George Soros Open Society Foundations Attacked? James O’Keefe Guilty!

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So it’s been James O’Keefe all this while! Raw Story, an online media house reported that James O’Keefe committed a scandalous act to terrorize the OSF (Open Society Foundations). The organization formed by the billionaire philanthropist and champion investor, George Soros has been receiving numerous prank calls. Finally, Dana Geraghty, a program specialist of the said group brought attention to a suspicious voicemail left by the supposed perpetrator. The caller identified himself as “Victor Kesh,” which has been a mystery before now. While O’Keefe supposedly succeeded in masking his identity initially, Soros’ OSF team named him as the perpetrator.

As reported by the New Yorker, O’Keefe forgot to disconnect the prank call made to the OSF properly. He’s been infiltrating the group’s campaign for a while now. O’Keefe assumed the identity “Victor Kesh,” a concerned Hungarian-American for the “European values.” Moments after ending the conversation with OSF operations program specialist, Dana Geraghty, O’keefe revealed his plans to derail the group’s crusade. Unfortunately, his plans have failed since he unknowingly blew his cover. Geraghty reported the issue to Chris Stone, OSF’s who found the idea humorous. Obviously, the men lacked technological disciplines that exposed their inferiority. Certainly, they’re no cyber criminals.
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George Soros formed the OSF and began a series of philanthropic endeavors back in 1979. Currently, he assumes the position of chairman. Some of the foundation’s notable projects included infiltrating communist activities and cultural exchange throughout Eastern Europe during the 1980s. In South Africa, Soros funded student scholarships when racial prejudice towards blacks consumed the region. Soros’ Open Society Foundations operates in 100+ countries. George Soros has an association with some of the world’s leading libertarian organizations, including the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, the European Council on Foreign Relations and the International Crisis Group.

George Soros played a pivotal role in emancipating the Roma society of Europe. The OSF funded education initiatives and aided refugees fleeing regions consumed by political strife, terrorism, etc. His recent NYBooks article on European economic and social afflictions touched on some interesting points. Soros named five crises that continue to plunge EU nations deeper into chaos. The impending decision to denounce the British referendum, bring order to migration issues, euro currency revaluation and Greece rising debt.   Lastly, an external threat involving the Ukraine and Russia continues to gain momentum as disintegration worsens. Soros has devised a recourse to address each issue individually.

The OSF operation throughout Europe has faced some setback recently since Russia levied a ban against the movement. According to a CNBC report, George Soros strongly opposes the interpretation of his two charities the OSI and OSF activities threatening Russia constitution. Soros formed the Open Society Foundations to support countries oppressed by communism, to rise above the circumstances and reclaim freedom. This global initiative funds various projects focused on strengthening the forces of democracy. Soros op-ed submissions focused on economics, politics and society have received positive feedback from the public domain. In addition, he’s a published author of several books.

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