The Importance of Good Online Reputation Management

In this day and age when even the largest companies in the world have a massive social media presence, it’s more important than ever to maintain a good reputation. Information is passed around freely and almost anything you could want to know about a person or subject matter, is never more than a few clicks away. More and more, companies are seeing the value in not just relying on what a person has to say about themselves, but what the world has to say about that person and what that individual does when they think no one is watching or will remember. Image is everything and in a time when our private and public lives are thoroughly plastered across the internet, catastrophe can be just a google search away. Just as important as maintaining a good reputation is knowing how to repair it, if it gets tarnished.

The process of repairing and monitoring your online reputation is made simple and clear in the “Three Step Online Reputation Management Primer” blog post by David Leonhardt. In it, he chronicles the struggles of someone who has had their reputation tarnished, and details the seemingly simple yet somewhat challenging task of repairing a damaged online reputation. In this blog you will also find information on how to easily monitor your name and what is being said about you online. Depending on your need for image control, you can even find out how to stay on top of what’s going on in your field and among your competitors. This way way you can stay one step ahead and possibly prevent yourself from needing image repair in the first place.

Thor Halvorssen visits Oslo

Recently, Oslo, Norway played host to a major international conference. Leaders from around the world came to the Oslo Freedom Forum to hear speeches from major human rights activists. The conference was extremely entertaining, but the real work of the conference happened behind the scenes.

Dissidents, journalists, and human rights activists from around the world visit the Grand Hotel to make great connections. These activists love visiting with one another and discussing the steps necessary to help their various causes. Any journalist searching for a real story has to be inside these meeting.

Recently, a reporter from Buzzfeed had the opportunity to meet with Thor Halvorssen at the Christiana Theater, a popular hangout spot. Halvorssen is a 37 year old man, and he is currently the leader of the Human Rights Foundation. The journalist was able to witness Halvorssen speaking to Chen Guangcheng and his wife. Thor offered Chen some amazing advice that he hopes will help Chen’s cause.

Thor encouraged Chen to continue building a relationship with Christian Bale. Christian Bale is an extremely popular American actor, and having an American celebrity can help rally people around the world to a cause. Thor Halvorssen was turned off by the idea that a celebrity makes such a big difference, but he knows that a wise activist will use anything he can for an advantage.

Thor Halvorssen is a major player in the human rights community. Many view Halvorssen as a throwback to the Cold War era. He has a deep distrust of communism and socialism because his family suffered considerably during their time in Venezuela. Halvorssen describes himself as a classical liberal who is interested in spreading the cause of freedom around the world. He works constantly to depose evil dictators who oppress their own citizens.

Thor has fully dedicated himself to the cause of human rights. He regularly makes appearances on news programs to denounce dictators and the allure of authoritarianism. He knows that freedom can be lost in a generation, and he is determined to prevent it from happening in his lifetime. The world should look to Thor for leadership.

Follow Halvorssen on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to learn more and keep up with events.

Wen By Chaz Overcomes Negativty

If you are anything like me and have spent a significant amount of time in front of the television late at night then you have probably heard of Wen By Chaz [see,]. Wen By Chaz is that hair care product that you see he women flaunting their beautiful hair all over he camera and leading you to believe that they just woke up one morning and had the world’s most beautiful hair. I’m not a hater but I don’t believe the commercial or the beyonce song when they say ” I woke up like this” call me crazy but I just don’t believe it.

Although I don’t believe it I couldn’t resist trying the product out myself. Chaz Dean has long been a vital part of the hair care community and so I trust his expertise and of course I trust his hair care line because if it didn’t work why would he celebs be hiring him as their stylist right?

After trying the sephora endorsed product out I was pleased with my results but then the unthinkable happened. I started hearing a ton of reviews that said the product had done some really bad things to their hair. I instantly started digging deeper and stumbled across a great review form a blogger named Emily over at Bustle. For two weeks Emily gave the product a try on her hair and her results transformed her hair. It also helped renew the faith that i had put into Wen especially after having such a positive experience myself.

I guess when it’s all said and done nobody can avoid negativity online but they can do their own research and determine if the product works for them. When speaking for myself and myself only I can proudly say Chaz Dean‘s product has changed my life, give it a try you would be crazy not to.


Why Claims of Bureaucracy at Wikipedia are Ill-timed

Wikipedia Editors Call Out The Site’s Abuse Problems

The web has become the epicenter of harassment. Many online platforms have been caught up in this controversy. The latest has been online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. A recent email from a displeased editor has damning accusations about Wikipedia’s administrators. This letter is just a tip of the iceberg about the teething difficulties that are faced by members of the online community. It brings to light the fact that web abuse is real, and that it needs to be eliminated.

The email depicts the struggle by the editor to publish an article that he had spent long hours researching on. The article was dismissed with the only explanation being that it did not follow protocol. This was hurtful to the editor and at some point, he event contemplated suicide. The editor’s allegations cannot be deemed to be unfounded since others have raised similar complaints. Some Wikipedia writers went to the extent of stating that they are frequently maligned, called names or had their articles deleted. Some Wikipedia editors have even been blocked.

The allegations come at a time when Wikipedia’s stock of nearly 80,000 contributors is dwindling fast. According to insiders, this drop in numbers is mainly attributed to internal clashes. Even though civility has been one of Wikipedia’s key pillars, the recent developments show how difficult it is to enforce proper conduct during a Wikipedia revision. Wikimedia Foundation has however put in place measures to stem any dissent in future. The original article was posted on Tech.Mic.

