Japanese Food is in Business with Omar Yunes

Not everyone can call themselves the Best Franchisee of the year. Omar Yunes certainly can. The award ceremony took place in Italy’s city of Florence and honoured franchisees from all over the world. The primary competition wasn’t as easy as that. He had to compete with Franchisees in his home country of Mexico. When his company came out first in the initial race, he had to compete with other Franchisees internationally to win the prize. It was a hard battle, but Omar Yunes knows what is what when it comes to leading a business.

Mexico was not the most typical place for Japanese chains, so Omar Yunes was a pioneer. He started the first Sushi Itto franchise when he was only 21, and now there are thirteen franchise restaurants in Mexico’s cities including Veracruz and Puebla as well as the Capital.

Omar Yunes wants to change the relationship franchisees have with their bosses. He also introduced ways to measure success in each of his restaurants. It gives his teams clear guidelines, and it is now easier to train up new team members. This guidance offers an advantage to the managers, and they have mentioned it as a business positive. This way there is no miscommunication between the owners and the teams on the restaurant floors delivering the service.

All of his teams have a very high standard to follow, and he communicates to his managers and teams personally. This approach as noticed by the CEO of Sushi Itto as well and he compliments Omar Yunes for the initiative and attitude towards excellence in customer service.

Omar Yunes is an investor and a businessman born living in Mexico. He employs more than 400 people across his 13 franchise restaurants. The marketing methods he uses are sometimes described as aggressive, but it works. He created a strategy structure which is used across the board, and other businesses are looking at his methods to borrow the possibly. He leads by example and works hard to get to know people who work for him and with him.

Thanks to Omar Yunes and his efforts, Japanese food indeed started out in Mexico ad is growing in popularity.