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The President of TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investment Investor

The president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar, is also the vice-president of Legendary Investments. He is focused on the real estate sector and has an experience of twenty years and more. He helps other realtors come up with the new property. Lubar has interests and investments in areas like entertainment, construction and mortgage banking. When he interacts with clients, he strives to make them succeed in achieving their dreams.

TDL was an idea he conceived when he was working in finance and credit firms. Todd Lubar searched for a way in which he could remove blockades that denied eligible realtors loan for developments. He started his initiative and was successful in serving the developers well.

He told interviewers recently that his typical days start with breakfast at home with family while he is checking on developing news on the cable networks. The then checks his emails and heads to the gym for a workout. Todd Lubar updates himself regarding trends and technology. It helps him keep up with competition and stay ahead of the rest.

Todd is a dreamer who makes the dreams a reality. His brainstorms and self-challenges add some innovation into the picture. Technology in the real estate development is what excites him; the use of mobile banking and internet to talk with friends and control homes and appliances makes him euphoric.

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar’s good organization and aggressiveness allow him to make good decisions that will lead to profitability. Lubar is an advisor to emerging businesspeople. He tells them to be near other traders that are competitive and challenging so as to promote growth. He encourages them to be very trustworthy when dealing with good clients who bring buyers and are themselves property buyers.

Maryland Legacy Financial office has grown thanks to his efforts. He has been in Charter Funding an organization that is helping people in need. He attended Syracuse University and is a graduate in BA, Speech Communication (1995). His help in the Charter Funding has allowed the underprivileged get a chance to pursue what they like and get the basic needs in life.

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Various organizations have risen to recognize extraordinary performance of individuals in the various sectors of the economy. One of these organizations is the One Planet organizations which host annual awards to honor business performance for both individuals and groups. Over the years these awards have become highly coveted among the people and receiving one of these is a humbling experience.

In 2016, One Planet Awards recognized the efforts of Troy McQuagge; a major engineering power at the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group is a Texas based insurance company. Under the leadership of this talented man, the organization has conquered the North American insurance market by its innovative, flexible and affordable insurance plans. It serves about 15 million people in self-employment and small business; most of whom may not afford native insurance plans due to the high costs associated with them. It works with a wide network of providers to ensure that their clients get discounts on the various plans.McQuagge was greatly humbled by the award of CEO of the Year where he scooped the Gold. He did not for a moment attribute this award to his personal efforts but said that the award belonged to the USHEALTH Group team as a whole. These are the people who have been greatly dedicated to ensuring that their customers understand not only their products but also the importance of healthcare as a whole. He emphasized that the company is willing to see every member of the society happy with healthcare services available and thus will not rest even after this great recognition.

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McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and had the chance to work as CEO and president of USHEALTH Advisors and the Freedom Life Insurance Company which are both subsidiaries of the company. In both of these he served as the Chief Executive Officer and president. Having achieved great success in the two, the board thought they could extrapolate this success to the entire company. In 2014, they appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer and president of the group. Since his appointment the company has achieved a lot of great improvements in terms of creative and innovative services and products, customer service and even profitability.


Brazil Startups Are Turning The Economic Tide In Latin America’s Largest Economy

Brazilians are famous for functioning in spite of antiquated tax codes and labor laws on They are famous for dealing with high-interest rates and their inept bureaucracy. Investors ran away from Brazil in 2012, thanks to sinking commodity prices, a Chinese import moratorium, and fiscal mismanagement. Even though half of the population is connected to the Internet, the Brazilian economy is still in trouble. But according to investor, Flavio Maluf, and other Brazilian entrepreneurs, Brazil Startups are injecting new life into the country’s economy at

More than 4,000 new companies are up and running, or will be, over the next 18 months, and most of those companies are Internet-driven entities. Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, one of Brazil’s largest exporters, thinks Brazil will make a major economic turnaround in 2017, and Startups will be the catalyst for that turnaround. Flavio Maluf is confident because most of the Startups are in the education, healthcare, tech, and commodities sectors of the economy, and they all have digital marketing capabilities and apps that make some sort of impact on Brazilian consumers.

Brazil is now an Internet-driven society. More than 43 million Brazilians do business online, and new online consumers pop up every day. Startups are making the old way of doing business in Brazil obsolete on Brazilian consumers use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as much as U.S. consumers to identify new trends and products. Brazilian Startups are introducing apps for everything from educational books to cattle counters. Flavio Maluf is looking ahead, and he sees nothing but economic change in front of him and his country.

Flavio Maluf is used to change. His building material supply company has changed over the last 65 years. Eucatex went from a one-product company to a corporation that has four factories in Sao Paulo and a diversified product line. Eucatex brands sell in home improvement stores, and they are also used by contractors and construction companies around the world. The company was named after eucalyptus trees, so Maluf established a leasing program that allows people to participate in growing eucalyptus trees. Maluf is an environmentalist and entrepreneur. He cares about clean air and his country’s economic growth.

Impact of Don Ressler to the Development of Startups

About Don Ressler
Mr. Don Ressler is the Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and the President of FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc. He started his career through consulting with companies interested in venturing into the digital platform. He has generated over billions in sales and raised more than 100 million regarding capital for internet companies. These achievements have earned him a tremendous reputation as a business person. When Intermix Media in 2001 acquired, Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to explore new opportunities.

With all the expertise and knowledge, they held a discussion in Goldenberg’s living room, and they founded Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty provided a platform a direct-to-customer brand enterprise. It later gave birth to smaller startups like SENSA a weight-loss system with Dr. Alan Hirsch as its product developer and DERMSTORE. Though the two ventures had successful runs, Intelligent Beauty dissolved them in 2010 to later launch its third company called JustFab. JustFab received its funding from various investors such as Matrix Partners and Rho Ventures. Later, JustFab acquired European fashion e-commerce site known as The Fab Shoes.

Information on JustFab
Founded in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, JustFab began as an online footwear platform before expanding to selling jewelry and handbags. JustFab is the leading fashion subscription e-commerce sites and lifestyle fashion brand that offers its clients a once in a lifetime personalized shopping online experience. Located in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, JustFab offers high-fashion looks at very affordable prices and free shipping for goods worth $39.95 and above. Its clients have exclusive access to fashion advice, tips, and content. Their products on range from customized selection of shoes, apparel, handbags, and jewelry. According to women’s wear daily, the firm is currently valued at around $1 billion. JustFab later changed its name to TechStyle.

About Fabletics
Fabletics is an online athletic wear retailer that was also founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg together with Kate Hudson in July 2013. Fabletics has shares in the JustFab portfolio of brands. Fabletics mainly specializes in women’s sportswear and accessories commonly termed as “athleisure.” Kate Hudson’s influence and experience as an athlete and style icon gave a significant boost to Fabletics enterprise. The primary objective of Fabletics is to make fitness more fashionable and easy to incorporate it to active wear in daily life.