Dr. Clay Siegall’s Determination To Fight Cancer

Education is a key element in the current competitive world, as it helps us to solve most of the complications that we face in our society. That applies well for Dr. Clay Siegall who holds a degree in zoology from the Maryland University and a PhD from the University of Washington where he was undertaking studies in genetics. However, it is experience in life that drove Dr. Clay Siegall towards the greatness that is currently associated with his career.


The Founder and Chairman of Seattle Genetics understands the importance of good health in the society since he has seen many people especially those who were close to him suffer under the tormenting effects of Cancer. While at Maryland University, he realized that he could do more than just treat cancer using chemotherapy. Additionally, he saw technology as the scapegoat that he could use to bring decency and a long lasting solution in the treatment of cancer. In 1998, he established Seattle Genetics after having worked with other organizations that are also involved in scientific research such as Bristol Myers Pharmaceuticals Research Institute.


The educational background that Dr. Clay Siegall has led him to develop a desire for creating various targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics was therefore established primarily on the use of technology as Clay believed that the progression rate of technological innovation would eventually help to unearth great solutions to different challenges in the society. His company has been associated with more significant success stories, and some of the targeted therapies that have been developed by his business include the ADC’s.


ADCETRIS has been currently adopted by about 66 countries due to the significant impact that it has in the treatment of cancer patients. The success of ADCETRIS in the global market has been made possible by the collaboration that Seattle genetics was able to establish with Takeda Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Clay Siegall has also managed to land on many licenses for his organization thanks to the use of ADC technology. Other therapies that the company continues to produce include GlaxoSmithKline, Above, and Genentech. The medication has helped to generate approximately more than $350 million for the enterprise. The Company has undertaken the capital raising activities from both private and public companies, and this has helped the organization to collect more than $1.2 billion which has been used to advance research.