George Soros is Dedicated to Promoting Change

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Billionaire philanthropist and investor George Soros recently transferred $18 billion dollars of his own fortune to his nonprofit, Open Society Foundations. He established the organization in 1979 and has managed to turn it into one of the largest philanthropies in the world. The organization focuses its funds and attention on global issues such as governance, discrimination, and injustice. George Soros feels a deep sense of obligation in helping individuals all over the world who are unable to take a stand for themselves.

Many around the world have vilianized George Soros solely for his immense wealth and resources. They have painted him as an elitist and have attempted to create a negative image of this Jewish philanthropist. Soros made an unheard of $1 billion by shorting the British pound in 1992, and ever since, has become a looming figure in the imaginations of the right wing. He has, in fact, spent millions of dollars and time organizing anti-right movements as well as funding Democratic agendas. He donated $27 million to the Democratic campaign to prevent George W. Bush from being re-elected. Most recently he has donated money to help the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements. This funding has unnerved the right wing and sparked further talk of ulterior motives and unscrupulous plots to undermine the right.

Over the course of history, many philanthropists, especially the individuals who have done the best, tend to be vilianized by others with different agenda. George Soros doesn’t allow this talk to distract him from his goals. He pursues his causes with vigor and is determined to make a mark for the better by funding those who need it most. He realizes that he will continue to be a target for criticism because his Open Society Foundation is only second in size to the Gates Foundation. Some right-wing conservatives have labeled this organization as “The Death Star”. George Soros knows that he will face heave opposition, but he will continue to assist the needy all over the country, as well as champion a variety of Democratic cause that he feels need his support and attention. As an immigrant and having insight into the needs of countries in turmoil due to his experiences with the Nazi invasion of his homeland during WWII, he has committed to donating his vast resources to promote peace and harmony for other across the world. With the donation of the bulk of his fortune, he has shown the world the depths of his commitment.