Luscious Lips With EOS Pods

One skin care product that everyone can use in their life is an effective and safe lip balm. Lip balm helps to keep the lips soft and healthy, protecting them from chapping and dryness caused by weather conditions and dryness. Evolution of Smooth products are the best lip balms on the market today. Perhaps you have seen them in the store, these bright little globes of color dotting the drugstore or grocery store display. EOS products are designed to be natural and organic, as effective in their moisture sealing properties as they are on lifting the mood.
Using these products has an immediate happiness effect on the wearer. The little spheres fit perfectly in the palm, easily twisting open with a smooth motion. Each EOS lip balm sphere is a bright pop of color that represents the lip balm flavor encased in the interior. The EOS pods look sleek and smooth in the purse, on a night stand, on a makeup vanity or in the hand. The package design almost looks like a little work of mod art.

Once twisted open, the pod reveals an also spherical ball of goodness that keeps the lips happy. The ingredients used in EOS pods are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, natural, and some are enhanced with lip saving ingredients like sunscreen. Some of the pods are even organic, and most are composed of antioxidant Vitamin E, jojoba, and Shea. These natural ingredients heal chapped lips, but more importantly, the regular use of this balm prevents chapping from starting and keep the lips in a smooth and healthy condition. EOS lip balm pods are just another great reason to smile more. Check their products on Ulta and visit the company’s Linked In profile:

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