Aloha Construction Explains How To Protect Your Dog During A Home Construction Project

A major source of employment in the United States is the construction industry. This past July, in fact, it was the largest source of new jobs in the country. One company that has been hiring in the industry is Aloha Construction out of Illinois. Ever since the end of the 2016 presidential elections, they have been hiring more workers as they have customers requesting more projects to be completed.

The jobs numbers seem to indicate that more people are either building new homes or remodeling existing ones. It also shows that companies in the real estate industry are building new homes to sell to people which increases the number of homeowners. Other industries also benefit from this activity, such as manufacturing companies who are the ones that create the materials builders use. It also helps banks and other mortgage lenders as they have people coming to them who need to borrow large sums of money.

The people at Aloha Construction also want people to know how to keep their dogs safe and comfortable when they’re having their home worked on. New people entering the home and the loud noises and activities can be confusing or scary for a dog. Aloha Construction says you should keep an eye on your dog so that they aren’t injured on construction equipment. Aloha Construction personnel also say you shouldn’t leave your dog alone with unfamiliar people in case they get irritated and to know more

Another thing that the folks at Aloha Construction say is that you should recognize dogs are creatures of habit. They should be kept to their schedule during a construction project as much as is manageable. They’ll enjoy getting out of the house on their routine and get some relief in case they are stressed out or anxious because of all of the unfamiliar activity.

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Handy Tops the List of Home Cleaning Service Providers

Handy Cleaning Services was formerly known as Handybook. The New York City-based cleaning services company ( was founded in 2012 by Hanrahan Oisin and his classmate Umang Dua. The idea of starting a cleaning company came after they discovered a shortage in quality and professional cleaners in the US and Ireland. Handy was established to provide cleaning services to people with busy schedules and the elderly who cannot find time to perform their chores. Currently, Handy is rated as the best home cleaning services provider. Furthermore, its booking process takes approximately 60 seconds. The clients’ money is secure, and they assure 100% refund in case a client is not satisfied with the services.

Handy has been consistent in providing solutions to regular home problems. With just a tap on you iPhone, you can order a plumber, cleaner or handyman. Handy has become the Uber of home maintenance. The company is growing fast, with over 50 employees and several freelancers. They scrutinize their freelancers thoroughly to ensure they have a passionate and dedicated team. Although millions apply to work for Handy, only 3% are hired. Currently, Handy operates in more than 28 cities. In January 2014, it bought the West Coast cleaning business. In 2014, Handy announced having generated over $1 million bookings every week. Handy’s run rate increased from $3 to $52 million within two years in operation.

Handy’s Furniture Delivery Services launched their furniture delivery service in 2015. The service involves furniture assembly, shopping, and delivery. Handy raised $64 million to launch its subsidiary, Handy Delivery. The furniture is bought through Handy’s site and distributed by Ikea Furniture. If Handy’s website does not have a client’s furniture of interest, customers are advised to mail the type of furniture they want to Handy for pricing. As such, Handy can expand and incorporate more furniture store. According to Hanrahan, Handy’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, there is no direct partnership between Handy and Ikea furniture. He also added that Handy has no plans of becoming an e-commerce portal.

Handy’s main rival in the cleaning service, Homejoy pulled out of the market last year. Months after their departure, Handy raised $50 million in new funding. The funds were from Fidelity, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, TPG Growth, and Revolution Growth. The funds will be channeled towards expanding the services in other cities within one year. Handy plans to double its area of operation to ensure its client base increases and is well-served.