Andrew Rolfe Is Passionate About Helping The Needy Children In The Society

As one of the leaders of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Andrew Rolfe is heavily involved in ensuring that the institution has adequate resources to help the needy children in the society. Over the years, he has been at the center of organizing for different events with the objective of raising more funds to enable the Fund to run its operations as a going concern.

Recently, the Fund held a successful gala dinner that was attended by 300 guests. The invitation-only event was held in London. Andrew was charged with the duty of providing the guests with tasty dishes and entertainment. He did not disappoint. When they were planning for the occasion, the leadership of the Fund said that they were targeting to raise £600,000. At the end of the event, they were all happy as they had managed to surpass their goal by over £3,000.

The Fund posited that they would use the money to modernize the school campus that is headquartered in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Moreover, some funds would be used in the construction of a modern and well-equipped pediatric clinic. Thereafter, they would be in a position to enroll more disadvantaged children from the region and its environs.

When Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief founded the institution in 1999, they focused on providing the children with education. Even though they managed to enroll many children, Banks and Jacob realized that most of them could not concentrate on their studies. It is here that the two decided to conduct a comprehensive research to understand the underlying problem. The results of the study showed that some students were hungry and others came from families infected and affected with the HIV/AIDs pandemic. To this end, they decided to offer them with home stability, nutrition, and healthcare.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been entrusted with the chairmanship of the Ubuntu Education Fund. In this position, Rolfe has been instrumental in ensuring that the Fund raises adequate resources that enable them to support different needy children in the society.

Andrew has extensive leadership and management experience. He has rendered his services for different corporations, including the Gap, Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurants International and Booker Foodservice.

The advancements in cancer treatments through Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a partner at the 5AM Ventures. He is 61 years of age. He inspires many in entrepreneurship and biochemical research industry for his great achievements. He started working at 5AM Ventures in 2003. He is greatly experienced in the healthcare management where he has worked for close to 30 years. Dr. Scott Rocklage is based in Boston. He has experience in strategic leadership in the healthcare and venture capital area among others.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has served in different companies in different positions. Some of the positions he has held include Chairman and a CEO at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, an executive chairman at Miikana and Ilypsa among others. He now serves on Boards of a couple of companies including Pulmatrix and Rennovia. This is a clear indication of his exemplary leadership skills.

Dr. Scott has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He studied this at the University of California. He also has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemistry. He achieved this from the Massachusets Institute of Technology. Dr. Scott conducted his research in Richard Schrock’s, the Nobel Prize Winner for 2005, laboratory. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Through his continued strategic leadership he has led to the FDA approval of the application of three new drugs namely: Cubicin®, Teslascan®, and Omniscan™. He has also entered 6 patients into clinical drug tests. He is also an inventor and co-inventor in over 30 United States Patents.

5AM Ventures is at its early stages and is focused on the science of life. Dr. Scott Rocklage joined the company as a Venture Partner and grew into a Managing Partner, the position he currently holds in the company. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

His days are comprised of studying life sciences, working with the Company’s management team, preparation and attendance of the Board meetings among other duties. His line of work involves him working with other entrepreneurs in the life science including scientists.

He helps these people bring their ideas into life through creating potential drugs to meet the untapped needs in the medical industry. Dr. Scott appreciates the use of modern ways of detecting and solving or preventing medical related problems. 5AM Ventures, therefore, supports the companies that use modern technologies.

Dr. Rocklage uses a hands-on approach to determine the most lucrative businesses to invest in and expand. He recently acknowledged the progress that has been made towards getting a treatment for cancer which targets specific mutations. In the near future, he hopes that the lives of many can now be prolonged using this cure.

How Richard A. Smith has revolutionized the Inmate Communication Sector

Richard A. Smith is a renowned electrical engineer who has earned respect in the telecommunication industry. He currently acts as the Securus Technologies CEO and has been working at the company since June 23, 2008. Before Smith was offered a position at Securus, he had held administrative offices in different corporations. He was the chief financial officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc, as from 1998. The company appointed him as the COO in 1999 and then promoted him in 2002 to become its president. In 2003, Richard was named as the CEO of the firm and held the position until 2007.Smith had worked for the Frontier Corporation before he was offered a job at Eschelon. The company is currently called Global Crossing. Richard joined it in 1972 and held different executive offices until when he left in 1998. The positions that he was offered include the president of Frontier information technologies, vice president of Midwest telephone operations, and many others. He was the vice president of financial management when he left the company.

