Imran Haque’s Unique Medical Services

Imran Haque, an Asheboro-based medic, is the pioneer and facilitator of Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr. Haque is highly recognized for his activities that are directed towards providing medical care accompanied by diligent services. Imran Haque delivers his intent that is dedicated to offering excellent health care services to Asheboro residents. The medical organization not only operates in its area but also in a variety of sectors including in Ramseur and the surrounding locations. Imran Haque values the significance of partnership as they bring diversified ideas that cater for different needs. Dr. Imran Haque thus collaborates with other groups including hospitals like Randolph Hospital. Imran’s popularity stems from his long-term experience that sums to approximately fifteen years. He is an expert in physical examination performance and knowledge regarding many illnesses.

Besides extensive exposure, Imran Haque acquired his professional skills from his educational experience. He attended Universidad Iberoamerican located in Santo Domingo where he earned his degree in medicine. Later, Imran Haque advanced his studies at Virginia University, the Medical school branch. While at the institution, Imran Haque demonstrated his desires in the providence of quality and strengthened medical services. This factor satisfied medics thus Dr. Haque qualified for the attainment of training license that permitted him to practice medicine throughout North Carolina. Imran Haque is widely identified by Asheboro natives for his outstanding personality that describes him. Imran’s attribute is composed of aspects of hard work, talent, and passion.

Besides his medical qualifications, Imran Haque has enrolled in other programs regarding certification maintenance for internal medicine. Under his instructions, Horizontal Internal Medicine has branded its reputation with the aid of unique and friendly staff members. Imran Haque postulates that for the attainment of success, an organization required equipped personnel whose desires match which the company’s objectives. For this reason, Imran Haque facilitates the transformation of Horizontal Internal Medicine into a recent state of art organization.



Jim Larkin the Man Who Revolutionized Trade Unionism

Jim Larkin, a trade unionist, was born on 21 January 1876 in Liverpool England. He was born in the slums thus, he had very little formal education. To enhance his family earnings he took several manual jobs and eventually was employed as a foreman at the Liverpool docks.

Jim Larkin joined and became a full-time trade union organizer of the National Union of Docks Laborers (NUDL) in 1905. In 1907 he was transferred to Dublin by the NUDL due to his militia strike methods. In Dublin, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU) with an objective to unite all Irish workers skilled and unskilled into a single organization. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

He delineated the political agenda of ITGWU in 1908 where he demanded that workers should only work eight hours a day, the unemployed should be provided with jobs and all workers who are 60 years of age should be given pensions. He also demanded that all means of transport and canals be nationalized, adult suffrage and formation of compulsory arbitration courts.

Later, in 1912, he formed the Irish Labor party and was responsible for a series of strikes. The most noteworthy was the 1913 Dublin Lockout strike which lead to over 100,000 workers striking for almost eight months, ultimately winning the right to fair employment.

Due to his strike methods, the Irish press was against him, but he had many supporters including Constance Markievicz, William Butler Yeats, and Patrick Pearse. He never used violence, he simply used sympathetic strike method and boycotting of goods.

Jim Larkin held anti-war demonstrations in Dublin during the outburst of the First World War asking the Irish people not to be engaged in the war. He wrote in the Irish Worker “Stop at home. Arm for Ireland. Fight for Ireland and no other land.” In 1914, he traveled to the U.S.A. for a lecture tour as well as to raise funds to fight the British.

Here Jim joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the Socialist Party of America. While in The U.S. the Easter Rising took place in Ireland and his friend James Connolly died in the process. On March 17th, 1918 he established the James Connolly Socialist Club in New York which turned out to be the center of Left-wing activities.

In 1920 he was convicted of communism and criminal lawlessness and was pardoned three years later. He was deported back to Ireland where he launched the Workers Union of Ireland(WUI) and became a member of the Irish Labor Party in 1945 He continued working for the reimbursement of workers until his death on 30th January 1947.

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Richard Mishaan Design Combines Traditional and Modern

Richard Mishaan Design is known for creative design that transforms a home using lighting and furniture. His clients range from upscale homeowners to hotels. He has a way of arranging competing elements into a design that works. Richard Mishaan work on hotels has been in Columbia, New York, Florida, and the Dominica Republic.

