has achieved a lot of great improvements in terms of creative and innovative services and products, customer service and even profitability.


Williamson County Growth Summit Addresses The Areas Traffic Issues

The Williamson Country Growth Summit was recently held in order to address traffic issues in the suburban areas around Austin, Texas. The panel of transportation experts included Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA), transportation product designer Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign, Leandre Johns who serves as the Texas External Affairs Director for Uber Technologies, Inc., and the founder of RideScout LLC, Joseph Kopser.

The focus of the summit was on how technology is changing the very nature of transportation and how it can help move people around central Texas.

Mike Heiligenstein believes that the best way to address traffic problems in the region is to build additional road capacity and to incorporate smart technologies into the transportation system. In his view technology alone will not solve the problem, and he feels that consumers will not incorporate this technology into their lives as fast as some of the tech supporters say it will.

According to Biz Journal, Mike Heiligenstein went on to say later in the summit that while Williamson county has done a great job over the last 15 years building up its transportation infrastructure there are more and more people moving to the area which stresses the system.

Ficklin made an argument that building codes are going to need to be updated in order to deal with the transportation system of the future. As an example, he said that once there are more autonomous vehicles on the road parking garages will need to built to accommodate them.

In his example, garages levels won’t need to be more than a foot taller than the car, and will need charging stations on one level with a service station on another.

Leandre Johns of Uber said that her company and her competitors can provide first and last mile solutions to the citizens of the area which will encourage them to use mass transit to get most of the way to where they need to be. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Mike Heiligenstein has led the CTRMA since it was started in 2003. His mission at the CTRMA is to improve transportation infrastructure in central Texas including Williamson and Travis counties.

CTRMA is made overseen by a Board of Directors made up of 7 members; 3 are appointed by Travis and Williamson county Commissioners while Heiligenstein’ position is appointed by the Governor of Texas.

Brazil Startups Are Turning The Economic Tide In Latin America’s Largest Economy

Brazilians are famous for functioning in spite of antiquated tax codes and labor laws on They are famous for dealing with high-interest rates and their inept bureaucracy. Investors ran away from Brazil in 2012, thanks to sinking commodity prices, a Chinese import moratorium, and fiscal mismanagement. Even though half of the population is connected to the Internet, the Brazilian economy is still in trouble. But according to investor, Flavio Maluf, and other Brazilian entrepreneurs, Brazil Startups are injecting new life into the country’s economy at

More than 4,000 new companies are up and running, or will be, over the next 18 months, and most of those companies are Internet-driven entities. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, one of Brazil’s largest exporters, thinks Brazil will make a major economic turnaround in 2017, and Startups will be the catalyst for that turnaround. Flavio Maluf is confident because most of the Startups are in the education, healthcare, tech, and commodities sectors of the economy, and they all have digital marketing capabilities and apps that make some sort of impact on Brazilian consumers.

Brazil is now an Internet-driven society. More than 43 million Brazilians do business online, and new online consumers pop up every day. Startups are making the old way of doing business in Brazil obsolete on Brazilian consumers use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as much as U.S. consumers to identify new trends and products. Brazilian Startups are introducing apps for everything from educational books to cattle counters. Flavio Maluf is looking ahead, and he sees nothing but economic change in front of him and his country.

Flavio Maluf is used to change. His building material supply company has changed over the last 65 years. Eucatex went from a one-product company to a corporation that has four factories in Sao Paulo and a diversified product line. Eucatex brands sell in home improvement stores, and they are also used by contractors and construction companies around the world. The company was named after eucalyptus trees, so Maluf established a leasing program that allows people to participate in growing eucalyptus trees. Maluf is an environmentalist and entrepreneur. He cares about clean air and his country’s economic growth.

Direct Sales From The Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard has developed a unique business concept offering entrepreneurs the ability to sell there wine products directly to consumers in a home party atmosphere. The concept gives associates the ability to meet new people while sharing the opportunity and a glass of wine.

This business is perfect for people that love talking to and helping other people. The business can be ran from home on a full-time or part-time bases. You can keep your day job and work the business part-time or you can go full force and run your business full-time.

Traveling Vineyard was started in 2001. The concept of distributing wine in a direct sales format is truly a unique business strategy. Before now the sales consultant industry was specific to candle, jewelry, and cosmetic products. The Traveling Vineyard opportunity offers something fresh and new for consultants that want to try something different.

They offer a wide selection of high quality wines, which they distribute all over there country through sales consultants. Never before has wine tasting parties crossed paths with direct home selling parties to create a totally new flavor of business opportunity. They also offer wine accessories for sale along with the wine. They have a extensive catalog of products to choose from. If you are interested in becoming a sales consultant for Traveling Vineyard simply contact a local sales consultant. You can also sign up on the companies website. When you sign up you will receive your starter kit, so you can immediately go out and start making money!

Watch YouTube for more information about Traveing Vineyard.

EOS Makes Lip Balm Popular

EOS is the company that is taking things to the next level when it comes to innovative ways to advertise lip balm. Some people have seen this lip balm advertised as the company that gives people smooth lips. Others are going to see this company as the organization with lip balm that is flavorful. Still, there are others that may see this as a decorative product that can be used for things like baby showers and wedding favors. All of these different aspects of the advertising have caused people to look at this product differently.

Many people are taking a look at the competition, and they are thrilled about the choices that they have. It is evident that the Evolution of Smooth is doing something new and innovation by giving people access to more lip balm. That may be the most interesting thing about this company. It simply offers more lip balm. The sphere shaped container is one of the best available on eBay and Amazon for people that do not want to continually spend money on lip balm. It can be a tedious process to buy lip balm over and over again. EOS has made the type of product that is long lasting. The size of the container makes this a possibility.

More people are going to want to get this EOS Lip Balm because it offers variety, The long lasting lip balm comes in a variety of flavors. Some people acquire the variety packs. There are a ton of people that are going to appreciate what EOS is doing. It is the company that is rising out of the monotony of lip balm. In fact, some might even say that it was EOS that made lip balm popular. Before this company came along there was no real buzz about lip balm products.

For more information, visit the Evolution of website and EOS Facebook page.

Securus Technologies For The People

Securus Technologies is a company that deals with the public’s safety. They are always creating more ways to do this, in fact, every week they develop something new that will help with correction facilities and other people too. The people send them notes about what they feel about the company’s endeavors. The company decided to publish these so that others could read them.


Another way that the company is showing people that they know they want to know more about what they do is inviting them to a presentation at their headquarters. This headquarters is in Dallas, TX. The company wants them to see what they are currently working on, and how it helps in the corrections field and for the safety of the public. People will find the presentation to be both informational and interesting. This invitation is going out to all of Securus Technologies customers, clients and investors, as well as their competitor’s that deal with safety issues also.


When Securus Technologies name is mentioned, people know that they are the leader in the public safety field. The company is known all over the world for their excellent work, and they are in demand all across the country. The government uses them on a regular basis for help in their facilities. Future endeavors for the company include creating even better ways to make the world a safer place for everyone to live.


Texas Residents Enjoying Excellent Investment Services From Wealth Solutions

In Austin, Texas, residents are enjoying sound investment, retirement and wealth preservation services from Richard Blair’s firm, Wealth Solutions. The company is committed to seeing its clients grow, manage and protect their assets. According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been a resourceful advisor and partner to the company’s clients. Blair is highly qualified and experienced with several certifications including CAS, CES, CFS, CIS, RICP and CTS.

According to Blair, everybody deserves a robust plan that can allow them to pursue their financial goals. He is, therefore, devoted to better the lives of the Austin community by providing them with wealth management, investment, and retirement plans.

The Three Pillars

The firm has established a three pillar approach. The approach allows the organization to discover the financial and retirement needs of the client as well as coming up with a holistic, customized plan.

Pillar 1 is designed to help in laying financial plans. This program seeks to identify the strengths, risk tolerance, goals and growth opportunities. Understanding these aspects helps the firm develop a customized financial roadmap.

Pillar 2 is designed to develop long-term strategies to meet the needs of the customer. In adherence to this pillar, the firm relocates and manages assets to ensure maximum performance and a reduced negative impact during adverse market times.

Pillar 3 is designed to establish strategies to meet the needs of the client. The firm meets the insurance requirements of the clients including long-term care and life insurances.

Richard Blair in Brief

Richard Blair is a chief investment officer and an independent financial officer. Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial services sector, he has helped his company to reach to become a leading service provider.

Blair founded the firm with a goal of providing objective advice and customized strategies regarding retirement, wealth preservation, and investment. Blair is an alumnus of the University of Houston, and he is devoted to seeing his clients achieving their financial goals.

An Overview of Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm located in Austin, Texas. Blair founded the company with the goal of making a considerable impact and a positive difference in the lives of families, small business owners, and individuals.

The firm offers competent services in wealth management, investment services, and financial planning to their clients in Texas. The firm has a proven track record of helping its customers to develop a life-changing retirement plan.

Dr. Walden: The Doctor is In!

Dr. Walden is a practiced plastic surgeon who has been recognized for her reputable work by the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was nominated for Austin’s Woman of the Year. The campaign also raised funds and because of the amount she raised, has received a research grant in her name for research in blood cancers.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for Best Scientific Exhibit from the American Society, as well as the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award. In addition, she has been awarded The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award in 1998.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has co-authored the award-winning Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook and has been featured in many magazines, including Vogue, Teen Vogue, Shape, Self, Cosmopolitan, and Absolute Magazine. She has also appeared in Health, Bridal Guide, Dallas/Fort Worth’s indulge, and The New York Sun. She has been featured in local media as well, including Austin Woman, Community Impact-Westlake, and VIVE Magazine. She has been on the cover of Italian Vogue, Austin MD, VIVE, and TexaxMD.


Dr. Walden is recognized as one of the Texas Super Doctors, as indicated in Texas Monthly and holds membership to the American association of Plastic Surgeons society. Dr. Walden was recently chosen by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the nation’s 24 Best Surgeons in the US, as seen in the April 2014 issue of the magazine.


She has her own segment on KVUE-TV called “Looking Good and Living Well With Dr. Jennifer Walden”. She is also a frequent guest on Fox News and has even been featured on E! TV’s Dr. 90210, VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession, and Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories. She has even been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, CBS’ The Early Show, and ABC’s 20/20. Dr. Walden continues to change the lives of people for the better and continues to give back to her community.

Luciana Lossio is the new TSE Minister

On May 26, 2016, Luciana Lossio was made the minister-in-chief of the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil. The decision was made after her predecessor Arnaldo Versiani retired. In an elegant ceremony, she took the oath of her new position. Due to her outstanding career, she was considered the right person for this job. She made numerous achievements in her career. In 2011, she had the honor to become the first Brazilian woman to have three key positions which are for only lawyers. It happened when she was made substitute TSE minister. When it comes to electoral law, she is considered an authority. Luciana is a member of Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law, more commonly known as IBRADE.



As a lawyer, Luciana Lossio’s career has been outstanding. Many influential people including state governor were her clients. She is well-known for her outstanding oral skills which she uses very well for defending her clients. Due to her positive characteristics and balanced personality, she can take any position given to her. In addition to this, she always respects human beings and the limits of the constitution. Lucian Lossio has an excellent educational background. She went to University Center of Brasilia called UniCeub. As a student, she was very devoted and hard working. In 1999, she graduated and became a member of OAB (Brazilian Bar Association).



After her enrollment in the federal district, Luciana Lossio became well-known for her hard work and acquiring knowledge. Later, she acquired three post-graduate degrees. Those degrees were in Civil Procedural Law, State and Constitution, and Prosecutor Office. Because of her extraordinary knowledge and unique experience, she performed far better than other professionals. For seven years, she worked in the office of Brazil’s Attorney General. She was lucky to work with three Brazilian attorney general including Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro. Her major job was to advise attorney generals about TSE and Federal Court cases.