The telecommunications expert has been serving as the chairman of Securus Technologies since 2009. His outstanding administration skills have placed the company as one of the leading technology providers in the prisons industry. Richard has remarkable the academic qualifications that have facilitated his career success. He schooled at the University of New York at Buffalo and graduated from the institution with a degree in electrical engineering. Smith also enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology for his associate degree in electrical engineering. He completed his master’s in business administration and mathematics from the University of Rochester and the State University of New York.Rick Smith is considered as a highly resourceful person in the telecommunications sector due to the experience that he has gained in the past four decades. The corporations that he has worked for have enabled him to be skilled in IT, operations, business development, finance, and many other fields.

When he was the Eschelon Telecom CEO, the company had a record revenue growth from $30 million to over $350 million. The EBITDA of the enterprise also rose from to $80 million. In 2005, Smith led the firm to have its IPO.The current success of Securus Technologies has been facilitated by Smith’s excellent administration strategies. During his tenure as the CEO, the company has gained an outstanding reputation in the corrections industry due to the top-notch technologies that it offers. It has invented several products that have simplified service provision in prisons. Securus Technologies operates in Canada and the United States where it serves more than 3450 facilities. According to Rick Smith, more than $600 million has been invested in technology development. The firm has an excellent patent portfolio for various technologies that it has developed over the years.

How Dr. Shinto Leads InnovaCare Health

Every good physician has a well-accomplished career; even before joining the medical field. In the case of Richard Shinto, his early successes include his numerous university degrees. The most important of those degrees is his medical degree, which he got from the State University of New York. After earning his medical degree, he began practicing as an internist and pulmonologist. Over the years, he’s earned medical tenure in Southern California and maintains his license to practice. Richard Shinto also begun writing articles about healthcare and clinical medicine; many of which have been published.

To date, Dr. Shinto has worked in managed care for over 20 years. He’s worked at several healthcare institutions, serving as high-ranking officers at each company. Now, he’s using his decades of experience to lead InnovaCare Health into a brighter future; serving as the company’s President and CEO.

When it comes to medical care, people only think about the nurses and doctors they see in hospitals. In truth, there’s an entire industry behind those nurses and doctors. The healthcare environment is more than just physicians and desk clerks. People usually don’t want to learn about the entire industry because the current healthcare environment is too complex to understand.

Everyone at InnovaCare is trying to make managed care better. Everything the company does goes toward making their lives of their patients healthier. That’s why the company and all its subsidiaries try to create better managed care models. These new models hope to be driven by quality and put their patients first.

Someone helping to lead InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is a Columbia University School of Public Health graduate with three Master’s degrees. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University. Her true contribution to the company comes in the form of her 20-plus-years experience.

Currently, Kokkinides serves as Chief Administrative Officer, but this isn’t her first time working with InnovaCare. Originally, she served as COO but left to pursue more options. When she returned, the company welcomed her back, realizing how much she’d learned during her years away.

During her career, she specialized in working with government programs. She’s also great at developing programs and overseeing health care operations. Her true genius is developing and implementing health models. Her greatest accomplishment happened while she worked at AmeriChoice.


The Financial Acumen And Career Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has used his expertise and knowledge to assist his East Coast Community. He has assisted them in the development of their financial skills and helped them making wise investments. His reputation as an American financial expert precedes him and his career has gifted him with approximately fourteen years of experience in his field.

Crunchbase has accredited him with the ability to combine financial components such as team enclosure, administrative operations, business penetration, and abilities in the financial field that enabled him to serve individuals seeking his services with efficiency.

Kevin Seawright currently works for the Newark Development Corporation as the Chief Financial Officer. He is a born leader with the ability to achieve a positive outcome in every position he has held since he first embarked on his career in finances.

He has built a reputation as a business formulator capable of building the best possible plans for commercial division. He has been an important influencer regarding different areas in finance including plans for revenue in the Mid-Atlantic region which achieved success by using subcontractors and general contractors. Read more:  Newark economic development group names CFO

His achievements have made him a success in his career as he has worked in revenue enhancement that increased the annual returns of numerous businesses and the rendering of goods and services.

The best way to accurately describe Kevin Seawright is as a skilled professional in business management. He has a wide range of experience in the industries of banking and finances.

