Daniel Taub – A diplomat and a peace negotiator in the Middle East

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom. He was appointed to serve in the United Kingdom in 2014 by Israeli after he had demonstrated great leadership qualities in the peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestine. He represented the ideals of Israeli in such a manner that he was given a better platform to highlight the stand of Israeli on a global platform.

London is one of the global centers in the world for business and news, as such, he had the opportunity to address the whole world about the issues that were affecting Israelis and the Middle East. Being a world media center, Daniel Taub would use his position as a diplomat to advocate for a better international approach to the Middle East crisis. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Daniel Taub thinks that many people misunderstand the Middle East crisis. Many countries opt to look on the negative side of the crisis, but Daniel believes that there are many positive things to take home about the region. There are long-standing peace agreements between Israeli and some of her neighbors such as Egypt and Jordan.

He says that these are peace agreements that have existed because these countries are dedicated to the ideas of stability in the region. Daniel Taub exonerates his country for all the crisis that is ongoing in the region.

He says that the fact there are other working peace agreements that Israelis have is an indication that the Israel is committed to the establishment of a long-standing peace agreement.

Daniel Taub says that the crisis that is seen in the Middle East region can be resolved by the countries working together. He gives the example of the quiet cooperation that exists between Israeli and other countries in the region.

He says that, although there are no documented agreements between countries in the region, there are a number of countries that have aligned their interests to those of Israeli. He gives the example of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf of States and Jordan as some of the countries that have similar interests as those of Israeli.

Daniel Taub has been one of the peace negotiators in the region. He was appointed by Israeli to lead the peace negotiations talks with Palestine. He managed to broker an agreement between the two countries but Palestine later reneged on the agreement. Daniel Taub is a prominent international lawyer with a lot of experience in peaceful resolution and negotiations.

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