Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Help Minorities With Activist Opportunities

As activists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have done what they can to help people with the different situations they have. They work with minorities to make sure they are offering them the best opportunities possible and that’s what has allowed the men to continue helping other people.

In fact, they have done their best to show others the things that will help them in their own situations. Despite not being legal advisors, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey feel they have a lot of experience and are confident in helping people realize what they need to do to have a better life.

Both Lacey and Larking worked as journalists. While they were in that position, they were learning as much as they could about the world around them. While some of the things they learned were positive and helped them do their job more effectively, many of the things caused problems and made it harder for them to realize what was actually going on in the world.

They didn’t like to see the issues minorities were facing and they knew they wouldn’t be able to continue facing these issues if they didn’t have the help they needed.

In the course of their reporting, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey published information about corruption in the local sheriff’s office. They didn’t think it was fair and they wanted to expose the truth. Even though they didn’t do anything that was wrong or illegal, they were arrested.

The men had to go through different trials and had to fight against the case because of the way it was working for them and for people who were in different situations. The men won the case and that’s what allowed them to continue on as they were working toward helping people with the issues they faced.

After they had won the case, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey decided it was time to start working on being better activists. They did what they could to help people and set up the Frontera Fund. The three million dollars they won from the case was beneficial in setting up the foundation and the men knew it would be something they could use to make things better.

It was also something people would benefit from if they were struggling through issues as minorities and in different situations where they were an important part of the industry and the focus in the industry.

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“Big Money 20” Targeted By End Citizens United

The development of the End Citizens United PAC has seen the group become one of the best-known in U.S. politics as it fights to overcome the problems of big money flooding into the political system of the nation. Despite many believing the PAC would be a one issue political action committee the growth of End Citizens United has seen it come to play a major part in the 2016 election and the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. As a key part of the political campaign embarked upon by the Democrats in the U.S., End Citizens United has fired the first shots at Republicans by naming its “Big Money 20”.

The “Big Money 20” is a list of the top targets End Citizens United has identified from Republican candidates for reelection during the 2018 midterms including a range of politicians many feels are placing the concerns of their wealthy donors above those of the nation. Among those named by End Citizens United as their top targets for 2018 are former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz and House Speaker Paul Ryan despite many experts feeling the two top targets will not lose their seats in Congress but may have some uncomfortable moments on the campaign trail at the hands of End Citizens United.

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One would probably feel the majority of those End Citizens United hopes to reach during the 2018 midterms would be registered Democrat voters who are unsure of voting; however, the 2016 election cycle showed End Citizens United it could have an impact on the way independent voters cast their ballot. The issue of campaign financing has obviously struck a chord with many voters and donors who are providing grassroots support for the End Citizens United PAC with all financial donations capped at just $5,000 as the group is registered as a traditional PAC.

End Citizens United has pledged to continue its fight against the campaign financing rules which were changed in a major way in 2010 with the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. By removing caps on the donations of wealthy donors the Citizens United decision has shifted the balance of power away from the general public and into the hands of the billionaire class who hope to influence the political future of the U.S. to further their own ends. The three million members of End Citizens United are on course to build an election fund topping $35 million by the time of the 2018 midterms which will be used to back Democrats who have shown support for changing election financing rules and returning to the earlier regulations used prior to 2010.

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Soros And His Democracy Alliance Banding Progressives Together To Fight Trump

Bernie Sanders said that he was embarrassed Democrats and Hilary Clinton lost the working class vote to Donal Trump. The Vermont Senator and former Presidential Candidate is calling for a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party in order to take back the working class vote. He is demanding the Democrats forsake big money donors; that hey enact policies that help people struggling all over this country.

The Democratic establishment is meeting with a super-donor group called the Democracy Alliance over the weekend. Leaders of the party, including Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi, will meet with these ultra-wealthy donors to discuss strategy going forward. The group’s goal is to block Trump’s initiatives in the first 100 days of his Presidency and beyond. Short term strategies will focus on the Trump Administration’s first three months while longer term strategies aim to thwart policies down the road. Plans will also be drawn up for elections, local and federal, in 2017 and 2018.

The Democracy Alliance is a group comprised of the biggest donors on the left. Membership costs $30,000 per year to fund the DA and its staff. Members are also required to fund progressive political groups and think tanks with at least $200,000 per year. The groups, including Media Matters, help the DA fight against conservative political policies all over the country. The DA has raised almost $500 million for progressive groups since its inception in 2004.

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The group was started by George Soros, the left’s biggest donor. The billionaire hedge fund manager has been a longtime adversary of Donald Trump, and he’s planning to use the DA to fight his fellow billionaire’s Presidency. The group was started to support John Kerry and his Presidential run against George W. Bush. That seems to be when George Soros got politically involved with donations in the U.S. The billionaire donor made it no secret that he despised the policy decision of George W. Bush and he openly fought those policy decisions with political donation.

Now Soros is planning to do the same under a Trump Presidency, but he seems to be taking this fight much more seriously. George Soros started and funds the DA, but he is usually absent from the meetings of the group. This time, he is a keynote speaker at the anti-Trump summit.

George Soros survived the Holocaust. He was a young Jewish boy living in Budapest under Nazi rule. He escaped their clutches, and he eventually ended up in London where he graduated from the University of the Arts. He became famous when he shorted the British pound to make $1 billion in one day.

Ever since George Soros has become wealthy, he has advocated for open societies through philanthropy groups. He advocates for refugees because he was once an immigrant from a war-torn country himself. While he has stopped short of equating Trump to Hitler, he sees similarities in their rises to power. He sees Trump as an authoritarian. Soros seems to think this political fight against Trump is a very important one.

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Thor Halvorssen visits Oslo

Recently, Oslo, Norway played host to a major international conference. Leaders from around the world came to the Oslo Freedom Forum to hear speeches from major human rights activists. The conference was extremely entertaining, but the real work of the conference happened behind the scenes.

Dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists from around the world visit the Grand Hotel to make great connections. These activists love visiting with one another and discussing the steps necessary to help their various causes. Any journalist searching for a real story has to be inside these meeting.

Recently, a reporter from Buzzfeed had the opportunity to meet with Thor Halvorssen at the Christiana Theater, a popular hangout spot. Halvorssen is a 37 year old man, and he is currently the leader of the Human Rights Foundation. The journalist was able to witness Halvorssen speaking to Chen Guangcheng and his wife. Thor offered Chen some amazing advice that he hopes will help Chen’s cause.

Thor encouraged Chen to continue building a relationship with Christian Bale. Christian Bale is an extremely popular American actor, and having an American celebrity can help rally people around the world to a cause. Thor Halvorssen was turned off by the idea that a celebrity makes such a big difference, but he knows that a wise activist will use anything he can for an advantage.

Thor Halvorssen is a major player in the human rights community. Many view Halvorssen as a throwback to the Cold War era. He has a deep distrust of communism and socialism because his family suffered considerably during their time in Venezuela. Halvorssen describes himself as a classical liberal who is interested in spreading the cause of freedom around the world. He works constantly to depose evil dictators who oppress their own citizens.

Thor has fully dedicated himself to the cause of human rights. He regularly makes appearances on news programs to denounce dictators and the allure of authoritarianism. He knows that freedom can be lost in a generation, and he is determined to prevent it from happening in his lifetime. The world should look to Thor for leadership.

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