His career in finances has grown his expertise as an investor while working in the field on many different levels including using software packages and computers to fulfill the needs of human resources to develop scheduling, staff information management, payroll, and attendance.

These capabilities are referred to as Human Resource Information Systems. Mr. Seawright has also served organizations in city government. He has shouldered the responsibilities for the management of the activities required by the public school system that encompassed in excess of 8000 students.

He has been honored with numerous awards for his determination and hard work. He additionally serves the Community College in Baltimore City as the interim executive Director of Operations.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Determination To Fight Cancer

Education is a key element in the current competitive world, as it helps us to solve most of the complications that we face in our society. That applies well for Dr. Clay Siegall who holds a degree in zoology from the Maryland University and a PhD from the University of Washington where he was undertaking studies in genetics. However, it is experience in life that drove Dr. Clay Siegall towards the greatness that is currently associated with his career.


The Founder and Chairman of Seattle Genetics understands the importance of good health in the society since he has seen many people especially those who were close to him suffer under the tormenting effects of Cancer. While at Maryland University, he realized that he could do more than just treat cancer using chemotherapy. Additionally, he saw technology as the scapegoat that he could use to bring decency and a long lasting solution in the treatment of cancer. In 1998, he established Seattle Genetics after having worked with other organizations that are also involved in scientific research such as Bristol Myers Pharmaceuticals Research Institute.


The educational background that Dr. Clay Siegall has led him to develop a desire for creating various targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics was therefore established primarily on the use of technology as Clay believed that the progression rate of technological innovation would eventually help to unearth great solutions to different challenges in the society. His company has been associated with more significant success stories, and some of the targeted therapies that have been developed by his business include the ADC’s.


ADCETRIS has been currently adopted by about 66 countries due to the significant impact that it has in the treatment of cancer patients. The success of ADCETRIS in the global market has been made possible by the collaboration that Seattle genetics was able to establish with Takeda Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Clay Siegall has also managed to land on many licenses for his organization thanks to the use of ADC technology. Other therapies that the company continues to produce include GlaxoSmithKline, Above, and Genentech. The medication has helped to generate approximately more than $350 million for the enterprise. The Company has undertaken the capital raising activities from both private and public companies, and this has helped the organization to collect more than $1.2 billion which has been used to advance research.


Looking for What is Wanted and Building What is Wanted With Fabletics

One thing that people need to face in the case that they take an interest in fashion is that there are limits. Often times, these limits are not going to be quite what they want. For one thing, people can look on social media platforms and forums to hear about some of the aspects of fashion that they are frustrated with. However, it is possible for people to find the type of clothes they want with fashion. They are just going to have to look and find a store that offers something that is very close to their style.


One example of this type of limit comes in the form of activewear. For the longest time, people have watched as new innovations have made their way to other aspects of fashion while activewear has pretty much stayed the same. Fortunately, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decide that creativity does not have to stop at activewear. They got a team of creative minds which include Kimora Lee Simmons among other creative fashion designers. This has brought forth a lot of innovations in the activewear portion of fashion. The clothes that have been designed for working out have a creative edge to them that is missing from the other companies that offer activewear.


Perhaps the type of clothes that Fabletics sells should not be consider simply activewear but “athleisure”. Athleisure is the type of clothing that has an interesting design to it where it can be worn for more than just working out. It can also be worn for leisure activities like meeting people. For people that wear these clothes, they will show off an impressive sense of style because they know what works for them. Fabletics is willing to help them find what they are looking for with the Lifestyle Quiz that they have every member take when they sign up.


While they have high fashion clothes that are impressive looking, these items are also affordable in more ways than one because they will not fall apart easily. People who shop at Fabletics will find a good deal on styles that they are looking for.

Tips For Doing Business With A Representative At The Brown Agency

You have just signed a deal with a representative with The Brown Agency. You are excited to get started. Before you jump right in there are a few things you need to know. You may be a model, but you are in sales. Your job is to sell yourself successfully with The Brown Agency. Do you want to keep you as a long-term client? Do you want to build a successful relationship with your modeling representative?

Below you will find 4 tips on handling yourself in a professional manner with someone from The Brown Agency

1) Listen to what your representative is telling you. He or she has been doing this for a long time. They know what works and what does not. Sometimes those who are new to the business tend to think they know everything. This is mistake number one. They are not going to take you on when you feel you know everything there is to know.