How To Get On Wikipedia

The creation and monitoring of Wikipedia pages is quite difficult, more so to people who have no understanding about the intricacies involved. This highlights the need to hire experts to make a Wikipedia page. These professionals can be of great help to individuals, and non-profitable organizations who want to make business Wikipedia page. For approval, all Wikipedia pages created should be referenced to academic standards and must also follow the laid down regulations. Once created, the pages are a priceless digital asset to those who own them. Wikipedia ranks among the most visited websites. Having pages on the site can therefore go a long way in boosting the reputation and credibility of a brand. has won accolades for having veteran Wikipedia consultants who not only create pages but also monitor them on a regular basis. Being an open information source, the page can be edited by anyone. Malicious info that can hurt a business can thus be easily posted by individuals with ill intentions. These experts ensure that such information is deleted on the spot. Translation services are also offered.

George Soros Open Society Foundations Attacked? James O’Keefe Guilty!

So it’s been James O’Keefe all this while! Raw Story, an online media house reported that James O’Keefe committed a scandalous act to terrorize the OSF (Open Society Foundations). The organization formed by the billionaire philanthropist and champion investor, George Soros has been receiving numerous prank calls. Finally, Dana Geraghty, a program specialist of the said group brought attention to a suspicious voicemail left by the supposed perpetrator. The caller identified himself as “Victor Kesh,” which has been a mystery before now. While O’Keefe supposedly succeeded in masking his identity initially, Soros’ OSF team named him as the perpetrator.

As reported by the New Yorker, O’Keefe forgot to disconnect the prank call made to the OSF properly. He’s been infiltrating the group’s campaign for a while now. O’Keefe assumed the identity “Victor Kesh,” a concerned Hungarian-American for the “European values.” Moments after ending the conversation with OSF operations program specialist, Dana Geraghty, O’keefe revealed his plans to derail the group’s crusade. Unfortunately, his plans have failed since he unknowingly blew his cover. Geraghty reported the issue to Chris Stone, OSF’s who found the idea humorous. Obviously, the men lacked technological disciplines that exposed their inferiority. Certainly, they’re no cyber criminals.
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George Soros formed the OSF and began a series of philanthropic endeavors back in 1979. Currently, he assumes the position of chairman. Some of the foundation’s notable projects included infiltrating communist activities and cultural exchange throughout Eastern Europe during the 1980s. In South Africa, Soros funded student scholarships when racial prejudice towards blacks consumed the region. Soros’ Open Society Foundations operates in 100+ countries. George Soros has an association with some of the world’s leading libertarian organizations, including the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, the European Council on Foreign Relations and the International Crisis Group.

George Soros played a pivotal role in emancipating the Roma society of Europe. The OSF funded education initiatives and aided refugees fleeing regions consumed by political strife, terrorism, etc. His recent NYBooks article on European economic and social afflictions touched on some interesting points. Soros named five crises that continue to plunge EU nations deeper into chaos. The impending decision to denounce the British referendum, bring order to migration issues, euro currency revaluation and Greece rising debt.   Lastly, an external threat involving the Ukraine and Russia continues to gain momentum as disintegration worsens. Soros has devised a recourse to address each issue individually.

The OSF operation throughout Europe has faced some setback recently since Russia levied a ban against the movement. According to a CNBC report, George Soros strongly opposes the interpretation of his two charities the OSI and OSF activities threatening Russia constitution. Soros formed the Open Society Foundations to support countries oppressed by communism, to rise above the circumstances and reclaim freedom. This global initiative funds various projects focused on strengthening the forces of democracy. Soros op-ed submissions focused on economics, politics and society have received positive feedback from the public domain. In addition, he’s a published author of several books.

Entrepreneurial developments on the gold market in the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that was found in the year 2001. It’s one of the nation’s largest private distributors of the government-issued gold, silver and platinum products. Many citizens of the U.S. have physical precious metals as assets through the U.S. Money Reserve.

The trained team of U.S. Money Reserve has coin research and numismatic professionals who are good at identifying products in the market that can yield high profits for the precious metal buyers. The U.S. Money Reserve is on the frontline in providing the best customer service in the industry. This has established a healthy and long term relationship between the firm and the customers. The company boasts of having more than 300,000 satisfied customers over a decade. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl was having the entrepreneurial talk on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio discussing the future of gold, his leadership background and how the U.S. Money Reserve has improved its customer service above the international standards. The podcast is a platform that business people and interested individuals use to share experiences, interests, services, plans, products and creations.

Diehl talked about the self-directed precious metals IRA program where customers can hold physical gold as a form of securing their wealth during retirement and at the same time benefit from the rise in gold prices. U.S. Money Reserve President encouraged people to hold precious metals as the U.S. government backs them as legal tenders. The government has also given the guarantee that the precious metal content, weight and purity is standard since the U.S. government mints the coins. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

Why should you buy gold? Well, looking at the history books, paper currencies have collapsed with the fall of the governments that issued them. On the other hand, precious metals are not dependent on governments. When everything falls, they are seen as the last true currencies. The reason is there is a finite amount of precious metals in the world. They cannot be increased for political or economic reasons due to their scarcity, unlike paper money. Many analysts have predicted that the value of the dollar will fail.

Some of the factors that contribute to the falling of gold prices include; the Eastern nations having an interest in amassing gold in their reserve to secure their currency. It’s an effort to diversify from the US dollar. These countries include Russia, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkey. A portion of the demand will migrate to the east, and the prices of gold are expected to rise.

The article can be found on: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio