How OSI Group has Expanded its Food and Beverages Business

OSI Group LLC is a world leader in the distribution of the outstanding food and beverage products. The company has gradually grown since it was established in 1909 as a local enterprise, and it currently has more than 20,000 employees who are distributed worldwide. OSI manages its business from Aurora, Illinois and the commodities that it has been producing include fish, pizza, meat patties, bacon, and vegetable products. The performance of the company has been good, and it was named 58th on the Forbes list of the top 100 companies. It was also ranked 66th for the products that it offers in the food and beverage sector.

One of the main factors that have supported the rapid growth of the enterprise is its excellent management. The chief executive officer of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He is a competent administrator, and his ability was appreciated through the Global Visionary Award, which was awarded to him by the Visionary World Academy. His tireless efforts have been critical in enabling the company to grow into various international regions. Mr. Lavin initially had a career in the financial sector. OSI has minted billions of dollars under his leadership, and it currently runs 60 processing factories.

OSI Group is focused on ensuring its prosperity, and therefore, it has been making various acquisitions. It currently plans to purchase a well-recognized food processing enterprise that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. One of the firm’s North America executives, Kevin Scott, believes that owning the processing plant will assist it to offer many products to its clients across the world. Just like many thriving businesses in the food and beverages sector, OSI Group is devoted to satisfying the varying needs of its customers.

OSI Group is currently gaining more market in Europe. This is due to its acquisition of the Baho Food, which is a Dutch company that has been distributing its products in various parts of Europe. The primary commodities that the enterprise has been offering are portable foods, snacks, and deli meats. OSI intends to ensure that Baho Group keeps being profitable, and therefore, it retained some of its executive staff such as David G. McDonalds, who is the MD of the enterprise. Baho has built its food processing factories in Germany and Dutch. They are Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Henri van de Bilt, and they mainly sell their commodities in 18 countries. The product and brand portfolios of OSI Group have been enhanced by the acquisition.

Ascension Ventures Invests Heavily In Online Reputation Management

Ascension Ventures, an investment firm, is investing money into online reputation management. is one of the most well-known companies that provide online reputation management and Ascension Ventures was part of a group that invested millions into the site. The amount invested in total was $20 million. has a range of products that helps companies find out what’s being said about them on social media sites and review sites. The company also offers a way for them to engage consumers to try to solve any problems and turn negative feedback into positive or neutral reviews.

Ascension Ventures raises money that is invested in emerging technology. Other non-profit hospital systems are big investors of Ascension Ventures.

Matt Hermann, a managing director at Ascension Ventures, said Ascension’s health system partners are seeing how there is a change in how patients decide where they want to receive care from. They notice that consumers are turning to online reviews and social media to help them with their decisions.

Hermann said has tools to help healthcare companies engage with their patients online and to help understand how they are doing in regards to consumer experiences.

Asides from Ascension Ventures, other companies that invested in include August Capital, Icon Ventures, Bessemer Venture and Focus Ventures.

Ascension was the first large hospital system to partner with Lyft to help patients get to and from their appointments. The partnership shows that Ascension is embracing the online economy and services offered online, including online reputation management.

Diversant Helps Technology Companies With Their Staffing Needs

There are a number of staffing firms that help companies and individuals come up with the ideal employment arrangement. One of these firms is known as Diversant. It is one of the top staffing firms in the technology industry. As a result, the firm is one of the most trusted sources when it comes to helping companies staff their technology departments. As well as being able to assist companies in staffing their technology department, Diversant also helps a number to technology professionals look for and attain employment. In order to best assist its clients, Diversant uses its core values of diversity, discipline and teamwork in order to reach its goals. As a result, Diversant has been in position to easily and efficiently meet the needs of both technology professionals and the companies that are looking to staff them.

The technology staffing firm Diversant is currently led by technology executive John Goullet. He currently serves as the principal of the company and is therefore the individual who sets the example for the organization. Under his leadership, Goullet provides staff members with the overall strategy and goals of the organization. He will often assess the objectives of his clients and make sure that they are satisfied with his firm’s assistance. In order to accomplish this, Goullet will find out what skills the companies are looking for as well as the type of professional. For example, a company will be looking for a software engineer who has a working knowledge of the newest application software. Therefore, Goullet will assign his staff of recruiting and placing candidates who meet the criteria.

John Goullet has quite a bit of experience leading technology staffing firms. He first ran a technology staffing firm back in the mid 1990’s. The firm was quite successful and it was soon noticed by Diversant. While John could have kept his firm, he decided to complete a merger with Diversant so that he would have the opportunity to represent a well known brand. As a result, he has helped Diversant become one of the top technology staffing firms in the United States. Goullet also worked as an employee where he served as a consultant for companies specializing in computer technology.

James Dondero Supports the Family Place in Fighting Family Violence

From the news channels to reports on radio stations, family violence has become the primary source of emotional and physical abuse. That is why The Family Place is instrumental to the Society of Dallas Texas. The Family Place is prominent for its timeliness in providing family violence services across Dallas. It is an agency that works round the clock to fight and manage family violence.