His design is different and he believes its more important to have a talent for design than money. One of the couches he owns is over 20 years old. His belief is when you buy good quality furniture it lasts a long time. He owns a furniture shop in Greenwich that sells a wide variety of pieces. He stocks furniture from his own line there.

He believes in transforming a small or large space into something beautiful. With small space he opens them up by painting the walls with white colors, uses low furniture, and floating beds. His own home is filled with antiques, quality furniture, and art pieces. It has a wooden vaulted ceiling. His kitchen is blue and white and patterns of plaids and stripes can be found everywhere in his . The bathroom has special designer wallpaper and in his decorating he combines modern and traditional design.

One of his project was Karen Silverman’s home. The woman lives with her husband and two sons. In her home he has created a sense of serenity. He coordinated large spaces and changed the furniture layouts. The house has antiques and modern design combined. The colors he used were white, brown, and neutrals.

He draws his inspiration of design from everything around him. Frequently he visits art galleries and attends design shows. He sees movies, attends fashion shows, and attends the theater. He watches how people live their lives and then plans on how he will transform their space. His combining traditional and modern design and making it work well is his trademark.

Fabletics Provides More Athleisure Products Customers Want

Fabletics athleisure wear was co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Since it’s launch Fabletics has used reverse show room techniques to market the product line. Fabletics relies heavily on excellent consumer reviews of their product line and customer service.


Many people are too busy to find time to go shopping in stores. Busy moms are constantly on the go and looking for comfortable yet stylish clothing to wear. Fabletics has continually ranked high in ecommerce sales for their fashionable and affordable line of comfortable and athletic clothing.


Fabletics strives to provide top quality customer service and excellent shipping and VIP customer deals. Busy women seeking Fabletics clothing have several options when it comes to their wardrobes. Customers can sign up for the VIP shipment box which costs $49 monthly and a complete outfit is mailed out every single month. Customers can also simply go to the website and purchase individual pieces whenever they want. Fabletics does encourage shoppers to participate in the LifeStyle Quiz. This is a quick Quiz that helps Fabletics find outfits and individual pieces that are tailored to each individual customers likes.


Kate Hudson is a busy mom and understood the need for a comfortable and affordable clothing line. She noticed a huge gap in the athleisure clothing line for every day moms. Pieces were either boring or poorly designed or well designed and stylish but with a hefty price tag. Many stay at home and work from home moms require budget friendly clothing and strive to retain style in their wardrobe. Kate filled this industry hole by creating the Fabletics line. With an understanding of what moms would want Kate created a line that is comprised of leggings, capris, shorts and comfortable athletic pants. The selection of tops range from sports bras, tank tops, short sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts. The Athleisure line also has light weight over jackets, socks, and other athletic accessories that allows for this look to go from gym to home very easily.


Fabletics has been evolving with the need of its customers. Recently swimwear and dresses have been incorporated in the line. It is important to create a one stop shop for customers when providing a virtual store front. By providing items in every category that shoppers would want, they no longer have to visit multiple clothing websites. Fabletics has embraced their customer’s feedback and is continually striving to offer more products.

Live Happy & Healthier, “Lifeline Screening”

Living life happier and healthier it much easier when you know your physical well-being is stable and able-bodied. Taking measures to take care of your health are extremely important to longevity and peace-of-mind.

Lifeline Screening is a company that specializes in the power of prevention. In business since 1996, Lifeline Screening has over twenty years experience in screening patients and evaluating potential health risks.

Now-a-days physical screenings and addressing potential health concerns are vital. Assessments provided by Lifeline Screening go above and beyond the typical medical provider. Lifeline screening implements a series of tests and examinations to uncover potential health issues and risks that can cause serious problems later on.

The first step to receiving a Lifeline Screening, is to fill out some general information and answering basic questions in regards to personal health. An appointment is made and like a regular hospital or clinic, a patient checks in and a representative may asks some additional questions and verify some information. Dressing comfortably in loose clothing makes it easier for testing. For more info about us: click here.