During her entire career, Luciana Lossio never crossed the boundaries of the law. She always worked for the rule of Law. According to her colleagues, she can see ahead of time as she is a visionary. No matter how complex is a case, she can deal with it. TSE of Brazil must have seven judges according to the Brazilian Constitution. Out of seven vacancies, two are reserved for the lawyers. The names are shortlisted and sent to the supreme court for approval. The abilities Luciana Lossio showed throughout her professional career lead to her selection.




How OSI Group has Expanded its Food and Beverages Business

OSI Group LLC is a world leader in the distribution of the outstanding food and beverage products. The company has gradually grown since it was established in 1909 as a local enterprise, and it currently has more than 20,000 employees who are distributed worldwide. OSI manages its business from Aurora, Illinois and the commodities that it has been producing include fish, pizza, meat patties, bacon, and vegetable products. The performance of the company has been good, and it was named 58th on the Forbes list of the top 100 companies. It was also ranked 66th for the products that it offers in the food and beverage sector.

One of the main factors that have supported the rapid growth of the enterprise is its excellent management. The chief executive officer of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He is a competent administrator, and his ability was appreciated through the Global Visionary Award, which was awarded to him by the Visionary World Academy. His tireless efforts have been critical in enabling the company to grow into various international regions. Mr. Lavin initially had a career in the financial sector. OSI has minted billions of dollars under his leadership, and it currently runs 60 processing factories.

OSI Group is focused on ensuring its prosperity, and therefore, it has been making various acquisitions. It currently plans to purchase a well-recognized food processing enterprise that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. One of the firm’s North America executives, Kevin Scott, believes that owning the processing plant will assist it to offer many products to its clients across the world. Just like many thriving businesses in the food and beverages sector, OSI Group is devoted to satisfying the varying needs of its customers.

OSI Group is currently gaining more market in Europe. This is due to its acquisition of the Baho Food, which is a Dutch company that has been distributing its products in various parts of Europe. The primary commodities that the enterprise has been offering are portable foods, snacks, and deli meats. OSI intends to ensure that Baho Group keeps being profitable, and therefore, it retained some of its executive staff such as David G. McDonalds, who is the MD of the enterprise. Baho has built its food processing factories in Germany and Dutch. They are Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Henri van de Bilt, and they mainly sell their commodities in 18 countries. The product and brand portfolios of OSI Group have been enhanced by the acquisition.

Ascension Ventures Invests Heavily In Online Reputation Management

Ascension Ventures, an investment firm, is investing money into online reputation management. is one of the most well-known companies that provide online reputation management and Ascension Ventures was part of a group that invested millions into the site. The amount invested in total was $20 million. has a range of products that helps companies find out what’s being said about them on social media sites and review sites. The company also offers a way for them to engage consumers to try to solve any problems and turn negative feedback into positive or neutral reviews.

Ascension Ventures raises money that is invested in emerging technology. Other non-profit hospital systems are big investors of Ascension Ventures.

Matt Hermann, a managing director at Ascension Ventures, said Ascension’s health system partners are seeing how there is a change in how patients decide where they want to receive care from. They notice that consumers are turning to online reviews and social media to help them with their decisions.

Hermann said has tools to help healthcare companies engage with their patients online and to help understand how they are doing in regards to consumer experiences.

Asides from Ascension Ventures, other companies that invested in include August Capital, Icon Ventures, Bessemer Venture and Focus Ventures.

Ascension was the first large hospital system to partner with Lyft to help patients get to and from their appointments. The partnership shows that Ascension is embracing the online economy and services offered online, including online reputation management.

Diversant Helps Technology Companies With Their Staffing Needs

There are a number of staffing firms that help companies and individuals come up with the ideal employment arrangement. One of these firms is known as Diversant. It is one of the top staffing firms in the technology industry. As a result, the firm is one of the most trusted sources when it comes to helping companies staff their technology departments. As well as being able to assist companies in staffing their technology department, Diversant also helps a number to technology professionals look for and attain employment. In order to best assist its clients, Diversant uses its core values of diversity, discipline and teamwork in order to reach its goals. As a result, Diversant has been in position to easily and efficiently meet the needs of both technology professionals and the companies that are looking to staff them.

The technology staffing firm Diversant is currently led by technology executive John Goullet. He currently serves as the principal of the company and is therefore the individual who sets the example for the organization. Under his leadership, Goullet provides staff members with the overall strategy and goals of the organization. He will often assess the objectives of his clients and make sure that they are satisfied with his firm’s assistance. In order to accomplish this, Goullet will find out what skills the companies are looking for as well as the type of professional. For example, a company will be looking for a software engineer who has a working knowledge of the newest application software. Therefore, Goullet will assign his staff of recruiting and placing candidates who meet the criteria.

John Goullet has quite a bit of experience leading technology staffing firms. He first ran a technology staffing firm back in the mid 1990’s. The firm was quite successful and it was soon noticed by Diversant. While John could have kept his firm, he decided to complete a merger with Diversant so that he would have the opportunity to represent a well known brand. As a result, he has helped Diversant become one of the top technology staffing firms in the United States. Goullet also worked as an employee where he served as a consultant for companies specializing in computer technology.

James Dondero Supports the Family Place in Fighting Family Violence

From the news channels to reports on radio stations, family violence has become the primary source of emotional and physical abuse. That is why The Family Place is instrumental to the Society of Dallas Texas. The Family Place is prominent for its timeliness in providing family violence services across Dallas. It is an agency that works round the clock to fight and manage family violence.

The Family Place intervenes through families by offering preventive measures through education. It also offers advocacy and community sensitization while counseling over 225,000 victims of domestic violence including 22,000 women, men and children.

Opening of Violence Shelter

Since its establishment in 1978, The Family Place has offered life-saving shelter to over 30,000 families and responded to over 550,000 calls for emergency. The organization has assisted over 20,000 batterers in changing their abusive behaviors.

It features projects that offer lessons on bullying and adolescents behavior to over 6,000 students annually. In 2016, the agency opened its first violence shelter for families in the country. The organization offers all training in English and Spanish.

Capital Management Donates to the Family Place

On October 7th, 2016, James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management announced his intention to donate $1 million towards the right cause of campaign by The Family Place. The firm was meant to hold a Legacy Campaign and was far from reaching its target hence James Dondero suggestion to step in. Dondero made the announcement at Hilton Anatole Hotel located in Dallas Texas while hosting the yearly Trailblazer Awards.

The donation was channeled through the philanthropic department of Highland Dallas Foundation, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management. The amount was set to match half of the total funds Capital Management will have donated to organizations until April 2017. Learn more about James Dandero:

About James Dondero

Before joining Highland Capital Management, James Dandero controlled over 2$ billion assets and an estimated $1 billion fixed income for American Express. With over thirty years experience in credit markets, James presently manages foreign investments at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management ranks among the world’s largest credit managers. According to PR News Wire, James Dondero attended the University of Virginia. He majored in accounting as well as finance.

WEN: 5 Hair Products in 1 Cleansing Conditioner

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a one-of-a-kind hair care product created by beauty expert and stylist to the stars Chaz Dean. Unlike other shampoos, WEN does not contain harsh sulfates. Acting as a shampoo, it gently cleanses the hair without lather. It also detangles your locks, and works as a regular conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. You can replace your shampoo and all the bottles of conditioner in your bathroom with just one bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner. WEN hair is able to maintain its natural shine because WEN won’t strip natural oils the way that traditional shampoo does. If your hair has lost some of its sheen and youthful radiance, don’t worry. WEN can help restore it.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner has a special 5-in-1 formula that allows it to replace shampoo and the many different conditioners that women use to keep their hair soft and manageable. It contains glycerin for moisturizing, and wild cherry bark to help condition hair. Panthenol strengthens the hair shaft, and hair is smoothed by the rosemary extract. Chamomile has been added for its calming, soothing aspects. Together, these specially-chosen ingredients combine to make a conditioner that not only smells wonderful, but also moisturizes and pampers the hair.

WEN was developed by Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean, the hair care guru that Hollywood’s elite turn to to keep their hair healthy and camera-ready. The owner of the Chaz Dean Studio offers an intimate place for his high profile clientele to relax. When not pampering his guests at the salon, Chaz is busy developing new products for his WEN by Chaz product line for customers all over the world. His goal is to give his customers the hair of their dreams, whether they are in his studio or using Chaz Dean products at home.

WEN users credit the products with taking their hair from dull, frizzy, and tattered to red carpet ready. For many, simplifying their hair care routine has a two-fold advantage. It frees up time and saves money – because they aren’t having to buy so many products anymore. WEN is suitable for all hair types. If you’re looking to restore shine and resilience to your hair, why not give WEN Cleansing Conditioner a try?


Handy Raises Larges Sums of Money as Venture Capitalist Buy Into On-Demand Services

The act of cleaning a home is something that homeowners have to do on a regular basis. Hiring cleaning crews to do this is nothing new. Any metropolitan city will have a phone book that yields a variety of local cleaners. The average venture capitalist would not waste much time investing in ideas that are so simplistic. There are times, however, when the concept of cleaning homes is more than that.

For co-founders Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, the concept of cleaning homes could transition into much more. That is how they started Handy Cleaning Services, They would also see cleaning as a service that would thrive as a franchise business. Most cleaning companies in various cities have local cleaners that are restricted to the city that they live in. These are small businesses. What Oisin Hanrahan did was consider the concept of cleaning on a much larger scale. As someone that never found time to clean his own room in college while in Cambridge, Massachusetts it became evident that this would be a noteworthy idea.

Oisin was a college student that only had classes at the time. He could only imagine how busy working class people with families would be. Venture capitalists could also visualize what Oisin Hanrahan was seeing with Handy Cleaning Services. This is what allowed the Handy co-founders to raise $110 million in venture capitalist money. Even with this extraordinary vision, it still was not easy to see profits instantly, but the profits would come. These profits would help this company expand from one large city to the next. Areas like Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and New York have seen Handy workers come out and clean homes and much more. The additional services like painting and plumbing have allowed this company to branch out and reach millions.


Soros And His Democracy Alliance Banding Progressives Together To Fight Trump

Bernie Sanders said that he was embarrassed Democrats and Hilary Clinton lost the working class vote to Donal Trump. The Vermont Senator and former Presidential Candidate is calling for a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party in order to take back the working class vote. He is demanding the Democrats forsake big money donors; that hey enact policies that help people struggling all over this country.

The Democratic establishment is meeting with a super-donor group called the Democracy Alliance over the weekend. Leaders of the party, including Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi, will meet with these ultra-wealthy donors to discuss strategy going forward. The group’s goal is to block Trump’s initiatives in the first 100 days of his Presidency and beyond. Short term strategies will focus on the Trump Administration’s first three months while longer term strategies aim to thwart policies down the road. Plans will also be drawn up for elections, local and federal, in 2017 and 2018.

The Democracy Alliance is a group comprised of the biggest donors on the left. Membership costs $30,000 per year to fund the DA and its staff. Members are also required to fund progressive political groups and think tanks with at least $200,000 per year. The groups, including Media Matters, help the DA fight against conservative political policies all over the country. The DA has raised almost $500 million for progressive groups since its inception in 2004.

Read more: George Soros rises again

The group was started by George Soros, the left’s biggest donor. The billionaire hedge fund manager has been a longtime adversary of Donald Trump, and he’s planning to use the DA to fight his fellow billionaire’s Presidency. The group was started to support John Kerry and his Presidential run against George W. Bush. That seems to be when George Soros got politically involved with donations in the U.S. The billionaire donor made it no secret that he despised the policy decision of George W. Bush and he openly fought those policy decisions with political donation.