Stay calm. Think of this person as your teacher. Your job is to become the student and take in what they tell you. The more you listen to what they are telling you, the more they will stay with you.

2) Say you do not book a specific job you wanted. Talk to the agency. Find out what you did wrong. Sometimes we keep making the same mistakes because we are afraid to find out what we are not doing. Your representative is going to do more for you when they feel you are taking the appropriate steps.

3) You need to offer something that no other model is offering. Any modeling agency will tell you this. This agency discovered you for a reason. Find out what it is. You may have blue eyes and brown hair. A million other girls have the same qualities. There is something about you that sets you apart from the others. Find out what value you have. Take the appropriate steps to capitalize on your value. Your representation will help guide you.

4) Be willing to go above and beyond. You may want to move into management one day. You may be working toward representing someone of your own one day. Work towards this goal every day.

“Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have”.

In an article on Market Wired, you are a model right now. Do the job you are hired for. You also need to learn as much as you can from those above you. Share your goals with the agency. Most agency reps will help you work towards your goals, as long as they know what they are.

Take in everything you see. When the right time and place comes, show your representative you are ready to take the next step.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – No Ordinary Man

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – listen to him. He’s more than an expert. He’s a facts finder.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero will do his best for Mexico. He will analyze. He will present valid news information.

The State of the Mexican Media Outlets Today

Why not begin in your own backyard? That’s where it all begins. What are we talking about? The global fight for the truth, of course: It all starts with one.


When you become involved in the current needs of your country, as Viadero so wisely reiterates, you then become an armed factor for good. Viadero makes note of the urgency of this for Mexico, a country that has been plagued with so many corruption scandals – both inside and outside of its mainstream media – for the last century. Now is the time to get a lasting movement started if Mexico is to press forward in its global standing; corruption must meet its final round.

Mexican media is 80 percent lies and distortions and 20 percent facts, evidence and repeatedly backed data; Viadero notes that he and his company, Grupo Televisa, are well aware of this and doing everything they can to change things once and for all though they need the help of every faithful Mexican resident and citizen in turn. It requires studying the news and informing one’s friends and family members of what’s happening on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while continually checking the facts presented, along with their news sources, against solid truth. It’s a skill that’s acquired over time but one no less than crucial in today’s postmodern Mexican society according to

Change Mexico. Change the world. Take things a step at a time, loving the truth before all else.

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Nathaniel Ru-Growing a Healthy Business

If legacy companies could start from the very beginning, then they would probably aim to look more like Sweetgreen. the popular salad chain is backed by some well-known investors such as Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve case. The restaurant offers healthy, organic, and local food that is really catching on and Sweetgrren has grown to 40 locations. Learn more:

According to Ru, Sweetgreen is more than just a restaurant. Sweetgreen is all about feeding people better food. 30% of all of Sweetgreen’s transactions are done from a mobile app or through their website. Technology plays a big part of the business.


The three entrepreneurs try to stay close to their customers and shut down their corporate offices almost completely five times every single year so that everyone has the chance to work in the restaurants.


The trio have a few things in common. They all attended Georgetown University together and attended an entrepreneurship class together. They also have parents that are first-generation immigrants and who have started their own businesses. Learn more:


They decided to start Sweetgreen when they could not find any healthy choices when it came to eating in the Georgetown area. They knew that if they could make it through the slow winter break, then they would be able to be successful in the long run.



Nathaniel Ru was born and raised in Pasadena, California and is an investor, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is also the Co-Founder and co-CEPO of Sweetgreen, a casual seasonal kitchen focused on sustainability and local sourcing. Ru graduated from and obtained his BS in Finance from the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. It is also where he met his future Co-Founders and Co-CEOS, Johnathan Newman and Nicolas Jammet.


The trio started Sweetgreen in 2007 and successfully opened their first location in 2007 in Georgetown. They decided to pursue their dreams when it was particularly difficult to find somewhere healthy to eat in the Georgetown area. They also launched Sweetlife in 2010, a music and food festival that has grown to be the largest in the East Coast. The festival not only attracts thousands of festival goers every year but it also attracts well-known performers, chefs, food trucks, farmers, and local purveyors. Ru has been recognized as an important innovator in the food and business industry and has been recognized by Inc.’s “30 Under 30″ and Forbes'”30 Under 30,” to name a few accolades.

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