Top Exciting Wine Trends That UK Wine Vintners and Merchants Should Know

More than ever before, the future of wine looks very bright, though the craft cider and craft beer are siphoning off a lot of attention. Many people are still going for the expensive bottles and more wine trends are emerging. To ensure that you are not left out, here is an overview of the some of the coolest trends in the UK wine industry.

More Wine-By-The-Glass

More and more consumers are beginning to favor wine-by-the-glass option at bars and restaurants as well as online UK wine shops. If you are going to compete effectively with other UK vintners, therefore, you are going to increase try-before-you-buy programs for your clients. You are also going to start accommodating clients who are going to request for a taste first.

Considering the millennial

Like any other industry, the wine world in the UK is beginning to figure out how to approach the millennials. The millennials population is huge and even more are turning 21. UK vintners are confused: while Gen-Xers and the Baby Boomers want exclusivity and hard-to-get brands, millennials are less committed to brands. They are looking for value and something that they can enjoy. So you should be ready to perform a lot of experimentation to figure out what works.


Wine Technology

The wine tech is literally on fire! Wine apps that only take and share pictures are no longer trendy enough—users expect much more. Developers are therefore stepping up to bring more advanced apps with more value to the consumer. Technology is also being utilized in the production process and in the vineyards. As a result, consumers continue to get high quality products that meet their preferences and demands. Don’t be left out, integrate technology where possible.

Labels that tell a story

UK folks are more interested than ever in knowing the background, origin, nature, and story behind the wine that they drink. Is it organic? Is it biodynamic? Who made it?—they want all these elements included in the label. So from ingredients to your production process, be ready to share more details in the label.


There’s a lot of aspects to learn and love about the growing world of wine in the UK and globally. Staying on top of the new UK wine trends shouldn’t be hard when you are interacting with other UK vintners or attending a wide range of seminars and workshops.

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