Wealth Solutions Tailors to Client Needs

Wealth Solutions is an investment management firm based in Austin, Texas with the goal of improving and maintaining the investment portfolios of its clients. The company strives to aid customers in every step of the investment process from deciding upon initial investments to protecting their accumulated wealth. The team at Wealth Solutions helps clients to design investment portfolios that are tailored specifically to their needs. Financial planning can be a difficult, complex process; and the team at Wealth Solutions is well aware of this. That is why they are dedicated to helping their clients understand the complex world of investing. Wealth Solutions seeks to work with, rather than for, their clients during this navigation process, allowing the client a greater understanding of each step of the process.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair in 1994 with the goal of educating clients on how on smart investment and wealth management decisions. Blair grew up in a family of educators, and felt naturally drawn to education as a child. He found success when he combined his aptitude for finance and numbers with his draw to educate people on how to maintain their growing wealth.

Blair uses a process he coined the Three Pillar Approach to help clients maintain their wealth. The First Pillar involves sitting down with clients and building a financial “roadmap” by assessing their individual goals, needs, and investing personalities. The Second Pillar is built around the actual process of investing. This is where Blair works with the client to develop a long-term investment strategy and management plan. At this stage, the process is also monitored for maximum success at every turn. The process’ Third Pillar is designed to assure the client of their wealth security through building an insurance coverage plain to counteract any life and market uncertainties.

Blair is an independent adviser who is able to commit himself fully to his clients. He only works with local clients in the Houston/Austin area to ensure client satisfaction through face-to-face interactions, thus allowing for a more personal and practical wealth management experience.

Shaygan Kheradpir Is Set To Bring Coriant Success

The new CEO of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir was previously the CEO of Juniper Networks inc.. He sat as CEO for ten months. Kheradpir is replacing former Coriant CEO Pat Dipietro, who became vice president. He returned as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners is the parent company of Coriant and created the company as a collaboration and merger between three different companies. Kheradpir has inside knowledge of the workings of Coriant because he had done business with and closely monitored the company’s progress since earlier in the year working as the operating executive to the Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir’s many years of diverse business experience led him to head Coriant as they explore the future of their company.

Shaygan Kheradpir is coming to Coriant with 28 years of executive experience in financial services, technology, and Telecom. Dipietro was honored to welcome Kheradpir to Coriant. He will be leading the company forward, and Dipietro was honored to have an executive of his stature leading the company to new progress. Kheradpir has much experience across the vast array of different companies. He has worked in banking, technology, and several other sectors of major business.

Current Pier is also a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and an Adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Northwestern University. Shaygan Kheradpir held several patents and was named CIO magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2007. Crap here has a bachelor’s Masters and doctorate in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Shagan Kheradpir is a highly educated and diverse talent that will hopefully bring Coriant renewed successes in the coming years.

Sound Investment Advice From Businessman Igor Cornelsen

When it comes to investing Igor Cornelsen is considered a champion. This guy literally knows everything there is to know about investing. Igor Cornelsen’s experience can be matched by very few in the industry. That’s why when he gives advice about investing, its very wise to stop, listen and take notes.

Here are 4 investment tips on houzz.com Cornelsen believes all investors should take heed to:

#1 – Don’t Lose Money

No matter what you are investing in, as an investor like Igor Cornelsen your money is always at risk. And while you can’t completely avoid risks, you can reduce them. If an investment is costing you money, get out of it as quickly as you can.

#2 – Start Investing Now

Time is one of the most critical elements when it comes to investing. Thats why it is so important you get started now! The sooner you start investing, the better off you will be in the long run.

While you don’t need to be young to start investing, if you are, you will greatly improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

#3 – Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

If you are serious about investing you should make it a point to diversify your portfolio. By diversifying your portfolio you will increase your ability to make money from different sources. If you don’t diversify your portfolio you increase your risk of losing all of your money if one investment goes bad.

As an investor such as Igor Cornelsen you should have a well balanced and well diversified portfolio.

#4 – Get An Advisor or Mentor

If you are new the world of investing its best to get an advisor or mentor to help you learn the ropes. Investing is a very tricky game to play. One wrong move and you can potentially lose your life savings.

Having a trusted advisor on your side can speed up the learning process. It will also ensure you have a solid understanding of how to invest on crunchbase.com before you start investing your hard earned money.

The more you can learn before hand, the better off you will be once you start investing on your own.

