FreedomPop Is Able To Keep Their Service Prices Low

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The price of technology always goes down over time, which has been proven with televisions, Blu-ray players, stereos, and even cell phone service, so why are many cell phone service providers raising their prices? With all the different ways there are to bring cell phone service to customers, many don’t even need to pay any money in order to make phone calls through their cell phone, so why do some people choose to pay extremely high prices for cell phone coverage? Loyalty is one of the biggest reasons why some will stick with a cell phone company that is overcharging them, but it’s time to make a change.

FreedomPop understands that technology should be lower in cost when it’s widely available everywhere, and they are many companies competing for additional customers to sign up for their cell phone service. FreedomPop has not only lowered their prices but also made their coverage more widely available. Those that read a FreedomPop review will always find that the company has low prices for their services, especially for their cell phone coverage. Although there is a free service offered for cell phones, those that want unlimited cell phone service will pay as little as $20 each month.

Many cell phone service providers are charging their customers a whopping $100 or more each month for unlimited service, but FreedomPop is able to deliver the same coverage for a mere $20 per month. Anyone who wants extra 4G LTE data can pay five dollars for every gigabyte they add to their service, but the price will still be lower than the average cell phone companies out there. Along with providing excellent cell phone service at low prices, FreedomPop also has a Wi-Fi service that covers the US and has millions of hotspots with 4G LTE Wi-Fi service.

With a quick download of the Wi-Fi application, any user, even if they are not a current FreedomPop customer, can still get the Wi-Fi service for only five dollars each month. Those that choose the Wi-Fi service can use it regularly with their cell phone service, especially if they are trying to cut back on the 4G LTE data usage on their phone but still want the high-speed Internet service. Even though many cell phone service providers are backwards and are raising their prices instead of lowering them, FreedomPop continues to have great services at low prices.

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