Now Soros is planning to do the same under a Trump Presidency, but he seems to be taking this fight much more seriously. George Soros started and funds the DA, but he is usually absent from the meetings of the group. This time, he is a keynote speaker at the anti-Trump summit.

George Soros survived the Holocaust. He was a young Jewish boy living in Budapest under Nazi rule. He escaped their clutches, and he eventually ended up in London where he graduated from the University of the Arts. He became famous when he shorted the British pound to make $1 billion in one day.

Ever since George Soros has become wealthy, he has advocated for open societies through philanthropy groups. He advocates for refugees because he was once an immigrant from a war-torn country himself. While he has stopped short of equating Trump to Hitler, he sees similarities in their rises to power. He sees Trump as an authoritarian. Soros seems to think this political fight against Trump is a very important one.

Read an essay by George Soros in The Atlantic

A Review Of Billy McFarland’s Company, Magnises

Magnises is a social club that allows its members to access special events and deals by use of its membership card. Billy McFarland founded Magnises when he was 23 years old. His innovative idea targets millenials. These individuals have jobs while those who are not employed have a vision of having a career in future. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, this group of people was born between 1980 and 2000. They are believed to have a high purchasing power of close to $200 billion.

To become a member of Magnises, one is required to pay an annual fee of $250, which comes with a black membership card that acts as a payment tool to enable individuals to access special services at discounted prices. The membership card copies the information on an individual’s credit cards as provided by their banks.

Billy says that Magnises gives young professionals a chance to meet with other experts and brands. Through interaction with their peers, they are able to undertake various activities and even start their own enterprises.

Billy McFarland posits that since its inception, Magnises has experienced rapid growth with not only peer to peer, but also members to brands. According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland says that members and brands need each other since the former build peer-to-peer connections and the latter is attracted to these networks. Brands play a major role in the growth and financial sustainability of Magnises.

Today, most brands target millenials considering that most of them have disposable income. Magnises has been on a growth trajectory because of the low membership fee and access to various events that members would otherwise not have been able to experience.

Currently, the company operates in Washington DC and New York. Billy is planning to expand Magnises’ services to Chicago and San Francisco. Billy McFarland says that the company has tens of thousands of members and the number has rapidly increased in 2016.

He added that they are targeting to have a membership of a million in the next three years. Some of the benefits that Magnises members enjoy are discounts at bars, clubs and restaurants, and diverse experiences like luxurious getaways and private concerts.

Twenty Three Layers – the Best Event Planners

Event planners or managers are everywhere today. Typing the word “event planners” in any of the search engine will turn-out millions of companies and individuals that lay claim to this beautiful craft. However, there is the need to separate the boys from the men if you truly want to hire the best of hands.


Whether it’s a get-together or a corporate meeting, as a rule, the principles of contracting an event planning company or food provider remain unchanged. You need to contract somebody who has what it takes to put together your type of event. There are a number of professional membership groups that are ready to help. You can verify the claims of shortlisted event planners on your list from such professional bodies. Bodies like the International Special Events Society, the Association of Wedding Professionals and the National Association of Catering Executives have national and local chapters in almost every major city.


Another viable way of sourcing for expert event planners is to contact hotel convention sales departments. They have a reputation of sharing with people those event planners they can vouch for. Hotels are actively involved in event planning on a daily basis, so they are in the best position to suggest reliable hands in this field.


It is ideal to consider a practical example of an excellent event planning firm. One of such companies that are well spoken of by hotels personnel and bodies is Twenty Three Layers. Could it be its location in New York City, one of the most sophisticated cities in the world that enables the firm to successfully marry seasoned knowledge with amazing creative inspiration in delivering impeccable events that reflect the best and latest trends in decor, food and entertainment? Certainly the answer is a big no because there are many other event planning companies in NYC without as much attention and patronage as Twenty Three Layers.


Twenty Three Layers stands out among event planners in NYC. You can go to sleep when this company handles your event. It has developed over a long period a habit of surpassing clients’ expectation. This has resulted in clients’ continuous patronage any time they need an event planner.


EOS: A Startup Who Had The Recipe For Success

Seven years ago only shoppers who frequented Walgreens were wondering what these little pods of color were called. Today the products are also being sold on Target and Ulta. EOS lip balm is an instantly recognizable object and everyone finally knows what it is. EOS can be found in almost every female millennial’s bathroom sink drawer, makeup vanity, or purse. It has steadily replaced Chapstick, Blistex, and all other lip balm products as the product of choice.

Where did this all begin? How, in 7 short years, did this startup end up beating out long time brands like Chapstick and Blistex? The answer lies in the genius marketing, product design and strategic moves made by the 3 founders, 2 of whom are still running the company. Craig Dubitsky, now running another oral care brand of his own, Sanjiv Mehra, and Jonathan Teller decided that they could do more in the lip care market. They found the product offering to be stagnant and lacking, and they knew they could shake it up.

Mehra used his background in big brand packaging while Teller and Dubitsky were right aside him with their startup expertise. The spherical package design was an ingenious creative solution to women’s aversion to putting their fingers into a pot of lip balm for messy application. It seemed unhygienic to be putting their possibly germ ridden fingers right on their lips several times a day.

The spherical shape conforms to the shape of the mouth for easy application, and the spherical packaging looks modern, new, and fresh. The perfect addition to any beauty routine. All of the beauty bloggers knew about it and EOS lip balm marketed their product that way. A few beauty YouTube broadcasts reached hundreds of thousands of viewers right in their niche market, and celebrities were able to reach a broader crowd of future and now permanent customers.




Waiakea is Concerned About the Environment

Hawaii is a place that many people to for vacation. It has become one of the top destination spots for people that are interested in exploring beautiful landscapes. When visitors come here for a vacation experience they may find themselves drawn to the Waiakea spring and the majestic volcanic water that is crisp and clean. Many people that have this water here in Hawaii will fall in love with the taste of it and look for a way to bring that taste back to their homes. It is possible to bring the water they have fallen in love with if it is Waiakea water.

The brand of water is growing in popularity because it is unlike most of the other brands of water that are on the market. This is crisp water that almost has something that is a naturally sweet after taste. This is not common in most spring or filtered drinking water. Any water that is sweetened is usually something that has additives.

What most people will instantly recognize is that this is water that has been purified in a way that is uncommon with other leading brands like Dasani or Nestle brands. Many people have become interested in finding out more about this water because this is mineral water. This contains potassium and calcium. It is certainly different from many of the other bottled water brands that are out there.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea water has become one of the more successful brands because it is filtered through lava and it comes down as much as 14,000 feet before it is bottled. This is great for consumers because it gives customers a chance to get water that has minerals since the water is not stripped of the minerals as it is filtered. People are blogging about the brand because it has health benefits, and the company that is selling the product really cares about the environment.

EBeverageService say that Waiakea is giving to charitable organizations to provide clean water for others, so this certainly sets this company apart from everyone else. There are also a lot of people that are going to benefit from the electrolyte richness of this brand. The purity of this brand makes people appreciate what this company is doing. The bottles are even made from 100% recycled plastic. All of this shows that Waiakea water is a company that is concerned about helping people improve their health and improving the environment.

Michael Zomber’s Contributions to The History Channel and His Work as a Writer

There are some people who are just born into this world make differences everywhere that they go. A good example of this is Michael Zomber. Having been born in 1949 to a family of German immigrants it is easy to see why Zomber has a big heart. Michael and his family found a new life when he was younger within New Jersey and after that ended up in Pennsylvania where they were able to finally settle down.

Zomber became a very educated man attending universities all over such as the University of Illinois, Villanova University and also the Oberlin College. Now he has many different degrees in the study of literatures and also language. These educational ventures helped him in becoming a very successful business man.

The History Channel is the place where Michael Zomber shines though. He has been a guest historian that has contributed a lot to the t.v. show known as Tales of the Gun. Mr. Zomber has a very interesting collection that he loves to show on the History Channel in order to make sure that history does not get forgotten. On the show he chooses to tell the stories behind some of the unique pieces and tells people all about the famous arms. Throughout all of the writing that he has done he has been able to help his readers better understand the wars that his guns were used in.

Zomber loves to share all of the things that he knows about the different types of weapons that have been in the past used by some of the most famous people in history such as George Washington and also the famous Simone Bolivar. During the time he has spent on the show he has gotten many different awards and also many commendations.

Other then his fame on the History Channel Zomber also is a very well-written storyteller. With his past being full of very interesting tales to tell he has been able to write of his earlier life and all that he has been through down creating some very fascinating books. Michael as of right now has six different books and also has many screenplays that he has released.

Michael Zomber has definitely led an interesting life. He has a collection of antique guns that he has been adding to for almost forty years now. Zomber is married to a wonderful woman who goes by the name of Andrea and she has even helped him in some of his wonderful creations including a documentary. With his wife Michael has two kids who are named Christopher and Gabriella. All in all it can be said that Zomber has made a huge impact on the world as far as preserving history is concerned and also when it comes to having contributed so much to the world through his writing.

IAP Worldwide goes Everywhere and Anywhere

Serious technical design and executing engineering schemes with manpower is what Innovation and Purpose Worldwide deliver. These business men and women work in teams of IAP on such projects that include government services, expeditionary infrastructure services, power solutions, aviation engineering solutions, and IT and communications. This company of professionals achieve their goals worldwide trough 25 different countries with more than 2,000 employees. Together, they deliver service and work product to both the public and private sector on Cortera. Not a lot of companies are prepared or trained for that level of workload and demand on a steady and reliable basis. The work and work site itself is not always easy or necessarily safe.

For IAP Worldwide the work day can start and end within a disaster zone, or a battle zone, and any other kind of zone in between. The prior training and experience of the people handling the the various fields and situations is ready anytime it’s needed. This expertise comes in handy when it comes to maintaining, managing, and operating military facilities which can grow to the size of a small city. but that is not all the good people IAP Worldwide Services do regularly. They also manage civilian facilities or even far away and remote technical laboratories. When a situation demands people with brains, brawn, and the heart to take on tough situations the company provides the human resources to fill in the gap.

The fulfillment and response to priority, critical or emergency situations and management solutions is the business of IAP Worldwide for more than half a decade now. It’s mostly about being present and making the tough calls that some other companies are simply not able to make. The company’s job on is more than customer satisfaction it goes all the way to laying it all on the line for someone’s sake to make the world a better place to live. And every person at Innovation and Purpose know that everyday of their lives.

Every successful project carried out comes down standing by certain values. These values of IAP Worldwide are corporate responsibility, a belief in mission values, strong leadership, an understanding of history, a belief in partnership, and strong ethics and excellence in compliance. Bringing all of those values together are the government contract vehicles that allows for sharing of company experience with different government agencies. It all comes down to helping to keep everyone safer worldwide involving teams of various engineers spanning from across the globe.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

The Philanthropic Activities of Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick DeVos’ wife Betsy DeVos has recently discussed her vision for improvements towards the educational system. She has often looked to suggest reforms for education which would entail giving parents and students a choice of educational institution. Betsy has also suggested that parents and students receive vouchers in order to fund their education. Since a number of public schools have recently failed to provide students with a better education, Betsy believes that giving people other options to take advantage will help them get more out of their educational experience. With better education, a number of students will be in position to reach their goals such as getting into top universities, better career opportunities and also enhancing their overall knowledge.


Providing more educational options is not the only thing that Dick and Betsy DeVos have looked to provide to the community. Dick has often financed scholarships for business school. With these scholarships, a number of students will have the money they need to attend and complete this educational program. Since business school is quite expensive, having a scholarship makes it much more affordable. DeVos has contributed millions of dollars towards business school scholarships to help many promising students enhance their knowledge and expertise. As a result, they will be able to improve their career prospects, reach their career goals and become the top business leaders of tomorrow.


