Michael Zomber’s Contributions to The History Channel and His Work as a Writer

There are some people who are just born into this world make differences everywhere that they go. A good example of this is Michael Zomber. Having been born in 1949 to a family of German immigrants it is easy to see why Zomber has a big heart. Michael and his family found a new life when he was younger within New Jersey and after that ended up in Pennsylvania where they were able to finally settle down.

Zomber became a very educated man attending universities all over such as the University of Illinois, Villanova University and also the Oberlin College. Now he has many different degrees in the study of literatures and also language. These educational ventures helped him in becoming a very successful business man.

The History Channel is the place where Michael Zomber shines though. He has been a guest historian that has contributed a lot to the t.v. show known as Tales of the Gun. Mr. Zomber has a very interesting collection that he loves to show on the History Channel in order to make sure that history does not get forgotten. On the show he chooses to tell the stories behind some of the unique pieces and tells people all about the famous arms. Throughout all of the writing that he has done he has been able to help his readers better understand the wars that his guns were used in.

Zomber loves to share all of the things that he knows about the different types of weapons that have been in the past used by some of the most famous people in history such as George Washington and also the famous Simone Bolivar. During the time he has spent on the show he has gotten many different awards and also many commendations.

Other then his fame on the History Channel Zomber also is a very well-written storyteller. With his past being full of very interesting tales to tell he has been able to write of his earlier life and all that he has been through down creating some very fascinating books. Michael as of right now has six different books and also has many screenplays that he has released.

Michael Zomber has definitely led an interesting life. He has a collection of antique guns that he has been adding to for almost forty years now. Zomber is married to a wonderful woman who goes by the name of Andrea and she has even helped him in some of his wonderful creations including a documentary. With his wife Michael has two kids who are named Christopher and Gabriella. All in all it can be said that Zomber has made a huge impact on the world as far as preserving history is concerned and also when it comes to having contributed so much to the world through his writing.

IAP Worldwide goes Everywhere and Anywhere

Serious technical design and executing engineering schemes with manpower is what Innovation and Purpose Worldwide deliver. These business men and women work in teams of IAP on such projects that include government services, expeditionary infrastructure services, power solutions, aviation engineering solutions, and IT and communications. This company of professionals achieve their goals worldwide trough 25 different countries with more than 2,000 employees. Together, they deliver service and work product to both the public and private sector on Cortera. Not a lot of companies are prepared or trained for that level of workload and demand on a steady and reliable basis. The work and work site itself is not always easy or necessarily safe.

For IAP Worldwide the work day can start and end within a disaster zone, or a battle zone, and any other kind of zone in between. The prior training and experience of the people handling the the various fields and situations is ready anytime it’s needed. This expertise comes in handy when it comes to maintaining, managing, and operating military facilities which can grow to the size of a small city. but that is not all the good people IAP Worldwide Services do regularly. They also manage civilian facilities or even far away and remote technical laboratories. When a situation demands people with brains, brawn, and the heart to take on tough situations the company provides the human resources to fill in the gap.

The fulfillment and response to priority, critical or emergency situations and management solutions is the business of IAP Worldwide for more than half a decade now. It’s mostly about being present and making the tough calls that some other companies are simply not able to make. The company’s job on prnewswire.com is more than customer satisfaction it goes all the way to laying it all on the line for someone’s sake to make the world a better place to live. And every person at Innovation and Purpose know that everyday of their lives.

Every successful project carried out comes down standing by certain values. These values of IAP Worldwide are corporate responsibility, a belief in mission values, strong leadership, an understanding of history, a belief in partnership, and strong ethics and excellence in compliance. Bringing all of those values together are the government contract vehicles that allows for sharing of company experience with different government agencies. It all comes down to helping to keep everyone safer worldwide involving teams of various engineers spanning from across the globe.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: http://www.hoovers.com/company-information/cs/company-profile.iap_worldwide_services_inc.68d266a50b1a02b6.html

The Philanthropic Activities of Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick DeVos’ wife Betsy DeVos has recently discussed her vision for improvements towards the educational system. She has often looked to suggest reforms for education which would entail giving parents and students a choice of educational institution. Betsy has also suggested that parents and students receive vouchers in order to fund their education. Since a number of public schools have recently failed to provide students with a better education, Betsy believes that giving people other options to take advantage will help them get more out of their educational experience. With better education, a number of students will be in position to reach their goals such as getting into top universities, better career opportunities and also enhancing their overall knowledge.


Providing more educational options is not the only thing that Dick and Betsy DeVos have looked to provide to the community. Dick has often financed scholarships for business school. With these scholarships, a number of students will have the money they need to attend and complete this educational program. Since business school is quite expensive, having a scholarship makes it much more affordable. DeVos has contributed millions of dollars towards business school scholarships to help many promising students enhance their knowledge and expertise. As a result, they will be able to improve their career prospects, reach their career goals and become the top business leaders of tomorrow.


Another one of Dick’s philanthropic activities has been with business development. DeVos annually donates funding for businesses to get the resources they need to prosper. Dick has provided funds to entrepreneurs to help start up their businesses and make their dreams a reality. Along with helping startup entrepreneurs, DeVos has also helped a number of experienced business owners acquire resources such as real estate and equipment to expand their operations. The contributions made towards business development have also provided continuing education and training for entrepreneurs in order to help them gain more knowledge and expertise in business.


Along with funding education and business development, Dick DeVos has also contributed to causes pertaining to the performing arts. He has provided millions of dollars to help expand arts events for the organizations that hold them. This has led to offering more things for attendees to enjoy on a regular basis. These contributions have also helped a number of arts organization managers become better at operating their respective organizations. With the philanthropic contributions of Dick DeVos, these organizations are able to provide arts contests for a number of artists to receive recognition for their accomplishments.



