Getting The First Page Of Your Search Results Under Your Control

Business owners want to know what type of return on their investment they will see before they will spend money on any marketing and online reputation management services. Counting impressions and click-through on ads provides solid numbers that validate the cost of an advertisement, however, the effects of online reputation are difficult to quantify.

Forbes recently provided some concrete numbers that should prompt entrepreneurs to start paying attention to their reputation. Forty-five percent of the people in the United States who looked up a person before using their services said that something that appeared in the search results made them decide to move on to a competitor.

Doctors, accountants, landscapers and others who operate their own business should always be aware of their online reputation, especially the results that appear on the first page of Google’s search results. The article also mentions that only two percent of all people own all of the results that appear on the first page of Google. Owning results means that the content is under the person’s control; since anyone can post on Yelp, it is not under the business owner’s control. Two percent is surprisingly low; however, it is understandable since business owners rarely have time to consistently develop their own content.

Examples of search results an entrepreneur can control include press releases, blog posts and articles containing positive or neutral information written by or for him or her. Online reputation management firms often draft press releases and write articles about their client because Google will display the most recent information first, after the person’s business website. Once someone owns the first page of the search results, their reputation is secure since consumers rarely look beyond the first page.

Benefits of Securus Technologies over GTL’s Technology Systems

Of late, majority of people are enjoying the benefits of Securus Technologies services compared with its counterpart GTL’s Technology Systems. The company provides leading criminal equity and edge civil innovation arrangements that upgrades wellbeing in public notwithstanding modernizing the imprisonment encounters. Diverse public wellbeing, remedies and law implementation offices rely upon Securus for basic, secure and effective advancement arrangements that are easy to utilize and that are constantly available. With scores of architects and several licenses, originators, scholars enhancing arrangements and fashioners, the Securus Technologies is second to none. The organization is devoted to be the main in offering cutting edge programming arrangements. Its services and items are of first class quality thus furnishing customers with the top-notch solutions notwithstanding their best client mind services in the market.

Securus Technologies is committed to serve and connect individuals by providing episode administration, crisis reactions, detainee self-service, data administration, correspondence, confirmation, examination, public data and assessing of services and items while making the world a protected place to remain. The services involve associating loved ones to their imprisoned ones, connecting restorative office work force to basic data, connecting prisoners with technology, connecting investigative lead dabs, and connecting responders and crisis dispatchers to those looking for need.

The headquarter offices of Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas with the association serving more than 3,400 law authorization, public wellbeing and amendments merchants in addition to over 1.2 million detainees inside North America. Securus Technologies is along these lines an initiating provider of civil & criminal justice solutions regarding monitoring, corrections, safety and investigation. It has as of now given intense competition to its key rival GTL in matters of the company which provides the most appropriate and broad set of products, the most advanced telephone calling platforms or present day cutting edge advances.


Tell your clients everything they need to know about social security benefits; David Giertz

Some pensioners lose more than $12,000 in annual payouts of the social security benefits, not because they did not invest well in their retirement but because they do not understand the rules that govern the manner in which the benefits are administered. One person is speaking about the issues that pensioners normally have regarding their advantages and is claiming that a lot more needs to be done to make things easier. David Giertz, the sales, and distribution senior vice president at Nationwide Insurance Company spoke about retirement benefits to the Wall Street Journal.


He stated that one of the leading causes of the widespread ignorance regarding the topic was the fact that the rules which govern the administration of the benefits were too many and tedious to tackle. He was, however, quick to note that clients who have realized that they need to incorporate social security in their savings for retirement dropped an advisor as soon as they realized he was avoiding the topic.


Other factors that affect the amount one will be receiving include how they used to file their tax returns, inflation, and the salary that they used to earn before retirement. All these are factors which need explaining because according to the statistics that had been gathered by the company, more than 86 percent of pensioners may not know what determined the amount that they finally started receiving.


About David Giertz


David is very passionate about investment banking and especially helping the clients come up with an investment portfolio that will help them into their old age and even support their progeny. He has been in the financial industries for the past 31 years and has held various positions in different companies. He has been with Nationwide Insurance as a senior vice president for the last four years and has fueled a lot of growth and success there.



Various organizations have risen to recognize extraordinary performance of individuals in the various sectors of the economy. One of these organizations is the One Planet organizations which host annual awards to honor business performance for both individuals and groups. Over the years these awards have become highly coveted among the people and receiving one of these is a humbling experience.

In 2016, One Planet Awards recognized the efforts of Troy McQuagge; a major engineering power at the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group is a Texas based insurance company. Under the leadership of this talented man, the organization has conquered the North American insurance market by its innovative, flexible and affordable insurance plans. It serves about 15 million people in self-employment and small business; most of whom may not afford native insurance plans due to the high costs associated with them. It works with a wide network of providers to ensure that their clients get discounts on the various plans.McQuagge was greatly humbled by the award of CEO of the Year where he scooped the Gold. He did not for a moment attribute this award to his personal efforts but said that the award belonged to the USHEALTH Group team as a whole. These are the people who have been greatly dedicated to ensuring that their customers understand not only their products but also the importance of healthcare as a whole. He emphasized that the company is willing to see every member of the society happy with healthcare services available and thus will not rest even after this great recognition.

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McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and had the chance to work as CEO and president of USHEALTH Advisors and the Freedom Life Insurance Company which are both subsidiaries of the company. In both of these he served as the Chief Executive Officer and president. Having achieved great success in the two, the board thought they could extrapolate this success to the entire company. In 2014, they appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer and president of the group. Since his appointment the company has achieved a lot of great improvements in terms of creative and innovative services and products, customer service and even profitability.