Another one of Dick’s philanthropic activities has been with business development. DeVos annually donates funding for businesses to get the resources they need to prosper. Dick has provided funds to entrepreneurs to help start up their businesses and make their dreams a reality. Along with helping startup entrepreneurs, DeVos has also helped a number of experienced business owners acquire resources such as real estate and equipment to expand their operations. The contributions made towards business development have also provided continuing education and training for entrepreneurs in order to help them gain more knowledge and expertise in business.


Along with funding education and business development, Dick DeVos has also contributed to causes pertaining to the performing arts. He has provided millions of dollars to help expand arts events for the organizations that hold them. This has led to offering more things for attendees to enjoy on a regular basis. These contributions have also helped a number of arts organization managers become better at operating their respective organizations. With the philanthropic contributions of Dick DeVos, these organizations are able to provide arts contests for a number of artists to receive recognition for their accomplishments.



Cell Phone Bills are Eliminated with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is an amazing company because it has taken the a service that has been premium service for many years and turned it into something that is free. There are not a lot of companies that have the ability to do something this epic, but the fact that FreedomPop provides free cellular service for customers makes this one of the most intriguing companies of this decade.

There are people that are interested in getting free phone service because most people pay a small fortune for their cell phone bills. It has become quite common for people to spend hundreds of dollars on unlimited data plans. This may be ideal for some people that are constantly streaming and staying wired into what is going on through social media, but the average person does not have any need for unlimited data. The problem is that most people do not realize that they really don’t need the unlimited data plan that the cellphone providers are trying to give them.

In most stores, for example, there are three wireless guest spots. That means that people can connect to the wireless in a department store and not have to worry about using their data at all. When people are at home they are typically on their own wireless network. This means that there’s only a gap where a person would actually need their own data. This is where FreedomPop comes in and bridges the gap for people as they travel between home, work and shopping centers. Inside of these areas there really is no real need to utilize data from your own plan. That is why FreedomPop is able to work as well as it does. It provides people with service that is free when they are not in any of the locations that are listed above. Read more:

Many people are considering dropping their current cell phone plans just because they have heard that this company is providing 100% free cell phone service. There’s no contract involved. There are also no fees that are associated with signing up. This is very enticing to someone that may be past due on a bill for a cell phone. This can also be very helpful to a person that may have have high data overages in the past. FreedomPop has given consumers the ability to break away from the insanely high phone bills that have been ruining budgets.

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Handy Tops the List of Home Cleaning Service Providers

Handy Cleaning Services was formerly known as Handybook. The New York City-based cleaning services company ( was founded in 2012 by Hanrahan Oisin and his classmate Umang Dua. The idea of starting a cleaning company came after they discovered a shortage in quality and professional cleaners in the US and Ireland. Handy was established to provide cleaning services to people with busy schedules and the elderly who cannot find time to perform their chores. Currently, Handy is rated as the best home cleaning services provider. Furthermore, its booking process takes approximately 60 seconds. The clients’ money is secure, and they assure 100% refund in case a client is not satisfied with the services.

Handy has been consistent in providing solutions to regular home problems. With just a tap on you iPhone, you can order a plumber, cleaner or handyman. Handy has become the Uber of home maintenance. The company is growing fast, with over 50 employees and several freelancers. They scrutinize their freelancers thoroughly to ensure they have a passionate and dedicated team. Although millions apply to work for Handy, only 3% are hired. Currently, Handy operates in more than 28 cities. In January 2014, it bought the West Coast cleaning business. In 2014, Handy announced having generated over $1 million bookings every week. Handy’s run rate increased from $3 to $52 million within two years in operation.

Handy’s Furniture Delivery Services launched their furniture delivery service in 2015. The service involves furniture assembly, shopping, and delivery. Handy raised $64 million to launch its subsidiary, Handy Delivery. The furniture is bought through Handy’s site and distributed by Ikea Furniture. If Handy’s website does not have a client’s furniture of interest, customers are advised to mail the type of furniture they want to Handy for pricing. As such, Handy can expand and incorporate more furniture store. According to Hanrahan, Handy’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, there is no direct partnership between Handy and Ikea furniture. He also added that Handy has no plans of becoming an e-commerce portal.

Handy’s main rival in the cleaning service, Homejoy pulled out of the market last year. Months after their departure, Handy raised $50 million in new funding. The funds were from Fidelity, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, TPG Growth, and Revolution Growth. The funds will be channeled towards expanding the services in other cities within one year. Handy plans to double its area of operation to ensure its client base increases and is well-served.


Top Exciting Wine Trends That UK Wine Vintners and Merchants Should Know

More than ever before, the future of wine looks very bright, though the craft cider and craft beer are siphoning off a lot of attention. Many people are still going for the expensive bottles and more wine trends are emerging. To ensure that you are not left out, here is an overview of the some of the coolest trends in the UK wine industry.

More Wine-By-The-Glass

More and more consumers are beginning to favor wine-by-the-glass option at bars and restaurants as well as online UK wine shops. If you are going to compete effectively with other UK vintners, therefore, you are going to increase try-before-you-buy programs for your clients. You are also going to start accommodating clients who are going to request for a taste first.

Considering the millennial

Like any other industry, the wine world in the UK is beginning to figure out how to approach the millennials. The millennials population is huge and even more are turning 21. UK vintners are confused: while Gen-Xers and the Baby Boomers want exclusivity and hard-to-get brands, millennials are less committed to brands. They are looking for value and something that they can enjoy. So you should be ready to perform a lot of experimentation to figure out what works.


Wine Technology

The wine tech is literally on fire! Wine apps that only take and share pictures are no longer trendy enough—users expect much more. Developers are therefore stepping up to bring more advanced apps with more value to the consumer. Technology is also being utilized in the production process and in the vineyards. As a result, consumers continue to get high quality products that meet their preferences and demands. Don’t be left out, integrate technology where possible.

Labels that tell a story

UK folks are more interested than ever in knowing the background, origin, nature, and story behind the wine that they drink. Is it organic? Is it biodynamic? Who made it?—they want all these elements included in the label. So from ingredients to your production process, be ready to share more details in the label.


There’s a lot of aspects to learn and love about the growing world of wine in the UK and globally. Staying on top of the new UK wine trends shouldn’t be hard when you are interacting with other UK vintners or attending a wide range of seminars and workshops.

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Brexit vote increases the Brexit Gold Coin market demand

Buy gold the wrong way and you will risk destroying its value and its worth for your savings and insurances. If you want to protect your savings you need to know how to invest and to purchase the product Gold the correct way. One example to invest in Gold correctly is in the case of a financial turmoil as that experienced after the Brexit.

The Brexit vote came as a shock and developed a massive financial crisis. Today many buyers that had previously invested in Gold are glad that they took action. The prices of Gold escalated as its demand increased. The immediate effect of the Brexit saw an increase in demand of purchasing of gold that went as high as £1,000 per ounce. Many private investors that did not invest here risk being left out of the true returns from gold.

Just after the Brexit vote, the Brexit gold coin market has seen a rapid increase in gold of about 18% compared to that of the British pound. The result is from people buying retail gold investment products at a high rate.

More and more millions of pounds are increasingly being traded across different online platforms. There has been a surge of trading in gold of about seven times after the recent Brexit vote. The number of UK buyers in most markets has also been on the rise by about 170 percent during the end of June and at the first week of July. The recent high demand is nothing compared to the past 12-month daily average sales of gold. The current interest in gold is unlike anything the UK financial system has seen.

Gold has always been a safe haven for turbulent economic times in the world and different countries. The European Brexit is one such turmoil that has made people sought for alternatives. The Brexit vote itself pushed the demand for gold and other precious metals upwards. The precious metals further performed according to market predictions; it did extremely well.

While the recent Brexit is the main reason for the increased interest in gold, other industry and political factors can be the cause of the increased demand for gold. The price of gold rises when interest rates decline and fall when prices rise. Several predictions have been made to change interest rates amidst the economic vitality. There are expectations that the interest rates for gold are likely to shift dramatically. With a weak dollar, gold sales have never gone down regarding growth.

Anyone that is skeptical about investing in gold should look at the Brexit Vote. The vote brought about an increased uncertainty in the economy of Britain prompting a rush for gold. Investors who moved their funds to gold as a safe haven have not regretted.

The Importance of Trust For an Insurance Company

When it comes to business, one of the very important aspects of success is building trust. Part of building trust involves keeping the contract. It is also important to make sue the contract is understood by the other party so that there will be no confusion. In other words, one of the best things to do is to explain the terms in plain and simple language. It is also a good thing to avoid any jargon that could confuse the other party. However, there is one contract that has been breached, and that is the contract between the old owners of the Atlanta Hawks and AIG.
One of the members of the former group that owned the Atlanta Hawks is Bruce Levenson. He was one of the people that have looked over the contract in order to make sure that everything is understood. This also helps them figure out whether or not the contract is a good idea to sign or not. There is always the chance that something in the contract could work as a loophole. This is why Bruce Levenson has made sure that his group has signed a contract that could benefit them so that they do not find themselves in an unfavorable circumstance in the case the contract has been breached.

AIG is not only going to have to pay a lot of expenses, but according to experts from ESPN it is also going to have to work to regain the trust it has lost as a result of the lawsuit going public. This is definitely going to be something that is going to be hard to recover from for the insurance company.

For one thing, people don’t think about getting insurance for anything beyond cars, health, or even life insurance. Insurance policies are also good for mistakes that could cost money as well. This info can be sourced from


Investing in Real Estate

One of the best ways to protect your economic security is to invest in real estate. There are a lot of people who are trying to take advantage of the current market in real estate across the country. Over the past couple of years, the prices of real estate in many areas have increased greatly. There are many people who are looking for ways to make more money, and this is a great way to let your money work for you. However, if you have never invested in real estate, it can be scary to look at areas to invest in. This is why working with a quality company is so important. Over the long term, Town Residential has served customers in a variety of areas. There are many people who look to them for help in this area.




One of the most difficult aspects of real estate investing is the financing piece. There are a lot of people who have to borrow money in order to invest. There are a lot of things that you have to have ready in order to get approved for financing. With all of the experience that people in the company have with real estate, Town Residential has a great plan to help you get approved. After the recession, many banks were leery of lending money to customers to invest in real estate. However, now that the market has started to improve, many banks want to take advantage of that trend and lend more money to customers.


Town Residential


There are a lot of real estate companies that claim to have the best interests of customers in mind. However, few of them have the track record of success that Town Residential has. The company has been in business for many years, and during that time the company has served its customers well. There are many people who love working with the company because it has great customer service for everyone. If you want to take the next step with your business or personal finances, working with this company is a great idea for you. Investing in real estate is a great way to earn some extra money, but you need to make sure that you are prepared for all of the risk that you are taking on.


Madison Street Capital Officials Delighted To Qualify For Award

Awards can help serve as much needed validation for hard work. Working hard and doing well are important for many people but it is nice to find that others appreciate the work they put in to make their field better. This is true of all workers including those who have chosen to make the field of finance their home industry. This is true of those at Madison Street Capital, one of the nation’s most important and respected investment firms. Their work in this field has been about offering investors investment opportunities they want in order to help them grow their existing capital. The firm also focuses on offering help to those who need access to capital to allow their business to expand. Capital is one the lifeblood of the world capital markets. At Madison Square Capital, they work hard to make sure that people can get enough of it to get their business off the ground.

