Things every Wine Guide from Traveling Vineyard should know prior to Visiting Nepal

Nepal has emerged as a treasured tourist destination due to the many varieties of high-quality wines that come from the region. It is also popular across the globe for its favorable climatic conditions and fertile lands that support grape farming. Apart from drinking wine, Traveling Wine Guides can do the following activities.

1. Visit the Napa Art Walk

For the lovers of 3-D art, Napa Art Walk exhibition is the place to be. This esteemed event displays the artworks of talented and experienced minds throughout the nation. It also showcases spectacular sculptures of different types.

2. Learn the history by making a date with the Napa Valley Historical Society

History enthusiasts can learn in-depth details about the Valley, including the way it looked a century ago and the type of people that lived there. The society assembles physical pieces that describe the history of Napa and allow visitors to dissect into the details.

3. Visit Silverado Cooking School and take a cooking class

Given that Nepal is a hub for the production of distinct wine varieties, food is also huge in this region. Getting the right combination of food and wine is a direct ticket for riding your taste buds to the Flavor Town. Silverado Cooking School is an ideal place for improving culinary skills.

What is Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard is a top wine firm situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It employs a direct-selling model of organizing in-home wine tasting events for its members. The firm began its operations back in 2001. Nine years later, entrepreneur Richard Libby bought it and rebranded it. This wine giant markets its products through over 5,000 independent representatives. These independent representatives, popularly known as Wine Guides, receive a Success Kit from the company after making a one-time payment. This Success Kit has wine education materials that include a description of the distinct wine and food types. Other contents of this kit range from sample accessories, ten wine bottles, to tasting glasses. Traveling Vineyard sets up website for every wine guide and offers training and support. The company observes legal requirements when engaging in business, and it is one of the members of the respected Direct Selling Association.