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Wealth Solutions Tailors to Client Needs

Wealth Solutions is an investment management firm based in Austin, Texas with the goal of improving and maintaining the investment portfolios of its clients. The company strives to aid customers in every step of the investment process from deciding upon initial investments to protecting their accumulated wealth. The team at Wealth Solutions helps clients to design investment portfolios that are tailored specifically to their needs. Financial planning can be a difficult, complex process; and the team at Wealth Solutions is well aware of this. That is why they are dedicated to helping their clients understand the complex world of investing. Wealth Solutions seeks to work with, rather than for, their clients during this navigation process, allowing the client a greater understanding of each step of the process.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair in 1994 with the goal of educating clients on how on smart investment and wealth management decisions. Blair grew up in a family of educators, and felt naturally drawn to education as a child. He found success when he combined his aptitude for finance and numbers with his draw to educate people on how to maintain their growing wealth.

Blair uses a process he coined the Three Pillar Approach to help clients maintain their wealth. The First Pillar involves sitting down with clients and building a financial “roadmap” by assessing their individual goals, needs, and investing personalities. The Second Pillar is built around the actual process of investing. This is where Blair works with the client to develop a long-term investment strategy and management plan. At this stage, the process is also monitored for maximum success at every turn. The process’ Third Pillar is designed to assure the client of their wealth security through building an insurance coverage plain to counteract any life and market uncertainties.

Blair is an independent adviser who is able to commit himself fully to his clients. He only works with local clients in the Houston/Austin area to ensure client satisfaction through face-to-face interactions, thus allowing for a more personal and practical wealth management experience.

Sound Investment Advice From Businessman Igor Cornelsen

When it comes to investing Igor Cornelsen is considered a champion. This guy literally knows everything there is to know about investing. Igor Cornelsen’s experience can be matched by very few in the industry. That’s why when he gives advice about investing, its very wise to stop, listen and take notes.

Here are 4 investment tips on Cornelsen believes all investors should take heed to:

#1 – Don’t Lose Money

No matter what you are investing in, as an investor like Igor Cornelsen your money is always at risk. And while you can’t completely avoid risks, you can reduce them. If an investment is costing you money, get out of it as quickly as you can.

#2 – Start Investing Now

Time is one of the most critical elements when it comes to investing. Thats why it is so important you get started now! The sooner you start investing, the better off you will be in the long run.

While you don’t need to be young to start investing, if you are, you will greatly improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

#3 – Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

If you are serious about investing you should make it a point to diversify your portfolio. By diversifying your portfolio you will increase your ability to make money from different sources. If you don’t diversify your portfolio you increase your risk of losing all of your money if one investment goes bad.

As an investor such as Igor Cornelsen you should have a well balanced and well diversified portfolio.

#4 – Get An Advisor or Mentor

If you are new the world of investing its best to get an advisor or mentor to help you learn the ropes. Investing is a very tricky game to play. One wrong move and you can potentially lose your life savings.

Having a trusted advisor on your side can speed up the learning process. It will also ensure you have a solid understanding of how to invest on before you start investing your hard earned money.

The more you can learn before hand, the better off you will be once you start investing on your own.

Investing is one of the most risky financial practices for Igor Cornelsen you can get involved with. If you are new to investing be sure to keep these tips in mind. Doing so can save you a great deal of stress later on down the road.