Up For An Award

The M&A Advisor is a global network of fiscal and financial professionals dedicated to the notion that top performers in the field should be able to maintain communications with each other in order to help them exchange important information about the field. The organization has named Madison Square Capital as a finalist in two separate important categories. The Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year is a category that is designed to help bring recognition to smaller firms that offer highly specialized advice that clients need to make important decisions about the use of their capital. The firm has also been announced as a finalist in the field of International and Industrials for their Deal of the Year category. The category honors deals under a hundred million that have helped facilitate the flow of capital to companies and ideas where it be used well.

Madison Street Capital Professionalism

Madison Street Capital is a firm dedicated to the idea that the infusion of capital can truly be helpful for all who need it. They focus on fields such as delivering corporate advice that can help owners of business discover how best to manage their funds and how best to seek out new places to find out additional sources of capital. Those here also see emerging markets as another key to the world of capital markets, and a place where it makes sense to consider investing today. They know that such insights have been of use to their clients in the past and continue to be of advice today as their clients continue to look to them for help in managing all of their assets. Their enormous skills in this field has helped create a group of very highly satisfied fiscal clients.

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Looking To Save Money On Cell Phone Bills – Freedom Pop Wireless Can Help

In today’s society, the phone bills tend to be getting cheaper. The cost of communication is a mere fraction of what it was 10-20 years ago. However, with all these advancements come new companies with better offerings. One of these companies is FreedomPop Wireless. They are one of the newest providers out there that offer their customers 100 percent free plans. There are no contracts, no long-term commitments, and you can cancel at any time. Most people start out with the free basic plan, but you do have the option to increase your package if you need more minutes.

The free basic plan will give you 200 minutes of airtime, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data to use. Remember, this is all free. You will not pay one dime for this service. If you need more time on your monthly service plan, you will still find that they provide packages for around 80 percent off of the traditional carrier plans. If you make calls to another FreedomPop Wireless customer, it won’t cost you any of your minutes. What more could you ask for in a cell phone provider?

Many people are concerned about the quality of their calls when switching to a company like this. You will be happy to know that this FreedomPop review will ease your mind. You will have absolutely no difference in the call quality that you have right now. That’s because they are using the big named companies’ lines to bring you service. They piggyback on the lines of Spring to provide you with exceptional costs. They don’t have to pay for the maintenance of the towers and lines, and they don’t have all the overhead that the mega companies do. So, they pass the savings on to you.

Think you won’t get service where you live? Well, guess again? With their service, you can call more than 60 countries. You can enjoy free roaming, and they have over 8 million hotspots nationwide. You can earn data by helping friends to sign up too. And, if you want more but don’t want to pay, you can complete service offers for sponsors and get more minutes. Wait, it even gets better! They will give you top named cellphones at 50 percent off the retail price. They won’t overcharge you on the plans or phones and they don’t want a long-term commitment. Surely, even the richest person enjoys savings plans. FreedomPop is the company that offers this all for less.

Impact of Don Ressler to the Development of Startups

About Don Ressler
Mr. Don Ressler is the Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and the President of FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc. He started his career through consulting with companies interested in venturing into the digital platform. He has generated over billions in sales and raised more than 100 million regarding capital for internet companies. These achievements have earned him a tremendous reputation as a business person. When Intermix Media in 2001 acquired, Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to explore new opportunities.

With all the expertise and knowledge, they held a discussion in Goldenberg’s living room, and they founded Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty provided a platform a direct-to-customer brand enterprise. It later gave birth to smaller startups like SENSA a weight-loss system with Dr. Alan Hirsch as its product developer and DERMSTORE. Though the two ventures had successful runs, Intelligent Beauty dissolved them in 2010 to later launch its third company called JustFab. JustFab received its funding from various investors such as Matrix Partners and Rho Ventures. Later, JustFab acquired European fashion e-commerce site known as The Fab Shoes.

Information on JustFab
Founded in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, JustFab began as an online footwear platform before expanding to selling jewelry and handbags. JustFab is the leading fashion subscription e-commerce sites and lifestyle fashion brand that offers its clients a once in a lifetime personalized shopping online experience. Located in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, JustFab offers high-fashion looks at very affordable prices and free shipping for goods worth $39.95 and above. Its clients have exclusive access to fashion advice, tips, and content. Their products on range from customized selection of shoes, apparel, handbags, and jewelry. According to women’s wear daily, the firm is currently valued at around $1 billion. JustFab later changed its name to TechStyle.

About Fabletics
Fabletics is an online athletic wear retailer that was also founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg together with Kate Hudson in July 2013. Fabletics has shares in the JustFab portfolio of brands. Fabletics mainly specializes in women’s sportswear and accessories commonly termed as “athleisure.” Kate Hudson’s influence and experience as an athlete and style icon gave a significant boost to Fabletics enterprise. The primary objective of Fabletics is to make fitness more fashionable and easy to incorporate it to active wear in daily life.

Beauty Writer Tries WEN By Chaz For 7-Day Personal Hair Journey

Do you know anyone with fine, frizzy hair that just sits there lifeless?
If you do, then you are not alone. Many women and men share this type of limp, lackluster hair. It’s a daily battle for some who try to force fine hair to behave like red carpet locks. Beauty writer Emily McClure falls into the fine, frizzy hair category and decided to try a famous brand for that true hair miracle.

WEN by Chaz features unique, rich formulas without the lather and harsh chemicals found in regular shampoos and conditioners, even those that wear an expensive price tag. LA stylist Chaz Dean created the Wen way and made natural, botanical-based cleansing conditioners. It’s a no-sulfates experience like no other. A no lather shampoo does incredible things when it’s WEN by Chaz. Strength, shine and movement are just a few benefits, as each strand of hair is bathed in botanical goodness. Check out the Wen official YouTube channel for product testimonials and more information on this amazing brand.

Most importantly, WEN by Chaz helps hair of every type and in any condition, for women and men. That’s why Chaz Dean’s celebrity clientele remain loyal to the brand; it’s quality-based and delivers real results.

Emily chose the cleansing conditioner from Amazon for added moisture and body, and she posted her 7-day results to Bustle. She even shared hair selfies with her readers.

Emily discovered key tips for using WEN by Chaz and has this advice:

1. If you are too lazy to put in the effort, then WEN by Chaz is not for you. The product line really produces gorgeous results if you put in the time and pampering.

2. Don’t be afraid to use more product in the shower. Emily thought the direction’s amount was too excessive, but no lather shampoos are designed around abundance.

3. Simply use WEN by Chaz daily for optimum results.

Visit the WEN website, for more information.

Why Employees in Coworking Spaces Thrive

Co-working spaces are common in the modern times. This is because they always seem to have something special. According to a recent research, employees who work in co-working spaces reported very high levels of thriving compared to individuals who do not. Many people, however, do not understand why the coworking spaces are so effective.
After interviewing several coworking space founder and many community managers, a recent survey come with the following conclusion.

• Most of the individuals who share their working space see their work as serious and meaningful. Unlike the traditional type of office, the modern coworking office space consists of different members working for various companies, projects and ventures. This means that is little or no competition and there is no direct internal politics. Individuals working in these places do not need to put on a fake persona to fit in. Their identity becomes stronger, and they tend to produce better results.

• Workers in the coworking spaces are considered to have more and better job control. These offices are mostly accessible to the employees all the time. When an employee has a deadline to meet, they can decide to extend their day, or sometimes they can chose to take a break and go for the gym whenever they want. Sometimes, they can opt to work from their homes or more quiet places without any repercussions.

• Employees in this type of setting feel that they are part of a large community. Most people pay to work in the communal space in order to get good connections. Working from home can be free, but it doesn’t offer the networking provided by the co-working space. Every co-shared space sets its own regulations, and they have different vibes too. However, all the managers go to any lengths to try and cultivate a good network with their neighbors.

Workville shared office space NYC is currently one of the largest institutions in the US that offers co-working spaces. The institution, based in the New York City has proven to offer luxury and the comfort workers need to thrive. Close to the institution, there are several reliable transportation hubs for the workers, so it is not difficult to access the offices.

The famous Bryant Park is just close to the offices, and the workers can go for a walk whenever they want. The co-shared working spaces offered by the company are very reliable, flexible and friendly for the people using the. The offices are ready to any interested individuals.

FreedomPop Is Able To Keep Their Service Prices Low


The price of technology always goes down over time, which has been proven with televisions, Blu-ray players, stereos, and even cell phone service, so why are many cell phone service providers raising their prices? With all the different ways there are to bring cell phone service to customers, many don’t even need to pay any money in order to make phone calls through their cell phone, so why do some people choose to pay extremely high prices for cell phone coverage? Loyalty is one of the biggest reasons why some will stick with a cell phone company that is overcharging them, but it’s time to make a change.

FreedomPop understands that technology should be lower in cost when it’s widely available everywhere, and they are many companies competing for additional customers to sign up for their cell phone service. FreedomPop has not only lowered their prices but also made their coverage more widely available. Those that read a FreedomPop review will always find that the company has low prices for their services, especially for their cell phone coverage. Although there is a free service offered for cell phones, those that want unlimited cell phone service will pay as little as $20 each month.

Many cell phone service providers are charging their customers a whopping $100 or more each month for unlimited service, but FreedomPop is able to deliver the same coverage for a mere $20 per month. Anyone who wants extra 4G LTE data can pay five dollars for every gigabyte they add to their service, but the price will still be lower than the average cell phone companies out there. Along with providing excellent cell phone service at low prices, FreedomPop also has a Wi-Fi service that covers the US and has millions of hotspots with 4G LTE Wi-Fi service.

With a quick download of the Wi-Fi application, any user, even if they are not a current FreedomPop customer, can still get the Wi-Fi service for only five dollars each month. Those that choose the Wi-Fi service can use it regularly with their cell phone service, especially if they are trying to cut back on the 4G LTE data usage on their phone but still want the high-speed Internet service. Even though many cell phone service providers are backwards and are raising their prices instead of lowering them, FreedomPop continues to have great services at low prices.

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Fun Filled Party Planning

Planning a party can be very stressful and overwhelming. There are many event planners in NYC that will say perfection is the ultimate key. However, Lauren Conrad is providing some tips on how to have a stress-free and fun party.

Lauren Conrad continues to be such an amazing success. In the fashion industry she has made her mark with her brand Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad. She has published 9 books. Lauren has taken the media by storm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Lauren has decided to take it a step farther and help provide amazing tips for planning a party.

For instance, Lauren suggests to stop worrying and don’t aim for perfection. Sometimes too much perfection can portray fuss rather than relaxation. Therefore, guest may not feel as comfortable. It is all about making your guest feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed. That cannot be accomplished with a much perfected party. Another tip is to have collectibles out to add style and uniqueness to any party. Also, make sure to embrace the party while enjoying everyone’s company. Now that you have several great party tips you can look at event planning companies.

Twenty Three Layers is an amazing event planning company in NYC. This well-known firm specializes in planning and designing for events. Twenty Three Layers will not disappoint in a creating a superb and dazzling vision for your next planned event. Need a distinctive and fashionable business gathering, captivating evening of eccentricity and charm for a private festivity, and/or exquisite consideration for perfection and detail? Twenty Three Layers is the fill-service firm you have been looking for to make these visions of your next event come to life.

Twenty Three Layers have established relationships with exclusive establishments. Planning an event with this firm is nothing short of worry-free. This amazing planning and designing firm incorporates the most popular trends to make your event trendy, visionary, exciting, and memorable. Information regarding Twenty Three Layers can be found following this link. In conclusion, Twenty Three Layers is a top pick event planning firm known for going beyond and above.

