WEN: 5 Hair Products in 1 Cleansing Conditioner

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a one-of-a-kind hair care product created by beauty expert and stylist to the stars Chaz Dean. Unlike other shampoos, WEN does not contain harsh sulfates. Acting as a shampoo, it gently cleanses the hair without lather. It also detangles your locks, and works as a regular conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. You can replace your shampoo and all the bottles of conditioner in your bathroom with just one bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner. WEN hair is able to maintain its natural shine because WEN won’t strip natural oils the way that traditional shampoo does. If your hair has lost some of its sheen and youthful radiance, don’t worry. WEN can help restore it.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner has a special 5-in-1 formula that allows it to replace shampoo and the many different conditioners that women use to keep their hair soft and manageable. It contains glycerin for moisturizing, and wild cherry bark to help condition hair. Panthenol strengthens the hair shaft, and hair is smoothed by the rosemary extract. Chamomile has been added for its calming, soothing aspects. Together, these specially-chosen ingredients combine to make a conditioner that not only smells wonderful, but also moisturizes and pampers the hair.

WEN was developed by Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean, the hair care guru that Hollywood’s elite turn to to keep their hair healthy and camera-ready. The owner of the Chaz Dean Studio offers an intimate place for his high profile clientele to relax. When not pampering his guests at the salon, Chaz is busy developing new products for his WEN by Chaz product line for customers all over the world. His goal is to give his customers the hair of their dreams, whether they are in his studio or using Chaz Dean products at home.

WEN users credit the products with taking their hair from dull, frizzy, and tattered to red carpet ready. For many, simplifying their hair care routine has a two-fold advantage. It frees up time and saves money – because they aren’t having to buy so many products anymore. WEN is suitable for all hair types. If you’re looking to restore shine and resilience to your hair, why not give WEN Cleansing Conditioner a try?