Soros And His Democracy Alliance Banding Progressives Together To Fight Trump

Bernie Sanders said that he was embarrassed Democrats and Hilary Clinton lost the working class vote to Donal Trump. The Vermont Senator and former Presidential Candidate is calling for a complete overhaul of the Democratic Party in order to take back the working class vote. He is demanding the Democrats forsake big money donors; that hey enact policies that help people struggling all over this country.

The Democratic establishment is meeting with a super-donor group called the Democracy Alliance over the weekend. Leaders of the party, including Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and Nancy Pelosi, will meet with these ultra-wealthy donors to discuss strategy going forward. The group’s goal is to block Trump’s initiatives in the first 100 days of his Presidency and beyond. Short term strategies will focus on the Trump Administration’s first three months while longer term strategies aim to thwart policies down the road. Plans will also be drawn up for elections, local and federal, in 2017 and 2018.

The Democracy Alliance is a group comprised of the biggest donors on the left. Membership costs $30,000 per year to fund the DA and its staff. Members are also required to fund progressive political groups and think tanks with at least $200,000 per year. The groups, including Media Matters, help the DA fight against conservative political policies all over the country. The DA has raised almost $500 million for progressive groups since its inception in 2004.

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The group was started by George Soros, the left’s biggest donor. The billionaire hedge fund manager has been a longtime adversary of Donald Trump, and he’s planning to use the DA to fight his fellow billionaire’s Presidency. The group was started to support John Kerry and his Presidential run against George W. Bush. That seems to be when George Soros got politically involved with donations in the U.S. The billionaire donor made it no secret that he despised the policy decision of George W. Bush and he openly fought those policy decisions with political donation.

Now Soros is planning to do the same under a Trump Presidency, but he seems to be taking this fight much more seriously. George Soros started and funds the DA, but he is usually absent from the meetings of the group. This time, he is a keynote speaker at the anti-Trump summit.

George Soros survived the Holocaust. He was a young Jewish boy living in Budapest under Nazi rule. He escaped their clutches, and he eventually ended up in London where he graduated from the University of the Arts. He became famous when he shorted the British pound to make $1 billion in one day.

Ever since George Soros has become wealthy, he has advocated for open societies through philanthropy groups. He advocates for refugees because he was once an immigrant from a war-torn country himself. While he has stopped short of equating Trump to Hitler, he sees similarities in their rises to power. He sees Trump as an authoritarian. Soros seems to think this political fight against Trump is a very important one.

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A Review Of Billy McFarland’s Company, Magnises

Magnises is a social club that allows its members to access special events and deals by use of its membership card. Billy McFarland founded Magnises when he was 23 years old. His innovative idea targets millenials. These individuals have jobs while those who are not employed have a vision of having a career in future. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, this group of people was born between 1980 and 2000. They are believed to have a high purchasing power of close to $200 billion.

To become a member of Magnises, one is required to pay an annual fee of $250, which comes with a black membership card that acts as a payment tool to enable individuals to access special services at discounted prices. The membership card copies the information on an individual’s credit cards as provided by their banks.

Billy says that Magnises gives young professionals a chance to meet with other experts and brands. Through interaction with their peers, they are able to undertake various activities and even start their own enterprises.

Billy McFarland posits that since its inception, Magnises has experienced rapid growth with not only peer to peer, but also members to brands. According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland says that members and brands need each other since the former build peer-to-peer connections and the latter is attracted to these networks. Brands play a major role in the growth and financial sustainability of Magnises.

Today, most brands target millenials considering that most of them have disposable income. Magnises has been on a growth trajectory because of the low membership fee and access to various events that members would otherwise not have been able to experience.

Currently, the company operates in Washington DC and New York. Billy is planning to expand Magnises’ services to Chicago and San Francisco. Billy McFarland says that the company has tens of thousands of members and the number has rapidly increased in 2016.

He added that they are targeting to have a membership of a million in the next three years. Some of the benefits that Magnises members enjoy are discounts at bars, clubs and restaurants, and diverse experiences like luxurious getaways and private concerts.

Twenty Three Layers – the Best Event Planners

Event planners or managers are everywhere today. Typing the word “event planners” in any of the search engine will turn-out millions of companies and individuals that lay claim to this beautiful craft. However, there is the need to separate the boys from the men if you truly want to hire the best of hands.


