Direct Sales From The Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard has developed a unique business concept offering entrepreneurs the ability to sell there wine products directly to consumers in a home party atmosphere. The concept gives associates the ability to meet new people while sharing the opportunity and a glass of wine.

This business is perfect for people that love talking to and helping other people. The business can be ran from home on a full-time or part-time bases. You can keep your day job and work the business part-time or you can go full force and run your business full-time.

Traveling Vineyard was started in 2001. The concept of distributing wine in a direct sales format is truly a unique business strategy. Before now the sales consultant industry was specific to candle, jewelry, and cosmetic products. The Traveling Vineyard opportunity offers something fresh and new for consultants that want to try something different.

They offer a wide selection of high quality wines, which they distribute all over there country through sales consultants. Never before has wine tasting parties crossed paths with direct home selling parties to create a totally new flavor of business opportunity. They also offer wine accessories for sale along with the wine. They have a extensive catalog of products to choose from. If you are interested in becoming a sales consultant for Traveling Vineyard simply contact a local sales consultant. You can also sign up on the companies website. When you sign up you will receive your starter kit, so you can immediately go out and start making money!

Watch YouTube for more information about Traveing Vineyard.