Handy Raises Larges Sums of Money as Venture Capitalist Buy Into On-Demand Services

The act of cleaning a home is something that homeowners have to do on a regular basis. Hiring cleaning crews to do this is nothing new. Any metropolitan city will have a phone book that yields a variety of local cleaners. The average venture capitalist would not waste much time investing in ideas that are so simplistic. There are times, however, when the concept of cleaning homes is more than that.

For co-founders Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, the concept of cleaning homes could transition into much more. That is how they started Handy Cleaning Services, https://www.handy.com/. They would also see cleaning as a service that would thrive as a franchise business. Most cleaning companies in various cities have local cleaners that are restricted to the city that they live in. These are small businesses. What Oisin Hanrahan did was consider the concept of cleaning on a much larger scale. As someone that never found time to clean his own room in college while in Cambridge, Massachusetts it became evident that this would be a noteworthy idea.

Oisin was a college student that only had classes at the time. He could only imagine how busy working class people with families would be. Venture capitalists could also visualize what Oisin Hanrahan was seeing with Handy Cleaning Services. This is what allowed the Handy co-founders to raise $110 million in venture capitalist money. Even with this extraordinary vision, it still was not easy to see profits instantly, but the profits would come. These profits would help this company expand from one large city to the next. Areas like Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and New York have seen Handy workers come out and clean homes and much more. The additional services like painting and plumbing have allowed this company to branch out and reach millions.