Jason Hope is a number of things, such as an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. Although he is classified as these many things, his biggest passion is for technology. He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where he has made it a personal goal to give back to his community. Jason Hope has been faithfully living in Arizona nearly all his life. This wonderful state is also where he received all of his schoolings. Attending Arizona State University, Hope received his undergraduate degree. He decided to major in finance and acquired a bachelor’s degree in finance from ASU. Furthering his education, even more, he also decided to go to school to get his MBA, which is a master’s degree in business. Staying true to his roots, he acquired this degree from Arizona State University‘s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Recently, Hope has been extremely fascinated with anti-aging research. He has published many articles on many different aspects relating to the aging process, which can be found at the given link. Your text to link… Within his articles, some of the various topics he discusses are:

These are just a few of the topics he discusses. They are extremely advanced ways of thinking about biological aspects of humans. A lot of what he discusses are instrumental to future developments of and for human beings.

  • The prevention of mitochondrial mutation damage
  • Death Resistant Cells
  • Changes in structures controlling the genetic code

On top of his recent findings on anti-aging research, Hope has also been a huge contributor to the SENS Foundation. As a great supporter of the advancements in medicine, Hope believes that this foundation is doing and finding and will continue to find further advancements in medicine. He has recently donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. On top of being a supporter of the company, he is also very fond of Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work. She is a leading doctor at the foundation and has contributed greatly to the recent advanced findings of medicine. The main reason for Hope’s interest in the SENS Foundation is due to their passion to find a way to slow human aging and the prevention of diseases dependent upon age, such as Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes, just to name a few. All in all, Hope is proudly supporting the foundation and is confident in their future developments.

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Jason Hope Foresees the Future.

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale based entrepreneur. He has a passion for philanthropy focusing on education, scientific research, disease cure, and biotechnology. Jason was born in Arizona. He strongly supports education programs in his locality as well as organizations that have significant impact and contribution to disease prevention, cures, and control. Jason Hope has earlier worked with the Leukemia & the Tony Hawk Foundation and Teach for America Phoenix. Other organizations he worked with include T Gen Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, True Colors Fund, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Family Health International and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. International Foundation for Education and Self Reliance and the Arizona Science Center, where he is an associate of the Director’s Group are also part of the groups Jason supports.

Jason Hope has earned himself a name as a skilled futurist. He has a passion and understands technology. He uses his knowledge of technology to be on the lookout of the industry and make predictions of where the industry will be like in the future.

About the modern technological trends, Jason has confidence in that the power that comes along with the Internet of Things will play a significant role in the future of contemporary society, this is because there is a lot of developed connected devices. Jason’s advice is helpful to current investors and individuals who are in search of the best possible ways to make profits through the technology in the future. Jason grew up in Tempe and graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona States University.

Jason understands that it is difficult for young entrepreneurs to get a business idea off the ground. Most young entrepreneurs have tremendous and fantastic views, but their financial status holds them back from starting the business. Jason aids young entrepreneurs to get started. Through his official website, Jason takes in business ideas and goes through them only to pick the best and most interesting. Jason believes that the future of the technology industry entirely lies on the excellent ideas the young businesspersons develop.

Jason likes to keep things as simple as possible. He has faith in that making stuff complicated leads to time wastage and also encourages failure. Jason shares his ideas with close friends and considers the feedbacks he receives from them. Beside his philanthropic and trade initiatives, Jason has an active interest in politics as related to business all the way through the state of Arizona as well as national level.

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