Find Twenty Three Layers in NYC


Luscious Lips With EOS Pods

One skin care product that everyone can use in their life is an effective and safe lip balm. Lip balm helps to keep the lips soft and healthy, protecting them from chapping and dryness caused by weather conditions and dryness. Evolution of Smooth products are the best lip balms on the market today. Perhaps you have seen them in the store, these bright little globes of color dotting the drugstore or grocery store display. EOS products are designed to be natural and organic, as effective in their moisture sealing properties as they are on lifting the mood.
Using these products has an immediate happiness effect on the wearer. The little spheres fit perfectly in the palm, easily twisting open with a smooth motion. Each EOS lip balm sphere is a bright pop of color that represents the lip balm flavor encased in the interior. The EOS pods look sleek and smooth in the purse, on a night stand, on a makeup vanity or in the hand. The package design almost looks like a little work of mod art.

Once twisted open, the pod reveals an also spherical ball of goodness that keeps the lips happy. The ingredients used in EOS pods are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, natural, and some are enhanced with lip saving ingredients like sunscreen. Some of the pods are even organic, and most are composed of antioxidant Vitamin E, jojoba, and Shea. These natural ingredients heal chapped lips, but more importantly, the regular use of this balm prevents chapping from starting and keep the lips in a smooth and healthy condition. EOS lip balm pods are just another great reason to smile more. Check their products on Ulta and visit the company’s Linked In profile:

Follow EOS on Twitter.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Philanthropist, Dentist and Musician

Avi Wesifogel is a dentist, philanthropist, artist and musician. He has interests in many levels and has recently started a GoFundMe campaign in efforts to raise funds for a non-profit organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a group that travels the world performing facial surgeries for young children and adolescents. The surgeries range anywhere from cleft palates, cleft lips and facial deformities. Operation Smile is a global organization that has been helping give children hope for the future for over thirty years. It was founded in 1984 by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was stationed in the Philippines and since then, they have thousands of volunteers and have performed many surgeries. Dr. Avi Weisfogel chose Operation Smile because of what it stands for and how they’ve helped so many people. It has been a wonderful foundation and he has placed $2000.00 in the GoFundMe account to get the fundraiser started. They continue to provide exceptional services throughout the world by working with local medical offices in the area that they’re working in as well as government agencies. They treat the children as if they are their own, which is another reason that Dr. Weisfogel has become so passionate about helping this organization.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also spent much of his time creating an education program called Dental Sleep Masters. The program focuses on helping dentist’s offices and their staff becomes educated on the different types of sleep disorders. Many people suffer from sleep apnea but aren’t fully aware of the symptoms or the diagnosis. Dental Sleep Masters provides exceptional education for the offices to help them identify different symptoms as well as helps them understand what they should be looking for when someone present signs of sleep apnea. They are trained through the Dental Sleep Master’s program to help the patient with their knowledge and education. Dr. Weisfogel promotes an oral device that can also help correct the obstructive sleep apnea and help the patient get better sleep.

Music has always been a passion for Dr. Weisfogel, so he has recently dabbled with making his own hip hop music. You can follow him and find out more about his music at

IAP Worldwide, a Successful Servicing Company

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that has perfected a technique designed to assist companies and governments in obtaining their goals efficiently. Using the basic approach of focus, agility, capabilities, commitment and values for each client, they provide facilities management, logistics and advanced technical and professional services for both commercial and government clients throughout the U.S. and internationally.

IAP Worldwide Services was founded in 1990 and their program management offices are located in Cape Canaveral and Panama City, Florida. The company has developed an excellent program regarding solutions for the difficult problems so many individual companies and governments face. They look on each client as a partner and use their skills to make the project involved successful.

The company’s team consists of experts who have advanced skills in a wide area of material science, electrical and computer engineering and physics the company. As a result, they are able to apply their skills to research, engineering and development services to assist clients reach their ultimate potential. Using a dynamic and systems-based approach, they solve any critical problem, or problems, that may be keeping their client from reaching their goal.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

IAP Worldwide Services is known throughout the world for its expertise and ability to solve difficult problems. In February 2015, their company was awarded a contract under the Mobile Alabama Corps of Engineers regarding a power plant in Honduras. This project involves generators and a Primary Electrical Distribution Substation. In September of 2015, they were awarded a federal contract, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for outfitting, planning and transitioning a troop-ready project regarding a healthcare construction project. These are just a couple of the many projects they undertake each year throughout the world.

Working in more than 25 countries around the world, IAP Worldwide has established themselves as experts in the world of technical and logistical challenges. They concentrate on delivering a package of program management, personnel and the technology that assures the success of any project. As a result, they have become the company to contact when a successful project is desired.

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U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Is Pushing Gold Coins For Retirement Saving

Diehl has held some high-level positions in the U.S. Mint and on Capitol Hill. Diehl is the man that decided to launch the 50-state quarter program, and when those coins went into the circulation for the first time, they were worth more than anyone expected. A state quarter set that sold for $10 originally was selling for $40 a few months later. Diehl does know his way around the U.S. Treasury and the Senate Finance Committee, and the rare coin market.  Learn more about US Money Reserve:
Phil was interviewed by Eric Dye, the host of Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s show, Enterprise Radio recently, according to Diehl talked about coin investing and the gold and silver market in general. Diehl also talked about the growth of the U.S. Money Reserve since he became president of that company, and what standards the U.S. Money Reserve uses to put values on certain gold, silver and platinum coins.

Phil likes the idea of adding rare gold and silver coins to IRA accounts because they appreciate so quickly. The reason for the rapid appreciation is the surge in the gold and silver markets. The scarcity of rare coins is another reason to add them to retirement accounts, but the jump in gold and the fact that gold is going to continue to go up in value makes gold coins the perfect investment, according to Mr. Diehl.

The value of gold has increased by more than 26 percent since the beginning of 2016. Gold has outperformed other investments during the first seven months of 2016, and that trend is going to continue.  Phil thinks gold will hit more than $1,600 an ounce over the next 12 months, and gold will continue to go up in value during the 21st century.

Diehl also talked about the strong customer service department that the U.S. Money Reserve has put in place to handle the volume of requests for gold, silver and platinum coins for investment purposes. Phil believes in satisfying his clients regardless of cost. U.S. minted coins are in demand again, and U.S. Money Reserve is ready to help people understand the often confusing coin collecting market. Diehl believes there is a coin collector in everyone, and he wants to help people navigate successfully in the coin market.

NAFTA Awards Madison Street Capital’s COO Anthony Marsala

Anthony Marsala, co-founder and leader at Madison Street Capital, was recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) with it’s 40 under 40 program for 2015.

The program is designed to recognize business professionals under 40 who have made outstanding advances in areas of business. Those on the list were from a pool of 125 nominees selected by NECVA and Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI). Mr. Marsala is a known leader at Madison Street Capital and has made incredible contributions to business valuation and corporate finance.

Madison Street Capital is a well-renowned international investment banking firm operating with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Their financial experts provide services such as mergers and acquisitions expertise, valuation services, corporate financial advisory services, ESOP advisory, Purchase Price Allocations, Capital restructuring, Buy Out advisory, and many other things. Learn more:

Along with being a major player among investment banks, Madison Street Capital is also a sound example of honesty and integrity in business. Delivering services to publicly and privately held businesses, they provide expertise in many areas to many varieties of people and accounts.

Being the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Marsala plays a pivotal role in the company’s day-to-day operations and managing their international investments. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he also holds a degree from Oxford University’s Said Business School. Along with being a member of NACVA himself, he is a member of the American Society of Appraisers.

The National Association of Certified Valuators and analysts’ 40 under 40 program is an incredible tool to recognize younger leaders in business, and their awarding of Anthony Marsala is a shining display of his leadership in business as well as a result how he helps manage Madison Street Capital as a firm of integrity and trustworthiness.

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Chicago Tribune – Anthony Marsala Recognized by NACVA

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JustFab Has A New Executive

JustFab has several different branches, and they all have been quite successful. Fabletics is one very well known branch, and this branch was partially started by Kate Hudson. Fabletics has very much grown in popularity, during the years that it has been an active company. However, they also run two other branches, ShoeDazzle and FabKids.

These are also both successful branches of the company, and they offer their items online. Their clothing has been sold to a lot of people. In fact, more than 10 million people are members of clothing of the month clubs, through Just Fab. The company was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

Recap Of Article From The Wall Street Journal:

However, the company now has a new president and chief finance officer. He has been in this position for a very short period of time thus far, since June 30th of this year. Todd Tappin is the new president and CFO of JustFab, and he has had quite a lot of experience in similar capacities. In fact, he has worked as the Chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Rubicon Project. Learn more about JustFab:

This is an advertising company that offers their services online. Rubicon is a very well known and successful company, and they have been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. In addition, he was one of the managing directors at a successful private equity firm.

JustFab is a very large and successful company. In fact, the value of the company exceeds a billion dollars. There also are many people that are members of the clothing of the month clubs offered by the company. In fact, there are more than 4 million people that actually have a VIP membership with them. Todd Tappin is very optimistic about the growth of the company.

There also is some talk of having their stocks listed through an IPO. However, Todd Tappin feels that the company is in good standing, whether they do this or not. If the stocks are sold in this manner though, it is very likely that it may be very good for the future of JustFab. Therefore, Todd Tappin has considered going this route.

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Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

IAP Works With the Military and Other Agencies of Protection

IAP Worldwide provides logistics on a global scale, and also offers their services for facilities management. They provide their clients with professional and technical services that are very advanced. IAP is a very large company that operates in more than 20 countries and has over 2,000 employees. These employees are highly skilled, forward thinking and sharp in coming up with some innovative solutions that could help the military. They work with many different occurrences that could mess with the way of life for people who live near these occurrences. They work with customers in both the public and private sector.

Among the problems that IAP Worldwide solve are battlefields overseas and natural disasters. They have a level of preparation that exceeds any other entity. They are ready to take on any challenges that life presents. They also have a lot of experience in many different aspects of life which allow them to make plans of action. They are very organized in their approach to handling many of the challenges of humanity. They also have partnerships with tons of businesses of many types. This keeps them busy in providing the needed solutions to challenging problems.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

IAP: Home

IAP has proven itself to be a very ethical company with how they treat the customers they serve. They treat their customers with the care and respect they deserve. They see their customers as human beings and not just walking wallets. They make sure that the services that they provide their customers is above and beyond their satisfaction. They look at customers as they look at themselves. They also work very hard towards making the lives of their customers a lot easier. This is one of the reasons that they are the most successful businesses. They have a wide diversity of structures that they maintain which include research laboratories.

IAP has been in business for more than 60 years. This gives them the experience needed to take on many of the challenges that affect the people of today. They are also very responsive to the needs of their customers. The concerns that customers lose sleep over are handled by IAP. Therefore, customers are better able to relax.

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The Importance of Good Online Reputation Management

In this day and age when even the largest companies in the world have a massive social media presence, it’s more important than ever to maintain a good reputation. Information is passed around freely and almost anything you could want to know about a person or subject matter, is never more than a few clicks away. More and more, companies are seeing the value in not just relying on what a person has to say about themselves, but what the world has to say about that person and what that individual does when they think no one is watching or will remember. Image is everything and in a time when our private and public lives are thoroughly plastered across the internet, catastrophe can be just a google search away. Just as important as maintaining a good reputation is knowing how to repair it, if it gets tarnished.

The process of repairing and monitoring your online reputation is made simple and clear in the “Three Step Online Reputation Management Primer” blog post by David Leonhardt. In it, he chronicles the struggles of someone who has had their reputation tarnished, and details the seemingly simple yet somewhat challenging task of repairing a damaged online reputation. In this blog you will also find information on how to easily monitor your name and what is being said about you online. Depending on your need for image control, you can even find out how to stay on top of what’s going on in your field and among your competitors. This way way you can stay one step ahead and possibly prevent yourself from needing image repair in the first place.