The next step depending on what an individual needs, could include general examinations like taking blood pressure, weighing-in, and possibly blood tests. Further examinations can include an ultra-sound and/or and EKG. These cover areas of health that can concern heart disease, stroke, plaque build up in the arteries, thyroid disease, prostate and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, protein screening, kidney disease and much more. The Lifeline Screening website provides a detailed list of tests and evaluations.

Once screening is complete, tests will be reviewed by a doctor. Lifeline will then mail to the patient the results. If any of the tests taken reveal anything abnormal or concerning, additional information is provided along with the results.

Lifeline screening information evaluations and results are signed by a doctor, this information can then be shared with your own personal doctor. This will allow him or her to take further steps to address the patients personal health and options.

Lifeline Screening provides beneficial services to help avoid chronic diseases. This prevention is extremely important to anyone who wants to stay happier and healthier.

Aloha Construction Explains How To Protect Your Dog During A Home Construction Project

A major source of employment in the United States is the construction industry. This past July, in fact, it was the largest source of new jobs in the country. One company that has been hiring in the industry is Aloha Construction out of Illinois. Ever since the end of the 2016 presidential elections, they have been hiring more workers as they have customers requesting more projects to be completed.

The jobs numbers seem to indicate that more people are either building new homes or remodeling existing ones. It also shows that companies in the real estate industry are building new homes to sell to people which increases the number of homeowners. Other industries also benefit from this activity, such as manufacturing companies who are the ones that create the materials builders use. It also helps banks and other mortgage lenders as they have people coming to them who need to borrow large sums of money.

The people at Aloha Construction also want people to know how to keep their dogs safe and comfortable when they’re having their home worked on. New people entering the home and the loud noises and activities can be confusing or scary for a dog. Aloha Construction says you should keep an eye on your dog so that they aren’t injured on construction equipment. Aloha Construction personnel also say you shouldn’t leave your dog alone with unfamiliar people in case they get irritated and to know more

Another thing that the folks at Aloha Construction say is that you should recognize dogs are creatures of habit. They should be kept to their schedule during a construction project as much as is manageable. They’ll enjoy getting out of the house on their routine and get some relief in case they are stressed out or anxious because of all of the unfamiliar activity.

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How Desiree Perez Is Involved In Running Roc Nation

10 years ago musician Jay Z signed a decade long, $150 million deal with Live Nation. The deal included both his live performances as well as his recorded music which is part of his company, Roc Nation. The deal is now coming to a close. The contract language between the two parties includes a “buy-sell” which means that either party to the agreement can either sell their portion of Roc Nation or choose to buy the company in totality.People close to the negotiations between Roc Nation and Live Nation say that the latter party is interested in continuing the live music portion of the deal but wants to walk away from the recorded music side.

In the future, Live Nation only wants to be involved in tours and live performances. Roc Nation has a number of successful musicians that they want to continue touring deals with, including Rihanna, Jay Z, Shakira, and Fat Joe.The main person handling the negotiations with Live Nation is Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez. She is the top executive at the company and a long time business partner of Jay Z’s. It’s been reported she has met with the top executive at Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, who is purportedly interested in buying a portion of Roc Nation.

This would be a boon to Roc Nation as it would provide resources in order to sign and develop more new artists. Desiree Perez has been involved with Jay Z’s businesses for over two decades. She is known as a shrewd negotiator who can rapidly calculate numbers in her head in order to get the best deal possible. She is also well known for negotiating Rihanna’s lucrative Samsung deal. She is involved in every facet of running Roc Nation including publishing music and labeling operations.

A Great Person – George Soros

All over the world, there are people that are in need. Those that feel the need to help them on a regular basis are called philanthropists. The one name that always comes to mind of George Soros. He is known all over the world for his exemplary efforts at helping those in need. It hasn’t always been an easy time for George Soros. He has seen plenty of heartache.

When He Was Young, Things Were Really Tough

He grew up Jewish, and he and his family saw a lot of tough times. They went through plenty of heartaches, but even when they were down, they helped others. It was part of their beings to assist others when they could.