Cell Phone Bills are Eliminated with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is an amazing company because it has taken the a service that has been premium service for many years and turned it into something that is free. There are not a lot of companies that have the ability to do something this epic, but the fact that FreedomPop provides free cellular service for customers makes this one of the most intriguing companies of this decade.

There are people that are interested in getting free phone service because most people pay a small fortune for their cell phone bills. It has become quite common for people to spend hundreds of dollars on unlimited data plans. This may be ideal for some people that are constantly streaming and staying wired into what is going on through social media, but the average person does not have any need for unlimited data. The problem is that most people do not realize that they really don’t need the unlimited data plan that the cellphone providers are trying to give them.

In most stores, for example, there are three wireless guest spots. That means that people can connect to the wireless in a department store and not have to worry about using their data at all. When people are at home they are typically on their own wireless network. This means that there’s only a gap where a person would actually need their own data. This is where FreedomPop comes in and bridges the gap for people as they travel between home, work and shopping centers. Inside of these areas there really is no real need to utilize data from your own plan. That is why FreedomPop is able to work as well as it does. It provides people with service that is free when they are not in any of the locations that are listed above. Read more: https://techcrunch.com/tag/freedompop/

Many people are considering dropping their current cell phone plans just because they have heard that this company is providing 100% free cell phone service. There’s no contract involved. There are also no fees that are associated with signing up. This is very enticing to someone that may be past due on a bill for a cell phone. This can also be very helpful to a person that may have have high data overages in the past. FreedomPop has given consumers the ability to break away from the insanely high phone bills that have been ruining budgets.

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Handy Tops the List of Home Cleaning Service Providers

Handy Cleaning Services was formerly known as Handybook. The New York City-based cleaning services company (https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york) was founded in 2012 by Hanrahan Oisin and his classmate Umang Dua. The idea of starting a cleaning company came after they discovered a shortage in quality and professional cleaners in the US and Ireland. Handy was established to provide cleaning services to people with busy schedules and the elderly who cannot find time to perform their chores. Currently, Handy is rated as the best home cleaning services provider. Furthermore, its booking process takes approximately 60 seconds. The clients’ money is secure, and they assure 100% refund in case a client is not satisfied with the services.

Handy has been consistent in providing solutions to regular home problems. With just a tap on you iPhone, you can order a plumber, cleaner or handyman. Handy has become the Uber of home maintenance. The company is growing fast, with over 50 employees and several freelancers. They scrutinize their freelancers thoroughly to ensure they have a passionate and dedicated team. Although millions apply to work for Handy, only 3% are hired. Currently, Handy operates in more than 28 cities. In January 2014, it bought the West Coast cleaning business. In 2014, Handy announced having generated over $1 million bookings every week. Handy’s run rate increased from $3 to $52 million within two years in operation.

Handy’s Furniture Delivery Services

Handy.com launched their furniture delivery service in 2015. The service involves furniture assembly, shopping, and delivery. Handy raised $64 million to launch its subsidiary, Handy Delivery. The furniture is bought through Handy’s site and distributed by Ikea Furniture. If Handy’s website does not have a client’s furniture of interest, customers are advised to mail the type of furniture they want to Handy for pricing. As such, Handy can expand and incorporate more furniture store. According to Hanrahan, Handy’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, there is no direct partnership between Handy and Ikea furniture. He also added that Handy has no plans of becoming an e-commerce portal.

Handy’s main rival in the cleaning service, Homejoy pulled out of the market last year. Months after their departure, Handy raised $50 million in new funding. The funds were from Fidelity, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, TPG Growth, and Revolution Growth. The funds will be channeled towards expanding the services in other cities within one year. Handy plans to double its area of operation to ensure its client base increases and is well-served.


Top Exciting Wine Trends That UK Wine Vintners and Merchants Should Know

More than ever before, the future of wine looks very bright, though the craft cider and craft beer are siphoning off a lot of attention. Many people are still going for the expensive bottles and more wine trends are emerging. To ensure that you are not left out, here is an overview of the some of the coolest trends in the UK wine industry.

More Wine-By-The-Glass

More and more consumers are beginning to favor wine-by-the-glass option at bars and restaurants as well as online UK wine shops. If you are going to compete effectively with other UK vintners, therefore, you are going to increase try-before-you-buy programs for your clients. You are also going to start accommodating clients who are going to request for a taste first.

Considering the millennial

Like any other industry, the wine world in the UK is beginning to figure out how to approach the millennials. The millennials population is huge and even more are turning 21. UK vintners are confused: while Gen-Xers and the Baby Boomers want exclusivity and hard-to-get brands, millennials are less committed to brands. They are looking for value and something that they can enjoy. So you should be ready to perform a lot of experimentation to figure out what works.

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Wine Technology

The wine tech is literally on fire! Wine apps that only take and share pictures are no longer trendy enough—users expect much more. Developers are therefore stepping up to bring more advanced apps with more value to the consumer. Technology is also being utilized in the production process and in the vineyards. As a result, consumers continue to get high quality products that meet their preferences and demands. Don’t be left out, integrate technology where possible.

Labels that tell a story

UK folks are more interested than ever in knowing the background, origin, nature, and story behind the wine that they drink. Is it organic? Is it biodynamic? Who made it?—they want all these elements included in the label. So from ingredients to your production process, be ready to share more details in the label.


There’s a lot of aspects to learn and love about the growing world of wine in the UK and globally. Staying on top of the new UK wine trends shouldn’t be hard when you are interacting with other UK vintners or attending a wide range of seminars and workshops.

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