Thor Halvorssen visits Oslo

Recently, Oslo, Norway played host to a major international conference. Leaders from around the world came to the Oslo Freedom Forum to hear speeches from major human rights activists. The conference was extremely entertaining, but the real work of the conference happened behind the scenes.

Dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists from around the world visit the Grand Hotel to make great connections. These activists love visiting with one another and discussing the steps necessary to help their various causes. Any journalist searching for a real story has to be inside these meeting.

Recently, a reporter from Buzzfeed had the opportunity to meet with Thor Halvorssen at the Christiana Theater, a popular hangout spot. Halvorssen is a 37 year old man, and he is currently the leader of the Human Rights Foundation. The journalist was able to witness Halvorssen speaking to Chen Guangcheng and his wife. Thor offered Chen some amazing advice that he hopes will help Chen’s cause.

Thor encouraged Chen to continue building a relationship with Christian Bale. Christian Bale is an extremely popular American actor, and having an American celebrity can help rally people around the world to a cause. Thor Halvorssen was turned off by the idea that a celebrity makes such a big difference, but he knows that a wise activist will use anything he can for an advantage.

Thor Halvorssen is a major player in the human rights community. Many view Halvorssen as a throwback to the Cold War era. He has a deep distrust of communism and socialism because his family suffered considerably during their time in Venezuela. Halvorssen describes himself as a classical liberal who is interested in spreading the cause of freedom around the world. He works constantly to depose evil dictators who oppress their own citizens.

Thor has fully dedicated himself to the cause of human rights. He regularly makes appearances on news programs to denounce dictators and the allure of authoritarianism. He knows that freedom can be lost in a generation, and he is determined to prevent it from happening in his lifetime. The world should look to Thor for leadership.

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Wen By Chaz Overcomes Negativty

If you are anything like me and have spent a significant amount of time in front of the television late at night then you have probably heard of Wen By Chaz [see,]. Wen By Chaz is that hair care product that you see he women flaunting their beautiful hair all over he camera and leading you to believe that they just woke up one morning and had the world’s most beautiful hair. I’m not a hater but I don’t believe the commercial or the beyonce song when they say ” I woke up like this” call me crazy but I just don’t believe it.

Although I don’t believe it I couldn’t resist trying the product out myself. Chaz Dean has long been a vital part of the hair care community and so I trust his expertise and of course I trust his hair care line because if it didn’t work why would he celebs be hiring him as their stylist right?

After trying the sephora endorsed product out I was pleased with my results but then the unthinkable happened. I started hearing a ton of reviews that said the product had done some really bad things to their hair. I instantly started digging deeper and stumbled across a great review form a blogger named Emily over at Bustle. For two weeks Emily gave the product a try on her hair and her results transformed her hair. It also helped renew the faith that i had put into Wen especially after having such a positive experience myself.

I guess when it’s all said and done nobody can avoid negativity online but they can do their own research and determine if the product works for them. When speaking for myself and myself only I can proudly say Chaz Dean‘s product has changed my life, give it a try you would be crazy not to.


Why Claims of Bureaucracy at Wikipedia are Ill-timed

Wikipedia Editors Call Out The Site’s Abuse Problems

The web has become the epicenter of harassment. Many online platforms have been caught up in this controversy. The latest has been online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. A recent email from a displeased editor has damning accusations about Wikipedia’s administrators. This letter is just a tip of the iceberg about the teething difficulties that are faced by members of the online community. It brings to light the fact that web abuse is real, and that it needs to be eliminated.

The email depicts the struggle by the editor to publish an article that he had spent long hours researching on. The article was dismissed with the only explanation being that it did not follow protocol. This was hurtful to the editor and at some point, he event contemplated suicide. The editor’s allegations cannot be deemed to be unfounded since others have raised similar complaints. Some Wikipedia writers went to the extent of stating that they are frequently maligned, called names or had their articles deleted. Some Wikipedia editors have even been blocked.

The allegations come at a time when Wikipedia’s stock of nearly 80,000 contributors is dwindling fast. According to insiders, this drop in numbers is mainly attributed to internal clashes. Even though civility has been one of Wikipedia’s key pillars, the recent developments show how difficult it is to enforce proper conduct during a Wikipedia revision. Wikimedia Foundation has however put in place measures to stem any dissent in future. The original article was posted on Tech.Mic.

How To Get On Wikipedia

The creation and monitoring of Wikipedia pages is quite difficult, more so to people who have no understanding about the intricacies involved. This highlights the need to hire experts to make a Wikipedia page. These professionals can be of great help to individuals, and non-profitable organizations who want to make business Wikipedia page. For approval, all Wikipedia pages created should be referenced to academic standards and must also follow the laid down regulations. Once created, the pages are a priceless digital asset to those who own them. Wikipedia ranks among the most visited websites. Having pages on the site can therefore go a long way in boosting the reputation and credibility of a brand. has won accolades for having veteran Wikipedia consultants who not only create pages but also monitor them on a regular basis. Being an open information source, the page can be edited by anyone. Malicious info that can hurt a business can thus be easily posted by individuals with ill intentions. These experts ensure that such information is deleted on the spot. Translation services are also offered.

George Soros Open Society Foundations Attacked? James O’Keefe Guilty!

So it’s been James O’Keefe all this while! Raw Story, an online media house reported that James O’Keefe committed a scandalous act to terrorize the OSF (Open Society Foundations). The organization formed by the billionaire philanthropist and champion investor, George Soros has been receiving numerous prank calls. Finally, Dana Geraghty, a program specialist of the said group brought attention to a suspicious voicemail left by the supposed perpetrator. The caller identified himself as “Victor Kesh,” which has been a mystery before now. While O’Keefe supposedly succeeded in masking his identity initially, Soros’ OSF team named him as the perpetrator.

As reported by the New Yorker, O’Keefe forgot to disconnect the prank call made to the OSF properly. He’s been infiltrating the group’s campaign for a while now. O’Keefe assumed the identity “Victor Kesh,” a concerned Hungarian-American for the “European values.” Moments after ending the conversation with OSF operations program specialist, Dana Geraghty, O’keefe revealed his plans to derail the group’s crusade. Unfortunately, his plans have failed since he unknowingly blew his cover. Geraghty reported the issue to Chris Stone, OSF’s who found the idea humorous. Obviously, the men lacked technological disciplines that exposed their inferiority. Certainly, they’re no cyber criminals.
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George Soros formed the OSF and began a series of philanthropic endeavors back in 1979. Currently, he assumes the position of chairman. Some of the foundation’s notable projects included infiltrating communist activities and cultural exchange throughout Eastern Europe during the 1980s. In South Africa, Soros funded student scholarships when racial prejudice towards blacks consumed the region. Soros’ Open Society Foundations operates in 100+ countries. George Soros has an association with some of the world’s leading libertarian organizations, including the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, the European Council on Foreign Relations and the International Crisis Group.

George Soros played a pivotal role in emancipating the Roma society of Europe. The OSF funded education initiatives and aided refugees fleeing regions consumed by political strife, terrorism, etc. His recent NYBooks article on European economic and social afflictions touched on some interesting points. Soros named five crises that continue to plunge EU nations deeper into chaos. The impending decision to denounce the British referendum, bring order to migration issues, euro currency revaluation and Greece rising debt.   Lastly, an external threat involving the Ukraine and Russia continues to gain momentum as disintegration worsens. Soros has devised a recourse to address each issue individually.

The OSF operation throughout Europe has faced some setback recently since Russia levied a ban against the movement. According to a CNBC report, George Soros strongly opposes the interpretation of his two charities the OSI and OSF activities threatening Russia constitution. Soros formed the Open Society Foundations to support countries oppressed by communism, to rise above the circumstances and reclaim freedom. This global initiative funds various projects focused on strengthening the forces of democracy. Soros op-ed submissions focused on economics, politics and society have received positive feedback from the public domain. In addition, he’s a published author of several books.

Entrepreneurial developments on the gold market in the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that was found in the year 2001. It’s one of the nation’s largest private distributors of the government-issued gold, silver and platinum products. Many citizens of the U.S. have physical precious metals as assets through the U.S. Money Reserve.

The trained team of U.S. Money Reserve has coin research and numismatic professionals who are good at identifying products in the market that can yield high profits for the precious metal buyers. The U.S. Money Reserve is on the frontline in providing the best customer service in the industry. This has established a healthy and long term relationship between the firm and the customers. The company boasts of having more than 300,000 satisfied customers over a decade. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl was having the entrepreneurial talk on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio discussing the future of gold, his leadership background and how the U.S. Money Reserve has improved its customer service above the international standards. The podcast is a platform that business people and interested individuals use to share experiences, interests, services, plans, products and creations.

Diehl talked about the self-directed precious metals IRA program where customers can hold physical gold as a form of securing their wealth during retirement and at the same time benefit from the rise in gold prices. U.S. Money Reserve President encouraged people to hold precious metals as the U.S. government backs them as legal tenders. The government has also given the guarantee that the precious metal content, weight and purity is standard since the U.S. government mints the coins. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

Why should you buy gold? Well, looking at the history books, paper currencies have collapsed with the fall of the governments that issued them. On the other hand, precious metals are not dependent on governments. When everything falls, they are seen as the last true currencies. The reason is there is a finite amount of precious metals in the world. They cannot be increased for political or economic reasons due to their scarcity, unlike paper money. Many analysts have predicted that the value of the dollar will fail.

Some of the factors that contribute to the falling of gold prices include; the Eastern nations having an interest in amassing gold in their reserve to secure their currency. It’s an effort to diversify from the US dollar. These countries include Russia, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkey. A portion of the demand will migrate to the east, and the prices of gold are expected to rise.

The article can be found on: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

New Website Ushers in a New Era for US Money Reserve

Earlier this year, U.S. Money Reserve launched its new and improved website. The new website mirrors exactly what the company is: The number one company in the precious metals market. The website has new and impressive features that capture the values of trust and commitment to better customer service upheld by the company. The website also features amazing photography of the U.S. Money Reserve’s President, Philip N. Diehl, who is also the former U.S. Mint Director.

There is also a photo gallery of the coins offered by the company. By visiting the new website, the company’s customers get to learn about the benefits that come with owning bullion issued by the government. Their experience of purchasing precious metals using gold coins is also enhanced. In addition to the new features, the website also has new applications that generate quality content and makes the staff at U.S. Money Reserve to interact with clients better.

This what makes the company offer exceptional customer service experience to its clients. The customers can also access the best precious metals in the world through the website which is very secure. The online store offers U.S. Money Reserve’s customers live competitive pricing on silver and gold bars and bullion.

The company also provides coins which are PCGS certified and wide range of other products designed for distinguished precious metals purchasers. The website users can also sign up to get gold information for free and also get the current information concerning precious metals and the market in general. Every information required by customers can now be accessed in the new website. The new website makes U.S. Money Reserve. Read more: In Recognition Of The 75th Anniversary, The U.S. Money Reserve And The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Combine Efforts To Raise A Bronze Lone Sailor Statue At Pearl Harbor

e to connect with the clients better and as such clients can be contacted easily for assistance in purchasing, one-on-one consultations, secure offline transactions and special online releases. The company’s return policy is among the best in the industry where customers can get a full refund on certified coin orders and at the prevailing market value as far as the return is within 30 days after purchase. The company has among the fastest shipping methods wholly covered by insurance.