The Older George Soros

George Soros carried the need to help others all throughout his life. In 1970, he had a plan to open up a Hedge Fund. He called the Hedge Fund, Soros Fund Management. This earned him quite a lot of money. He used this money to create the Open Society Foundation. This foundation is how he helps a tremendous amount of people and organizations across the globe.

A Threat To Capitalism Is How The Atlantic Puts It

In an article in The Atlantic, George Soros is seen as a threat to capitalism. He is also seen as a terrorist by President Trump.

Overcoming The Odds

George Soros doesn’t let this stop him from carrying on with his efforts to help mankind. He continues to give his money and his time to help those in need.One of the ways he contributes is by helping with education. He gives out scholarships from his Open Society Foundation. The people that receive this help are able to learn about the world and how they can help others. It is truly a way to get everyone to take note and do what they can.

Success Marks The Career Of Brazilian Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

The life of a rally driver will seem foreign to most people, and some individuals might find this job too full of adrenaline. A skilled driver must be knowledgeable. Some admiring observers will say that a person is crazy to participate in this type of competition. Brazilian rally driver Rodrigo Terpins has excelled in this competitive sport. He is a member of the highly accomplished Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Mr. Terpins also serves as the current Director for T5 Participacoes a Brazilian business. He was educated at Saint Hilaire.


Motorsports require a diverse set of skills from each team member. In addition to competing, Mr. Terpins previously held the position of Director of Operations at Lojas Marisa. A solid work history has allowed Mr. Terpins to continue to successfully participate in this sport. Race cars are built to handle the rough terrain, and a skilled rally driver must pound dirt roads and navigate courses without slowing down. It is considered the most exciting type of motorsport, because the driver must know the mechanics of racing along with having endurance.


Rodrigo Terpins also has a passion for various causes, and these include science and technology, children and arts and culture. A successful career in any field includes a diverse set of interests. All rally teams consist of key members, and a co-driver is needed to help the main driver. The ability to blend personal goals with team needs has helped keep Mr. Terpins at the head of the pack.


Mr. Terpins continues to participate in various competitions. As a highly skilled Brazilian rally driver, he has shown perseverance. Spectators know that anything can happen to slow down a team during an event, and this may range from vehicle issues to terrain problems. Drivers, like Rodrigo Terpins, always find a way to go on despite setbacks, and this endurance ability is why he has many admiring fans and continued success. Do a quick Google search to learn more about Rodrigo Terpins.,1c23b1adb8235f237e617298007cc51857nbd5ll.html

Things every Wine Guide from Traveling Vineyard should know prior to Visiting Nepal

Nepal has emerged as a treasured tourist destination due to the many varieties of high-quality wines that come from the region. It is also popular across the globe for its favorable climatic conditions and fertile lands that support grape farming. Apart from drinking wine, Traveling Wine Guides can do the following activities.

1. Visit the Napa Art Walk

For the lovers of 3-D art, Napa Art Walk exhibition is the place to be. This esteemed event displays the artworks of talented and experienced minds throughout the nation. It also showcases spectacular sculptures of different types.

2. Learn the history by making a date with the Napa Valley Historical Society

History enthusiasts can learn in-depth details about the Valley, including the way it looked a century ago and the type of people that lived there. The society assembles physical pieces that describe the history of Napa and allow visitors to dissect into the details.

3. Visit Silverado Cooking School and take a cooking class

Given that Nepal is a hub for the production of distinct wine varieties, food is also huge in this region. Getting the right combination of food and wine is a direct ticket for riding your taste buds to the Flavor Town. Silverado Cooking School is an ideal place for improving culinary skills.

What is Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard is a top wine firm situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It employs a direct-selling model of organizing in-home wine tasting events for its members. The firm began its operations back in 2001. Nine years later, entrepreneur Richard Libby bought it and rebranded it. This wine giant markets its products through over 5,000 independent representatives. These independent representatives, popularly known as Wine Guides, receive a Success Kit from the company after making a one-time payment. This Success Kit has wine education materials that include a description of the distinct wine and food types. Other contents of this kit range from sample accessories, ten wine bottles, to tasting glasses. Traveling Vineyard sets up website for every wine guide and offers training and support. The company observes legal requirements when engaging in business, and it is one of the members of the respected Direct Selling Association.