Michael Zomber’s Contributions to The History Channel and His Work as a Writer

There are some people who are just born into this world make differences everywhere that they go. A good example of this is Michael Zomber. Having been born in 1949 to a family of German immigrants it is easy to see why Zomber has a big heart. Michael and his family found a new life when he was younger within New Jersey and after that ended up in Pennsylvania where they were able to finally settle down.

Zomber became a very educated man attending universities all over such as the University of Illinois, Villanova University and also the Oberlin College. Now he has many different degrees in the study of literatures and also language. These educational ventures helped him in becoming a very successful business man.

The History Channel is the place where Michael Zomber shines though. He has been a guest historian that has contributed a lot to the t.v. show known as Tales of the Gun. Mr. Zomber has a very interesting collection that he loves to show on the History Channel in order to make sure that history does not get forgotten. On the show he chooses to tell the stories behind some of the unique pieces and tells people all about the famous arms. Throughout all of the writing that he has done he has been able to help his readers better understand the wars that his guns were used in.

Zomber loves to share all of the things that he knows about the different types of weapons that have been in the past used by some of the most famous people in history such as George Washington and also the famous Simone Bolivar. During the time he has spent on the show he has gotten many different awards and also many commendations.

Other then his fame on the History Channel Zomber also is a very well-written storyteller. With his past being full of very interesting tales to tell he has been able to write of his earlier life and all that he has been through down creating some very fascinating books. Michael as of right now has six different books and also has many screenplays that he has released.

Michael Zomber has definitely led an interesting life. He has a collection of antique guns that he has been adding to for almost forty years now. Zomber is married to a wonderful woman who goes by the name of Andrea and she has even helped him in some of his wonderful creations including a documentary. With his wife Michael has two kids who are named Christopher and Gabriella. All in all it can be said that Zomber has made a huge impact on the world as far as preserving history is concerned and also when it comes to having contributed so much to the world through his writing.