Whether it’s a get-together or a corporate meeting, as a rule, the principles of contracting an event planning company or food provider remain unchanged. You need to contract somebody who has what it takes to put together your type of event. There are a number of professional membership groups that are ready to help. You can verify the claims of shortlisted event planners on your list from such professional bodies. Bodies like the International Special Events Society, the Association of Wedding Professionals and the National Association of Catering Executives have national and local chapters in almost every major city.


Another viable way of sourcing for expert event planners is to contact hotel convention sales departments. They have a reputation of sharing with people those event planners they can vouch for. Hotels are actively involved in event planning on a daily basis, so they are in the best position to suggest reliable hands in this field.


It is ideal to consider a practical example of an excellent event planning firm. One of such companies that are well spoken of by hotels personnel and bodies is Twenty Three Layers. Could it be its location in New York City, one of the most sophisticated cities in the world that enables the firm to successfully marry seasoned knowledge with amazing creative inspiration in delivering impeccable events that reflect the best and latest trends in decor, food and entertainment? Certainly the answer is a big no because there are many other event planning companies in NYC without as much attention and patronage as Twenty Three Layers.


Twenty Three Layers stands out among event planners in NYC. You can go to sleep when this company handles your event. It has developed over a long period a habit of surpassing clients’ expectation. This has resulted in clients’ continuous patronage any time they need an event planner.


EOS: A Startup Who Had The Recipe For Success

Seven years ago only shoppers who frequented Walgreens were wondering what these little pods of color were called. Today the products are also being sold on Target and Ulta. EOS lip balm is an instantly recognizable object and everyone finally knows what it is. EOS can be found in almost every female millennial’s bathroom sink drawer, makeup vanity, or purse. It has steadily replaced Chapstick, Blistex, and all other lip balm products as the product of choice.

Where did this all begin? How, in 7 short years, did this startup end up beating out long time brands like Chapstick and Blistex? The answer lies in the genius marketing, product design and strategic moves made by the 3 founders, 2 of whom are still running the company. Craig Dubitsky, now running another oral care brand of his own, Sanjiv Mehra, and Jonathan Teller decided that they could do more in the lip care market. They found the product offering to be stagnant and lacking, and they knew they could shake it up.

Mehra used his background in big brand packaging while Teller and Dubitsky were right aside him with their startup expertise. The spherical package design was an ingenious creative solution to women’s aversion to putting their fingers into a pot of lip balm for messy application. It seemed unhygienic to be putting their possibly germ ridden fingers right on their lips several times a day.

The spherical shape conforms to the shape of the mouth for easy application, and the spherical packaging looks modern, new, and fresh. The perfect addition to any beauty routine. All of the beauty bloggers knew about it and EOS lip balm marketed their product that way. A few beauty YouTube broadcasts reached hundreds of thousands of viewers right in their niche market, and celebrities were able to reach a broader crowd of future and now permanent customers.




Waiakea is Concerned About the Environment

Hawaii is a place that many people to for vacation. It has become one of the top destination spots for people that are interested in exploring beautiful landscapes. When visitors come here for a vacation experience they may find themselves drawn to the Waiakea spring and the majestic volcanic water that is crisp and clean. Many people that have this water here in Hawaii will fall in love with the taste of it and look for a way to bring that taste back to their homes. It is possible to bring the water they have fallen in love with if it is Waiakea water.

The brand of water is growing in popularity because it is unlike most of the other brands of water that are on the market. This is crisp water that almost has something that is a naturally sweet after taste. This is not common in most spring or filtered drinking water. Any water that is sweetened is usually something that has additives.

What most people will instantly recognize is that this is water that has been purified in a way that is uncommon with other leading brands like Dasani or Nestle brands. Many people have become interested in finding out more about this water because this is mineral water. This contains potassium and calcium. It is certainly different from many of the other bottled water brands that are out there.

According to Organic Authority, Waiakea water has become one of the more successful brands because it is filtered through lava and it comes down as much as 14,000 feet before it is bottled. This is great for consumers because it gives customers a chance to get water that has minerals since the water is not stripped of the minerals as it is filtered. People are blogging about the brand because it has health benefits, and the company that is selling the product really cares about the environment.

EBeverageService say that Waiakea is giving to charitable organizations to provide clean water for others, so this certainly sets this company apart from everyone else. There are also a lot of people that are going to benefit from the electrolyte richness of this brand. The purity of this brand makes people appreciate what this company is doing. The bottles are even made from 100% recycled plastic. All of this shows that Waiakea water is a company that is concerned about helping people improve their health and improving the environment.