Investing is one of the most risky financial practices for Igor Cornelsen you can get involved with. If you are new to investing be sure to keep these tips in mind. Doing so can save you a great deal of stress later on down the road.

Fine, thin hair shines with WEN by Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner

Surely, most people have either heard or tried WEN hair care products by Los Angeles hair stylist and product developer, Chaz Dean. To begin with, Chaz Dean established a cliental of celebrities and people from all over the world with a vision to help others achieve lavishing, healthy hair. He not only developed styling and hair care products for people, but also conditioning hair products for dogs as well. So, what’s the secret in WEN conditioning hair products by Chaz Dean? First, WEN hair products by Chaz Dean comes in 16 formulas with ingredients ranging from green teas and essential oils to almond mint and soy, depending on each individuals’ hair type and condition; including, cleansing conditioner for kids made with rice protein.
In fact, as originally reported on Bustle website, Emily McClure said that she tried Wen hair sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner on her fine, thin hair.   Then, on day seven, McClure says that overall she was happy with this particular product brand of Wen hair cleansing conditioner from sephora.com after trying the product for a week. All in all, McClure says, she will continue to use this product when she wants to add extra shine to her hair.

To conclude, whether you have fine, thin hair like McClure, or have either curly, colored, damaged, dry or frizzy hair, WEN hair care by Chaz Dean, has a hair care product to help you achieve shiny, healthy hair.

Kyle Bass Wrong Choices

Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who is based in the United States. He is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, a famous institution that is also based in the country. He started the company several years ago, and he has served as the leader for some years now.

Bass has been in the spotlight for some years now. His fame started when he predicted that there would be a mortgage crisis in the world, several years ago. At the time of the prediction, Kyle was not famous, but when everything turned out as he had predicted, he become a star. During the whole process, he managed to acquire a lot of money and respect from the international community.

After the mortgage crisis, from his blog Kyle Bass was considered a super start in most of the televisions and even in radios. He would be called for numerous interviews in different parts of the world where people would ask him questions and other things in the investment industry. Most individuals considered him to be a genius, and it was not possible for a man like him to make any kind of mistakes. His fame increased each day, with people going for him for the serious financial issues.

Not long ago, Kyle decided to invest in the energy market. The prices of oil were quite high, so his organization used a huge amount to invest in the prestigious and growing industry. He asked many other investors to join him in the move because he believed that oil will continue to increase in price.

In the year 2015, the prices of oil started coming down, and Kyle was shaken, which UsefulStooges outlines. The prices deteriorated as the year progressed, and it was evident that the hedge fund manager was headed for big losses. The energy stocks have not been able to rise again to the normal value as predicted by Kyle Bass. He has maintained his stand that the industry is in a good position to bounce back to its original state. This has not happened up to date, and things have not been working well for the business person.
The magic he had is no longer in his possession. Most of the respect he possessed have disappeared, and he continues to make the wrong decisions each day.

Wen by Chaz: A Real-life Experience With the Popular Hair Product

Recently Bustle.com published an article about the personal experience of their Fashion and Beauty Editor, Emily McClure, as she switched from her normal haircare routine to a cleansing formula known as WEN. Like many, she was intrigued by the reports she had seen that included so many fantastic claims.

The many women in the QVC ads raved about the transformation their hair experienced after using the product just once, with continued improvement as they added Wen to their daily routine. The advertisements are clear that this is not a traditional shampoo, but a product that works like an all-in-one formula to cleanse, condition and help style hair. They offer formulas that are designed to help with any hair type.

The editor, tired of her thin, fine hair, decided to use a formula designed to increase bounce and shine while also moisturizing the hair. She documented the results over the course of a week and accompanied her comments with photos. The pictures show her hair to appear to be thicker, and fuller but the comments she left were not entirely flattering as she complained profusely about her hair being too greasy by the end of the day, and the following morning.

This problem is not necessarily a flaw of the Sephora sold Wen line, but an error in what formula she chose. With thin, fine hair, her best choice was not a heavily moisturizing formula that could weigh hair down and make it too oily.

That is the beauty of Wen by Chaz. WEN offers such a large line of products, that any type of hair can be improved. It may take sampling several formulas before finding the perfect one, but every bottle will lead to some improvement. Best of all, it eliminates the need to have a shelf full of products in the shower as the Wen by Chaz line is designed to do it all.