Gregory Aziz: CEO of the Best Rail Manufacturing Company.

The CEO of National Steel Car is Gregory Aziz, which is the secondary company of National Industries Inc. The company started a business in Ontario in 1912 and is the largest selling company of rolling stock in Canada. A lot of trains, used by Canada is made by the same company, making it the best manufacturing company in the country. The company has been doing better and improving by each passing day, and by passing every inspecting being held, making it the top-notch company of the country. When Aziz became the CEO of this company, he knew his work and responsibility is much more than only being an ordinary CEO, filling up the seat, he had to keep up with the legacy of over a hundred years. He has been the best CEO, contributing greatly to the growth and development of the company.


Gregory Aziz is a well experienced and well-known business leader working with a company with rich legacy and companies which have always been best in the business. Soon after his graduation, he started working at his family wholesale food business. Because of his new ideas, his business grew greatly and became one of biggest importer of food, being delivered from many different countries. This company made many products easily available in the country for their customers, and also for other neighboring countries such as the USA. Aziz worked with this company for a little and then decided to switch to other companies to get more experience.


1n 1930, he started working in a bank. To get more experience and to achieve his goals he then moved to New York. After few years he got some really good experiences and became part of a strategic team, that was working to boycott National Steel Car from Dofasco, the company who used to own it. The only reason boycotting this was that this company was only functional in Canada, not in another country, as the railroad industry was growing in other parts of the world too.


The success of National Steel Car credit goes to the hard work of Aziz which has actually made this company famous worldwide as well. He believes in hard work, that one can achieve all his goals and targets if he works hard and tirelessly day and night. Today he is a well reputed name in the industry, making his company the best rail manufacturing company of the time.