The Family Place intervenes through families by offering preventive measures through education. It also offers advocacy and community sensitization while counseling over 225,000 victims of domestic violence including 22,000 women, men and children.

Opening of Violence Shelter

Since its establishment in 1978, The Family Place has offered life-saving shelter to over 30,000 families and responded to over 550,000 calls for emergency. The organization has assisted over 20,000 batterers in changing their abusive behaviors.

It features projects that offer lessons on bullying and adolescents behavior to over 6,000 students annually. In 2016, the agency opened its first violence shelter for families in the country. The organization offers all training in English and Spanish.

Capital Management Donates to the Family Place

On October 7th, 2016, James Dondero, the president of Highland Capital Management announced his intention to donate $1 million towards the right cause of campaign by The Family Place. The firm was meant to hold a Legacy Campaign and was far from reaching its target hence James Dondero suggestion to step in. Dondero made the announcement at Hilton Anatole Hotel located in Dallas Texas while hosting the yearly Trailblazer Awards.

The donation was channeled through the philanthropic department of Highland Dallas Foundation, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management. The amount was set to match half of the total funds Capital Management will have donated to organizations until April 2017. Learn more about James Dandero:

About James Dondero

Before joining Highland Capital Management, James Dandero controlled over 2$ billion assets and an estimated $1 billion fixed income for American Express. With over thirty years experience in credit markets, James presently manages foreign investments at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management ranks among the world’s largest credit managers. According to PR News Wire, James Dondero attended the University of Virginia. He majored in accounting as well as finance.

WEN: 5 Hair Products in 1 Cleansing Conditioner

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a one-of-a-kind hair care product created by beauty expert and stylist to the stars Chaz Dean. Unlike other shampoos, WEN does not contain harsh sulfates. Acting as a shampoo, it gently cleanses the hair without lather. It also detangles your locks, and works as a regular conditioner, a deep conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner. You can replace your shampoo and all the bottles of conditioner in your bathroom with just one bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner. WEN hair is able to maintain its natural shine because WEN won’t strip natural oils the way that traditional shampoo does. If your hair has lost some of its sheen and youthful radiance, don’t worry. WEN can help restore it.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner has a special 5-in-1 formula that allows it to replace shampoo and the many different conditioners that women use to keep their hair soft and manageable. It contains glycerin for moisturizing, and wild cherry bark to help condition hair. Panthenol strengthens the hair shaft, and hair is smoothed by the rosemary extract. Chamomile has been added for its calming, soothing aspects. Together, these specially-chosen ingredients combine to make a conditioner that not only smells wonderful, but also moisturizes and pampers the hair.

WEN was developed by Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean, the hair care guru that Hollywood’s elite turn to to keep their hair healthy and camera-ready. The owner of the Chaz Dean Studio offers an intimate place for his high profile clientele to relax. When not pampering his guests at the salon, Chaz is busy developing new products for his WEN by Chaz product line for customers all over the world. His goal is to give his customers the hair of their dreams, whether they are in his studio or using Chaz Dean products at home.

WEN users credit the products with taking their hair from dull, frizzy, and tattered to red carpet ready. For many, simplifying their hair care routine has a two-fold advantage. It frees up time and saves money – because they aren’t having to buy so many products anymore. WEN is suitable for all hair types. If you’re looking to restore shine and resilience to your hair, why not give WEN Cleansing Conditioner a try?


Handy Raises Larges Sums of Money as Venture Capitalist Buy Into On-Demand Services

The act of cleaning a home is something that homeowners have to do on a regular basis. Hiring cleaning crews to do this is nothing new. Any metropolitan city will have a phone book that yields a variety of local cleaners. The average venture capitalist would not waste much time investing in ideas that are so simplistic. There are times, however, when the concept of cleaning homes is more than that.

For co-founders Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, the concept of cleaning homes could transition into much more. That is how they started Handy Cleaning Services, They would also see cleaning as a service that would thrive as a franchise business. Most cleaning companies in various cities have local cleaners that are restricted to the city that they live in. These are small businesses. What Oisin Hanrahan did was consider the concept of cleaning on a much larger scale. As someone that never found time to clean his own room in college while in Cambridge, Massachusetts it became evident that this would be a noteworthy idea.

Oisin was a college student that only had classes at the time. He could only imagine how busy working class people with families would be. Venture capitalists could also visualize what Oisin Hanrahan was seeing with Handy Cleaning Services. This is what allowed the Handy co-founders to raise $110 million in venture capitalist money. Even with this extraordinary vision, it still was not easy to see profits instantly, but the profits would come. These profits would help this company expand from one large city to the next. Areas like Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and New York have seen Handy workers come out and clean homes and much more. The additional services like painting and plumbing have allowed this company to branch out and reach millions.