Fabletics Provides More Athleisure Products Customers Want

Fabletics athleisure wear was co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Since it’s launch Fabletics has used reverse show room techniques to market the product line. Fabletics relies heavily on excellent consumer reviews of their product line and customer service.


Many people are too busy to find time to go shopping in stores. Busy moms are constantly on the go and looking for comfortable yet stylish clothing to wear. Fabletics has continually ranked high in ecommerce sales for their fashionable and affordable line of comfortable and athletic clothing.


Fabletics strives to provide top quality customer service and excellent shipping and VIP customer deals. Busy women seeking Fabletics clothing have several options when it comes to their wardrobes. Customers can sign up for the VIP shipment box which costs $49 monthly and a complete outfit is mailed out every single month. Customers can also simply go to the website and purchase individual pieces whenever they want. Fabletics does encourage shoppers to participate in the LifeStyle Quiz. This is a quick Quiz that helps Fabletics find outfits and individual pieces that are tailored to each individual customers likes.


Kate Hudson is a busy mom and understood the need for a comfortable and affordable clothing line. She noticed a huge gap in the athleisure clothing line for every day moms. Pieces were either boring or poorly designed or well designed and stylish but with a hefty price tag. Many stay at home and work from home moms require budget friendly clothing and strive to retain style in their wardrobe. Kate filled this industry hole by creating the Fabletics line. With an understanding of what moms would want Kate created a line that is comprised of leggings, capris, shorts and comfortable athletic pants. The selection of tops range from sports bras, tank tops, short sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts. The Athleisure line also has light weight over jackets, socks, and other athletic accessories that allows for this look to go from gym to home very easily.


Fabletics has been evolving with the need of its customers. Recently swimwear and dresses have been incorporated in the line. It is important to create a one stop shop for customers when providing a virtual store front. By providing items in every category that shoppers would want, they no longer have to visit multiple clothing websites. Fabletics has embraced their customer’s feedback and is continually striving to offer more products.

Looking for What is Wanted and Building What is Wanted With Fabletics

One thing that people need to face in the case that they take an interest in fashion is that there are limits. Often times, these limits are not going to be quite what they want. For one thing, people can look on social media platforms and forums to hear about some of the aspects of fashion that they are frustrated with. However, it is possible for people to find the type of clothes they want with fashion. They are just going to have to look and find a store that offers something that is very close to their style.


One example of this type of limit comes in the form of activewear. For the longest time, people have watched as new innovations have made their way to other aspects of fashion while activewear has pretty much stayed the same. Fortunately, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decide that creativity does not have to stop at activewear. They got a team of creative minds which include Kimora Lee Simmons among other creative fashion designers. This has brought forth a lot of innovations in the activewear portion of fashion. The clothes that have been designed for working out have a creative edge to them that is missing from the other companies that offer activewear.


Perhaps the type of clothes that Fabletics sells should not be consider simply activewear but “athleisure”. Athleisure is the type of clothing that has an interesting design to it where it can be worn for more than just working out. It can also be worn for leisure activities like meeting people. For people that wear these clothes, they will show off an impressive sense of style because they know what works for them. Fabletics is willing to help them find what they are looking for with the Lifestyle Quiz that they have every member take when they sign up.


While they have high fashion clothes that are impressive looking, these items are also affordable in more ways than one because they will not fall apart easily. People who shop at Fabletics will find a good deal on styles that they are looking for.