It is no wonder that there is so much hype among the customers about the company today. About U.S. Money Reserve U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by gold market veterans who had a vision of revolutionizing the market by introducing exceptional customer service. The company, based in Austin, Texas, provides its customers with reliable guidance when purchasing precious metals. This is the area in which many other companies have performs dismally. U.S. Money Reserve has grown to become a leading distributor of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the U.S. Government. The company serves hundreds of thousands of clients who know the benefits of keeping their wealth in precious metals. Originally reported on CBS 19

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Helane Morrison Wants Corporate America To Recognize Women As Leaders Not Followers

Corporate America is struggling at the moment. Corporate profits are dropping at an alarming rate, and the threat of another economic disaster is looming over the heads of CEOs across the nation. There are a lot of good things to say about America’s corporate community. Words like effective, strong, creative, determined and committed have all been used to describe the atmosphere in most American Corporations. But there is an important ingredient missing in corporations around the country and Helane Morrison, the San Francisco attorney and financial expert calls that missing ingredient “woman’s leadership.”

Helane Morrison is a born leader. She has made it her mission to thrive in a male-dominated business environment. Morrison has more than thrived, however. She has made a mark on every organizations she has been associated with, and she is now pushing the corporate envelope and telling corporations to promote more women. Corporations like to release numbers and facts that support their commitment to giving women equal rights as executives, but Morrison believes that rhetoric has run its course. There are women executives, but most of them never reach the ranks of the truly powerful in corporate America.

Morrison has a reputation for being a financial and compliance expert that gets to the point. She talks about her days as a law clerk and her assistant role under Supreme Court Justice, Harry A. Blackmun. Morrison spent 11 years working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and during those years, she rose to the top of SEC ladder. Before she left the SEC, she was named the Regional Director of the five-state SEC region based in Northern California. Helane is a partner in the law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, and she is currently the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel for Hall Capital Partners an all-women investment firm in San Francisco. Hall Capital is one of largest investment firms in the country.

Talking about Morrison and her accomplishments wouldn’t be complete unless her fundraising efforts and other business commitments are mentioned. She sits on the board of the hedge fund committee of the American Bar Association, and she is a former director of the Bar Association of San Francisco. Helane is also an environmentalist and an animal rights activist. Morrison sits on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation in Northern California. But Morrison has also taken on the role of women’s advocate in business. She believes the corporate structure is going to change, and women in top executive roles will be part of that change.

Venezuelan Oil Tycoon Investing in Miami

Miami’s Mayor Tomás Regalado says the city cannot block the construction of Venezuelan oil man Gerardo Pantin Shortt’s Boulevard 57 project. The mayor says that while the planned construction project meets all the current zoning guidelines and does not need the city’s permission to proceed, it does present a moral problem, according to reports published via the Miami Herald. The crux of the problem is that the Shortt family was awarded more than $1 billion in contracts by the Venezuelan government. Shortt has attempted to not have his name publicized in connection with the Boulevard 57 project saying that if the Venezuelan government and expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez finds out they may consider it illegal flight capital seizing control of his family’s business in Venezuela and refusing to make its payments to that company.

He says that he has attempted to keep his name out of the news because he fears that his family may be further harmed. President Nicolás Maduro often uses the state-run media to spread his personal ideas that Miami is a breeding ground for coup and assassination plots by anti-government terrorists out to remove him from office.
If Boulevard 57 continues to be constructed it will consist of an eight story building of luxury condominiums with units going for between $600,000 and $2.65 million.  He already owns a Miami Beach mansion that is estimated to be worth $12.9 million along with condos in Aventura.

Wealth Solutions Tailors to Client Needs

Wealth Solutions is an investment management firm based in Austin, Texas with the goal of improving and maintaining the investment portfolios of its clients. The company strives to aid customers in every step of the investment process from deciding upon initial investments to protecting their accumulated wealth. The team at Wealth Solutions helps clients to design investment portfolios that are tailored specifically to their needs. Financial planning can be a difficult, complex process; and the team at Wealth Solutions is well aware of this. That is why they are dedicated to helping their clients understand the complex world of investing. Wealth Solutions seeks to work with, rather than for, their clients during this navigation process, allowing the client a greater understanding of each step of the process.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair in 1994 with the goal of educating clients on how on smart investment and wealth management decisions. Blair grew up in a family of educators, and felt naturally drawn to education as a child. He found success when he combined his aptitude for finance and numbers with his draw to educate people on how to maintain their growing wealth.

Blair uses a process he coined the Three Pillar Approach to help clients maintain their wealth. The First Pillar involves sitting down with clients and building a financial “roadmap” by assessing their individual goals, needs, and investing personalities. The Second Pillar is built around the actual process of investing. This is where Blair works with the client to develop a long-term investment strategy and management plan. At this stage, the process is also monitored for maximum success at every turn. The process’ Third Pillar is designed to assure the client of their wealth security through building an insurance coverage plain to counteract any life and market uncertainties.

Blair is an independent adviser who is able to commit himself fully to his clients. He only works with local clients in the Houston/Austin area to ensure client satisfaction through face-to-face interactions, thus allowing for a more personal and practical wealth management experience.

Shaygan Kheradpir Is Set To Bring Coriant Success

The new CEO of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir was previously the CEO of Juniper Networks inc.. He sat as CEO for ten months. Kheradpir is replacing former Coriant CEO Pat Dipietro, who became vice president. He returned as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners is the parent company of Coriant and created the company as a collaboration and merger between three different companies. Kheradpir has inside knowledge of the workings of Coriant because he had done business with and closely monitored the company’s progress since earlier in the year working as the operating executive to the Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir’s many years of diverse business experience led him to head Coriant as they explore the future of their company.

Shaygan Kheradpir is coming to Coriant with 28 years of executive experience in financial services, technology, and Telecom. Dipietro was honored to welcome Kheradpir to Coriant. He will be leading the company forward, and Dipietro was honored to have an executive of his stature leading the company to new progress. Kheradpir has much experience across the vast array of different companies. He has worked in banking, technology, and several other sectors of major business.

Current Pier is also a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and an Adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Northwestern University. Shaygan Kheradpir held several patents and was named CIO magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2007. Crap here has a bachelor’s Masters and doctorate in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Shagan Kheradpir is a highly educated and diverse talent that will hopefully bring Coriant renewed successes in the coming years.

Sound Investment Advice From Businessman Igor Cornelsen

When it comes to investing Igor Cornelsen is considered a champion. This guy literally knows everything there is to know about investing. Igor Cornelsen’s experience can be matched by very few in the industry. That’s why when he gives advice about investing, its very wise to stop, listen and take notes.

Here are 4 investment tips on Cornelsen believes all investors should take heed to:

#1 – Don’t Lose Money

No matter what you are investing in, as an investor like Igor Cornelsen your money is always at risk. And while you can’t completely avoid risks, you can reduce them. If an investment is costing you money, get out of it as quickly as you can.

#2 – Start Investing Now

Time is one of the most critical elements when it comes to investing. Thats why it is so important you get started now! The sooner you start investing, the better off you will be in the long run.

While you don’t need to be young to start investing, if you are, you will greatly improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

#3 – Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

If you are serious about investing you should make it a point to diversify your portfolio. By diversifying your portfolio you will increase your ability to make money from different sources. If you don’t diversify your portfolio you increase your risk of losing all of your money if one investment goes bad.

As an investor such as Igor Cornelsen you should have a well balanced and well diversified portfolio.

#4 – Get An Advisor or Mentor

If you are new the world of investing its best to get an advisor or mentor to help you learn the ropes. Investing is a very tricky game to play. One wrong move and you can potentially lose your life savings.

Having a trusted advisor on your side can speed up the learning process. It will also ensure you have a solid understanding of how to invest on before you start investing your hard earned money.

The more you can learn before hand, the better off you will be once you start investing on your own.

Investing is one of the most risky financial practices for Igor Cornelsen you can get involved with. If you are new to investing be sure to keep these tips in mind. Doing so can save you a great deal of stress later on down the road.

Fine, thin hair shines with WEN by Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner

Surely, most people have either heard or tried WEN hair care products by Los Angeles hair stylist and product developer, Chaz Dean. To begin with, Chaz Dean established a cliental of celebrities and people from all over the world with a vision to help others achieve lavishing, healthy hair. He not only developed styling and hair care products for people, but also conditioning hair products for dogs as well. So, what’s the secret in WEN conditioning hair products by Chaz Dean? First, WEN hair products by Chaz Dean comes in 16 formulas with ingredients ranging from green teas and essential oils to almond mint and soy, depending on each individuals’ hair type and condition; including, cleansing conditioner for kids made with rice protein.
In fact, as originally reported on Bustle website, Emily McClure said that she tried Wen hair sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner on her fine, thin hair.   Then, on day seven, McClure says that overall she was happy with this particular product brand of Wen hair cleansing conditioner from after trying the product for a week. All in all, McClure says, she will continue to use this product when she wants to add extra shine to her hair.

To conclude, whether you have fine, thin hair like McClure, or have either curly, colored, damaged, dry or frizzy hair, WEN hair care by Chaz Dean, has a hair care product to help you achieve shiny, healthy hair.

Kyle Bass Wrong Choices

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who is based in the United States. He is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, a famous institution that is also based in the country. He started the company several years ago, and he has served as the leader for some years now.

Bass has been in the spotlight for some years now. His fame started when he predicted that there would be a mortgage crisis in the world, several years ago. At the time of the prediction, Kyle was not famous, but when everything turned out as he had predicted, he become a star. During the whole process, he managed to acquire a lot of money and respect from the international community.

After the mortgage crisis, from his blog Kyle Bass was considered a super start in most of the televisions and even in radios. He would be called for numerous interviews in different parts of the world where people would ask him questions and other things in the investment industry. Most individuals considered him to be a genius, and it was not possible for a man like him to make any kind of mistakes. His fame increased each day, with people going for him for the serious financial issues.

Not long ago, Kyle decided to invest in the energy market. The prices of oil were quite high, so his organization used a huge amount to invest in the prestigious and growing industry. He asked many other investors to join him in the move because he believed that oil will continue to increase in price.

In the year 2015, the prices of oil started coming down, and Kyle was shaken, which UsefulStooges outlines. The prices deteriorated as the year progressed, and it was evident that the hedge fund manager was headed for big losses. The energy stocks have not been able to rise again to the normal value as predicted by Kyle Bass. He has maintained his stand that the industry is in a good position to bounce back to its original state. This has not happened up to date, and things have not been working well for the business person.
The magic he had is no longer in his possession. Most of the respect he possessed have disappeared, and he continues to make the wrong decisions each day.

Wen by Chaz: A Real-life Experience With the Popular Hair Product

Recently published an article about the personal experience of their Fashion and Beauty Editor, Emily McClure, as she switched from her normal haircare routine to a cleansing formula known as WEN. Like many, she was intrigued by the reports she had seen that included so many fantastic claims.

The many women in the QVC ads raved about the transformation their hair experienced after using the product just once, with continued improvement as they added Wen to their daily routine. The advertisements are clear that this is not a traditional shampoo, but a product that works like an all-in-one formula to cleanse, condition and help style hair. They offer formulas that are designed to help with any hair type.

The editor, tired of her thin, fine hair, decided to use a formula designed to increase bounce and shine while also moisturizing the hair. She documented the results over the course of a week and accompanied her comments with photos. The pictures show her hair to appear to be thicker, and fuller but the comments she left were not entirely flattering as she complained profusely about her hair being too greasy by the end of the day, and the following morning.

This problem is not necessarily a flaw of the Sephora sold Wen line, but an error in what formula she chose. With thin, fine hair, her best choice was not a heavily moisturizing formula that could weigh hair down and make it too oily.

That is the beauty of Wen by Chaz. WEN offers such a large line of products, that any type of hair can be improved. It may take sampling several formulas before finding the perfect one, but every bottle will lead to some improvement. Best of all, it eliminates the need to have a shelf full of products in the shower as the Wen by Chaz line is designed to do it all.